OOTD | Converse

Top: French Connection
Leggings: Topshop
Cardigan: Peacocks
Bag: From my mum
Shoes: ASOS

Today I went shopping! And so i just wore this outfit. And it was my first time wearing my white converses. I had been putting off wearing them for AGES. This was mostly because of the unpredictable weather not making up its mind. Is it just me that avoids wearing white shoes because you can’t bear the fact that they will eventually get dirty? I have never had this problem before lol. However after wearing them for a day, they are still in mint condition, so there is no need to panic guys!

I do have another pair of converses which are pink spotted high-tops. However, I felt the NEED to get this white pair as they are so DOPE! (never thought I’d be typing this :s) Especially for summer and all the other seasons that follow that. So basically it can never get old, well in my opinion. 

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