#theSOproject | WEEK 2 Concealer

This post is part of a 10 week series #theSOproject which is an exciting prospect. It was thought of by Steph where the aim is to reach out to younger teen or those starting out in makeup. It is to offer advice and help them along the way in their beauty adventure. I know when I discovered youtube and blog tutorials it was like a whole new world of amazing-ness and the rest is history 🙂

WEEK 2 : Concealer Setting Powder

FIRST: Only concealer | SECOND: Luxury Powder over concealer

PRODUCT: Ben Nye Setting Luxury Powder. This product was made well known by Kim Kardarshian as one of her ‘must have’ products when sporting her signature sculpted face with the power of makeup.
PURPOSE: Setting powder for concealer. Also, the Yellow powder acts as a colour corrector to re-balance redness and some greyness to a certain degree.
I tap a little bit of the product into the lid and use a dense pointed foundation brush to lightly apply the powder over my under eye concealer. It is quite light but translucent so does not appear as ghostly as you think it might. Leaving a silky and soft texture, the finish is great for a photo finish. It definitely can uplift and brighten any ‘panda eyes’ you may have. This can be used for other highlighting areas of the face too but I just use it under my eyes. Make sure to blend it in well with all-over face powder or foundation, making it look as natural as possible.

PURCHASE: Ben Nye Luxury Powder for £7.50
-Not cakey as it is finely milled
-brightens your under eye area
-sets concealer really well
-Reduces oily areas

This week my main focus was concealer, but I thought I would be different and look at how you would set it especially if you want your makeup to last longer. This is a great way of hiding temporary tiredness and disguising under eye creases you may have. 

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