07 June 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide | 10 Ideas

On June 18th it is Father's Day and although I would encourage all year round appreciation, this post will give you some gift ideas for that special day. Let's face it... shopping for males can be mega hard and cause of many headaches. I find that brainstorming a plan in good time solves all those problems.

Father's Day gift Guide


Men's Perfume is always a must! Clive Christian has a great selection of masculine fragrances which have various undertones a guy would look for in a scent.

Miller and Carter is one of my favourite steak houses to visit and I know my dad likes it too... after I forced him there this one time :) Now there is no going back and they are conveniently doing father's day gift vouchers this year.

Socks are alway thee gift you search for when gifting a male on birthday's, Christmas, father's day or bar mitzvahs!

A FitBit is a great gift for someone who is health conscious or is into fitness. There are so many to pick from and depending on where they work for example wrist bands (Charge) or the 'One' that clips on pockets etc. I have one and I love it!

As Father's Day falls in June, the weather should be quite sunny. Take note of the 'should be' so sunglasses are a great gift. Whereas women feel the need to have hundreds of pairs, the majority of men have a standard pair. As an investment piece for a loved one I love these aviator Ray-Bans.

Personalised Gifts add a personal (durrrh) and momentous touch just like this apron. It will be the talking point of any BBQ where your dad or loved one is hosting.

'Superdad' Lush Bath bomb because everyone deserves to be pampered including our dads. Once they have a lush experience they will want to try more products... trust me!

A new watch is a super present to gift your father. This Michael Kors model is a classic style which I personally like but there are so many choices you can pick.

Amazon Echo which is s hands-free speaker which self activates to play music, set timers, order food etc. If your dad loves gadgets, this is for him!

Swell Water Bottle is a staple when out and about. It is so important to stay hydrated so this item is great for keeping in the car which would be ideal for my dad who is always on the road or to keep at work.

I hope this is encouraging and wishing all a happy Father's Day when it comes!

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