26 December 2012

#26 Capture December 2012

                                                                26. Unwrapped

This is the photo-a-day challenge for December. If you want to know more about it and possibly take part, click here.

This post just captures one of my many presents from yesterday that I unwrapped. It is the Jimmy Choo perfume which I absolutely love the smell of. I love that it comes with a body cream as opposed to a bath gel. I smell sooo nice right now. Not like I never smelt nice before, but you know what I mean haha. The case it comes in is beautiful too, so it will be great for storage in my room.

Such a lazy day today, but I'm trying everything out that I got yesterday. haha I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm gonna hit the sales soon but it's not like me not to have got up at 6am to hit the sales.

Have a good day :)



  1. what a lovely present! and a gorgeous box too :)



  2. oooo very nice!


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