29 October 2012

Mosaic Effects Nail Polish

Hey guys, I hope you are well!

This post is about the most heard about crackle nail polishes. When I first heard about them and the mad craze started, I was so eager to try and so got the Barry M black one. This is a great quality polish, but I found that Black was too harsh on my nails as I tend to go for lighter colours.

However, I recently  got some new ones from Avon. The Mosaic effect Avon polishes in the shades 'mosaic mica'  and 'gold glimmer' are a lot lighter on the nails and I personally love them a lot more than the black. These silver and gold polishes are top coats to apply over your chosen base colour.
Here are some pictures I used with the base 'Navigate her' by Essie and 'dessert sands' by ELF.

My favourite would have to be the gold as it suites every colour I pair it with and goes well with my skin tone. They are quite sparkly and great for going out- especially as the Christmas season is not too far around the corner now.

Are you a fan of crackle polishes?

Thanks for reading!

27 October 2012

OOTD | Purple Peplum

Peplum Top: Primark
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Skirts: Peacocks
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Next
Watch: Next

Hey lovelies!
This week has been so tiring and so I am really happy for the weekend but aren't we all. The weather is bitterly cold outside with some hints of sunny spells but not much at all. I have been leaving for Uni Placement in the dark and coming back in the dark which is kind of depressing but I am truly embracing the Autumn/ Winter season mentally and physically through what I wear.

I have also discovered new blogs this week which has opened my eyes to so much talent on the web. I also have found myself using twitter a little more which can get quite addictive updating it every second haha

This is the outfit I am wearing today which I wore to church. I couldn't wait to wear my first peplum top as it is so pretty and quite flattering. I ideally wanted to wear it with a pencil skirt, but I am currently on the hunt for the right one. So I paired it with a midi length skirt which I love as it is so nice and full looking- Reminds me kind of like Grease lol. As it is freezing I have a black long sleeve underneath. My shoes are one of my best quality ones as they feel so sturdy, comfy and elegant looking. I know Next shoes will never disappointing.

I hope you are enjoying your week and Eid Mubarack to those celebrating it :)

Thanks for reading :)

25 October 2012

Glossybox - October 2012


This post is about the Glossybox that I recieved for October. This was based on pampering yourself in a 'home spa' experience. This box is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month so is really for a great cause which I am happy to support. This was supposed to be my free box with the glossy points I had accumulated over time but somehow I forgot to redeem them so I will next time... These are the items which came in my box: 

1-      ANATOMICALS Don't just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub  This pink grapefruit body scrub has a great basic pink and yellow packaging which I like. After using it once, it buffs the skins and leaves your body with a wonderful, divine smell. I will continue enjoying this product. The message behind it is pin pointing a stereotypical role of a woman being a domestic help and scrubbing her body like she would a kitchen floor. It is funny but when it said "you've missed a bit' on the tube I was like... what?! haha

2-  DERMALOGICA 3 step day and night kit – This has been my worst selection of this box and just because I was already given one in a previous box. I think Glossybox should keep a record of what people have been given already and because of this I got 4 items instead of 5 which sucks a little. I will undoubtedly give this to my brother as he wanted to try some skin care or if he changes his mind my sister will have it haha Putting that aside, when I have used it previously, it has been great on the skin  with the different steps involved. The pack contains *Wash off foam, *All over clear toner and *spf15 moisturizer. The foam wash is the best out of the pack!

3-     SKINETICA Anti-Blemish This size is so cute and easy to carry around. Also I am up for any anti-blemish products that smooth, calms and clears acne, spots, pimples and blemishes. I am really happy to try this out especially as it is kind to skin because I would say mine is quite sensitive. I hate the fact that when I first took of the lid I spilt quite a bit. Silly me for opening it up upside down but really... it should have a seal on it like other products.

4-    YVES ROCHER FRANCE Moisturising Cream Lipstick This lipstick is my favourite of the box. Admittedly  I always avoid red lipsticks in shops but I was quite happy to see this product. Maybe because it is an Yves Rocher product and I absolutely love their things. It claims to give a perfect coverage from first application and it really does. I tried it on lightly at first, but the power of pigmentation, didn't allow room for a subtle look.  It feels so smooth and moisturizing on the lips and stays on the lips for a very long time. May I add, the packaging it faultless too. I can't say I have been converted to red lips, but it has defiantly made me see red in a different light.

What I think I loved all three products except for the Dermalogica product so overall pleased. I don't really think these products are worthy to be called 'pampering products' but hey hoo. If I get another product that I previously got, I think I might unsubscribe. I really would hate to, but like many other people, I look forward to new treats every month. The lipstick is sat on my dressing table ready for me to bold and daring :)

If you do want to subscribe to Glossybox, click here.

Have you tried an Yves Rocher product? If so which one?

Thanks for reading xx

21 October 2012

Beanie Babe!

Tops: Primark
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Hat: Ebay
Shoes (converse) : Office

Hey! Hope you are well. I've just been trying to relax as this week has been non stop. I did do some retail therapy recently and to be honest with you that did release some tension- very therapeutic hence the title :) It has been chilly so I would not leave the house without a jacket, just so you know. Maybe a haul to feature pretty soon me thinks.

  Beanie hats have become a thing that is very handy and on trend. On twitter someone mentioned that ladies only wear them when faced with the dilemma of a bad hair day. This partly is true, but so what!? If it makes you feel better... warm head... fashionable... it doesn't really matter. However it might just be a planned accessory to the outfit. 

 This is my first slouchy beanie and admittedly  I have to tweak it to how I like it best. Sometimes it flops,  sometimes too pointy at the top lol  I am fussy, but I like it when its right. But the question is, can a hat ever be right? 

   These converses are from way back when and unfortunately I fell out of love especially when the tips of them got dirty :( Only now have I brought them back out to play. Apparently converses are the only shoes that seem better the older and more worn they are. The top normally flows down but I wanted a change and so used two small bobbles to tie at each side.

I hope you are having a great weekend. 

Thanks for reading :)

16 October 2012

Review: Halloween Radiation Contacts

Hey guys!
Halloween is just around the corner as I was pleasantly reminded by the pumpkins and sweets in Sainsbury's the other day. I can't say I go all out and celebrate it to the max as it is a spooky time, don't you think? However, I love the fact that kids look forward to this time of year, dressing up in all sorts and aiming to fill their cauldrons with sweets. When you ask the question "Trick or Treat", are you really expecting a trick?... Just wondered. I love to buy a pumpkin, carve a funny face and pop a candle in it, but all just harmless fun.

There is a dark side to Halloween, devilish themes, witchcraft, death are all associated with it and some people take it too far. Especially nuisances known to egg houses and cars around that time- I'm not having any of that!

I was recently contacted to try out some Halloween contacts from Vision Direct and I jumped at the chance. Mainly because I have always wanted to try coloured contacts and found my prescripted clear ones boring. I requested to try out the 'Radiate' contacts because they are quite different and relate to my Uni course so much as I study Diagnostic Radiography. Nerdy choice of contacts... I know but so cool. Here are the contents of the *Phantasee- Radiate contacts:

~The contents~

~Contacts in!~

This set comes with the contacts each in its own jar of solution. It also comes with a 90ml bottle of solution which cleans, disinfects and removes protein.  It can last for a whole year which is great if you have fancy dress parties you want to go to throughout the year. Or you could even just wear it to surprise your friends! There is also a container for storing them when not in use.
  If you have never used contact lenses before, don't fear! There are some clear instructions of how to apply them. In six other languages too!

I think these are very cool. I thought maybe because I have dark brown eyes the yellow would not show up much, but they did so I was very pleased. Ever so often the lenses would shift around which was annoying but I guess its normal. Hence why in the pictures they are not symmetrical. I think the quality of the lenses seem pretty strong and durable so would highly recommend. The bottle solution can be purchased in addition which will keep you well equipped for easy multi-use which is just great! To check out out the multi-use range click here

This is the outfit I chose to wear keeping a yellow and black theme. Radiation can be very harmful so I tried to portray this in these pictures. Also Seymour will feature in one of my pictures. LOL He's my study companion and I thought it would be appropriate to bring him in for a Halloween post.

hsAEx_ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


Top: Ethel Austin
Shawl: Next
Skirt: Warehouse
Tights: International
Hat: Claires Accessories

So for Halloween are you going to dress up? Why not try out a pair of wacky eye contact lenses. There are so many different types on the website so check it out. I really want to try out some cat/snake eyes next or a hazel brown colour.

Thanks for reading!



13 October 2012


This week Thursday 11th October 2012 was the launch of the ever so popular Topshop/ Topman in Leeds. Having three floors of amazingness! It is now known to be one of the biggest in the UK, so that puts Leeds in a good position on the shopping rector scale right? I had a long day at placement but was determined to see the place for myself. From 5-7pm Pixie Geldof was on the decks doing her thaaaang with the DJ set. The store was completely packed of people amazed by the size and all the great clothes, shoes accessories etc. Complementary makeup was being done at different stations, a lovely atmosphere.

I was on the hunt for a specific dress but they didn't have it in! Booo! but that didn't dampen my spirits. Down stairs where the shoes were was just like, I would say heaven but, I actually don't think heaven would look like that lol. But I want a shoe storage like that in my house. So nice and pretty to watch.  I have my eyes on a few things that caught my attention this week so here is my Topshop wishlist:

1 LIPSTICK in Fawn
2 ACCENT Stud Cut Out Boots
3 Woodland Horse Holdall
STUNNER Leather Buckle Heels 

There is also a photo-booth on the ground floor which is free and quite fun. The queue was short and me and my friends were regulars haha. I even went back the next day with my mum!!

Overall the shop was amazing and you should really check it out if you are in the area. Oh also the workers look stunning. A few were wearing items I saw and instantly fell in love with in the store. Tempting times.
What are you loving right now from Topshop? 

11 October 2012

L'oreal Super Liner- Ultra Precision [review]


This post is going to be a review with my own individual opinions. Hope you find it useful or just a good little read.

So not too long ago I stopped using liquid eyeliner due to having a bad experience with it. It was an Avon brand so I seomtimes avoid some of their eye products like eyeliners and mascaras. Mind you, their colour trend mascara is not bad at all. I am however willing to try other brands and compare. It could be the fact that it was hay-fever season, but I know after suffering from conjunctivitis, I was not going near those same products again. I came to a conclusion maybe higher end eye makeup is best for me as I got similar reactions to cheap makeup. I'm not sure if that theory is entirely true though.

Months later I have made a decision to go out and find something that works. At the moment I rely on gel eyeliners and feel the need for a liquid one to add to my makeup collection. I bought this L'oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision in Superdrug and they were having a fantastic buy 3 for 2 L'oreal products. I bought a bb cream for my mum and a gel eyeliner that I will put up in a future post.

When I applied it, the line was nice and thin with the help of the spongy-tipped pen. I blink a lot when applying eyeliner, and mascaras maybe because I am so darn shaky or don't trust myself lol. But funnily enough, this just glided on well. Maybe because the top of it is quite long so my grip was firm. The liquid also dries without smudging which is awesome because I really hate it when you blink and it has transferred to your upper lids- annoying! After using this a few times, it has not agitated my eyes one bit, so this is a keeper :)

The price is very affordable too, so a great buy if in need of a good liquid eyeliner. I am weary about how long it will last though, just because it is quite compact but that is just being a bit picky.

If you have this eyeliner, what do you think about it? Do you recommend any others?

Thanks for reading!

07 October 2012

Sunday Slouchy day- OOTD

Top: Primark (Mens)
Leggings: Primark
Shoes: Primark

This is just a laid back outfit post of something I would most probably wear on a Sunday or off to Uni. The jumper was a great buy in the men's section in Primark for £5! Don't guys love cartoons or what? I do!! The thick leggings make the outfit casual and warm with the knee high socks I rolled right down. (can't remember where from). These boots are from Primark for £8 which I thought was fandabidozzii! They look so good on, but I hate how they are already showing signs of wear on the front of them. This is either reiterating to me that I walk bad or this is just Primarny for you. Either way, I still like them. oh! I would not advise you to wear in a rain storm either... Been there, done that.... got soggy feet :(

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow, so buying things for her and wrapping up all sorts. Should be fun :) 

Hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading!

03 October 2012

This is my confession...

This post is going to be about my new found love of Essie polishes.

I have always seen them in the shops and online but never thought much about them. Recently they have been hyped up so much that I have chosen to give them a go and start collecting a few. I stumbled across some polishes in TKMAXX (3 for £9.99) so I bought them. Usually they cost around £7.99 each so that was a bargain in my eyes.

Fun in the gondola  / fiesta  / We can do it pink 

These other polishes are my recent purchases which I got really excited over. Basically I was just reading blogs as you do, and I came across a lovely girl at APlaceForBeauty who mentioned she had seen that Fragrance direct had been selling Essie polishes and bought some herself for £1.99 each!! CHEAP ALERT. I opened a page browser, typed in the link and added a few to my basket. Here are the ones I got:)

                                                                   Ballet Slippers / Case Study

Carry On / Very Structured

Navigate Her / Power Clutch

 Muchi Muchi / Vanity Fairest

Aren't these just lovely! I really was aiming for nudes and light colours as that is what I wear mostly, but I thought, why not get some colours that aren't in my collection even if I just want to stare at them on my dressing table :D  Which are your favorites?

Thanks for reading:)

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