Iconemesis Indiegogo Campaign


Iconemesis is a British accessories brand becoming very well-known focussing on limited edition iphone cases designed by independent artists and illustrators. I tend to be very attracted to the Fifi Lapin designs as I think they are extremely cute! You can see a previous OOTD in October where I featured a case here.

A campaign was launched by Indiegogo to increase the support of this small business become a lot bigger. With generous donations they will send out an iphone 5/5s  or iphone 4 case to you to repay the favour and show that they are thankful for any support given.

I was kindly sent this case which I chose and love how much smoother and rounder the edges are than the other one. Of course the illustrations of this case live up to the ‘cuteness factor’ I expected.

You can support them here and see the different designs they have to offer.

Which illustrations would you pick?

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