31 August 2015

Lush Summer Event Southampton 2015

Recently I was invited to Lush's Summer Event which had great demonstrations of their new and favorite products. Along with some other Southampton Bloggers. I found the opportunity amazing for trying products that were only, until recently, sold as an exclusive in the Oxford Street Lush alone.
As excited as I always am entering the Lush shop, it was great getting my hands on some items I had wanted to get my hands on for sometime now. The comforter was one of them and you will see the rest on my follow up post.

The event had a theme around 'The Layer Cake Bar' inspired by the Layer Cake Soap which looks just like rainbow goodness! You have to see it in person and smell it because it contains five real fruit juices! There were colorful nibbles and drink mixes to incorporate the mixed colours Lush has to offer.

It was also awesome creating and molding my own bath bubble bar bubble bar 'Creamy Candy Bubble Bar'. It is ever so exciting creating the items yourself and you can see me doing this in the Leeds store previously making the comforter here. We could create any shape we wanted and what other would I did than a lovely cute heart, not perfectly neat but man it smelt good!!

If you are ever near a Lush shop and do pop in to try some of the newest stock and even if you want to try it out before you commit to buying it, the sale assistants are more than happy to give you trial pots!

 I will definitely need to buy the Yoga Bomb next as the Indian spiced scents are very walm and soothing. Great for late evenings in Autumn 15. See, I have already made my next shopping trip list and I haven't even shown you my haul from this week.

I was also lucky enough to be gifted some new goodies from Lush Southampton themselves so thank you very much girlies. You can see all that they gave me and what I bought in a following post!

Have you tried any on the Oxford Street Lush exclusives?

Lush Southampton
12 East Bargate Street
SO14 2DJ

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13 August 2015

OOTD | Ann Summer's Beach White Lace Playsuit

Bikini: Primark
Playsuit: Ann Summers*

Last week I came back from my lavish little break to Spain via France. It wasn't so bad driving on the other side of the road and the sights I got to see along the way were beautiful.
I was lucky to be sent a White Lace Playsuit cover-up, very fitting for the Barcelona beaches, from Ann Summers.
I don't know what first comes to your mind when you think of this brand but I must say they have a lovely range of swimwear. Great for this holiday season.

If I can get away with black and white on a sunny beach miles away from home... I will take up the opportunity. The bikini set I am wearing underneath is an affordable set from Primark which was around £6/8 for top and bottoms.
The reason why I bought this is not only do they have great prints to choose from but I didn't want to spend roo much on something I might not have worn. I have never worn a bikini in public since as far as I can remember. Mainly due to body confidence and being comfortable. I can't say I usually have a sunny beach in the UK to just stroll along anyways.
Gradually my self confidence has been building within my own skin so I was happy to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the bikini life aside from my swim-dresses I normally wear.

If you are or were like me you would appreciate that playsuit cover-ups are great at a semi-covered look. Depending on the material you wear, you have full control over how much is revealed. That's why I absolutely loved this! I normally go for a size up to give extra space especially when it can get humid and sticky. The great thing is that there are adjustable straps so it doesn't fall of if it is large.

Will you be purchasing this for your holiday?

If you want to see the places I visited check out my instagram @mintyessence.

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