House of Fraser Style Challenge!

Hey, hey!I recently came across a competition hosted by House of Fraser that gave a great challenge. I thought, why not eh. The challenge is to create a look for AW’12 and the lucky winner will be awarded a £200 gift card.

This is what I chose:

3) THERAPY Biker Jacket 
5) PIED A TERRE Milan Square Bowling Bag 

The items I’ve chosen are inspired by the ‘back to Uni/Work/school’ theme. As I am going back to Uni for my second year and I thought I would look out for a ‘ready to start back hard work’ outfit J.

The plain coloured embellished blouse will go well with the highly detailed trousers. The prints are very trendy for Autumn ’12 and also look very comfortable for moving around to different lectures.  As I like my easy way of living, flat casual shoes are a MUST. Especially if you will be in them all day and I love the little tassels on them. The burgundy colour matches the colour of the bowling bag. I like to have a little matching going on in my outfits so this is why they compliment each other greatly. I know the bag is quite small for fitting 3 files, 10 books and a fat pencil case etc, but I’m thinking the first day/week back in when you’re just establishing your course contents and starting the first modules. So a few stationary pieces, some paper, phone, purse, chewing gum, random junk… you know, those sort of things. Lastly, the faux leather biker jacket is for warmth and style.
I hope you enjoyed reading how I would style these items together. Why not give the challenge a go!

If you’d like to enter the competition check it out here.It ends the 10th September 2012 @ 5pm 

Best of luck! xx


  1. Love this outfit I entered too such a fun challenge !! Xx

  2. hii thanks for your lovely comment, you have beautiful pictures! i'm following you on bloglovin now, please visit me and see if you want to follow on gfc? 🙂 thanks!


  3. Thanks chick! I checked out yours too and its pretty good. Best of luck 🙂

  4. Thats brilliant! I am now following you on GFC 🙂

  5. great look! especially love those pants!

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  6. Thanks! I'm following you now 🙂

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