03 October 2012

This is my confession...

This post is going to be about my new found love of Essie polishes.

I have always seen them in the shops and online but never thought much about them. Recently they have been hyped up so much that I have chosen to give them a go and start collecting a few. I stumbled across some polishes in TKMAXX (3 for £9.99) so I bought them. Usually they cost around £7.99 each so that was a bargain in my eyes.

Fun in the gondola  / fiesta  / We can do it pink 

These other polishes are my recent purchases which I got really excited over. Basically I was just reading blogs as you do, and I came across a lovely girl at APlaceForBeauty who mentioned she had seen that Fragrance direct had been selling Essie polishes and bought some herself for £1.99 each!! CHEAP ALERT. I opened a page browser, typed in the link and added a few to my basket. Here are the ones I got:)

                                                                   Ballet Slippers / Case Study

Carry On / Very Structured

Navigate Her / Power Clutch

 Muchi Muchi / Vanity Fairest

Aren't these just lovely! I really was aiming for nudes and light colours as that is what I wear mostly, but I thought, why not get some colours that aren't in my collection even if I just want to stare at them on my dressing table :D  Which are your favorites?

Thanks for reading:)


  1. I like best the cinnamon coloured nail polish. A warm and vibrant colour and one of my favourites. Hugs from Miss Maple

  2. Great post! :) thanks for my comment x

    want to follow each other?


  3. thanks for the comment :)
    I lovelovelove essie, I think its so great and high quality, it just comes out so nicely. Lovely post :)


  4. I am so in love with Essie polishes. That and OPI ...simply can't go wrong! And those are incredible bargains but I'm afraid if I bookmark it , I'll end up going crazy and spending to much lol my fave so far is Haute as Hello which is like a peachy pink color!

    ~Chymere A.


  5. love essie nail polishes! they always have such pretty colours!


  6. I really like the ballet slippers nail polish! Btw, your pictures are wonderful, did you really take them yourself? :)

  7. I like those colours!I'm experimenting with some colours dat match my skin tone best! Will definitely try some of these.


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Joanna xx

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