15 October 2013

Urban Witch | F&F Glamourween

It's that spooky time of year again... Halloween... In all honesty, I don't celebrate it but any excuse to munch on sweets and carve faces out of pumpkins right?!
Being a self confessed beauty and fashion addict, I thought it was great to work alongside F+F clothing who are running a 'Glamourween' competition to win £200 spending money for their online website. Fifteen of us were picked and given a £50 voucher to spend with a generous halloween hamper. This is what I created... me... the next Urban Witch :D
Stella Morgan Sparkle Neck Prom Dress £22
Quilt Black Platform Ankle Boots £25
Animal Skinny Belt £3

Let me know what you thought of my picks?

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  1. Really cool outfit!! xx


  2. Very Cute! Love the lashes!

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