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D2C is an up and coming sports brand, founded by a good friend of mine, which produces top quality sportswear. I have the pleasure of sharing with you all the collection I have and love which is the ‘FusionX‘ bottoms and ‘LUX‘ hoodie. This set has received so many compliments inside the gym and outside of the gym because… who doesn’t wear their gym clothes to run errands.

The reason why I can say this kit is good quality is because I have given it a good trial period so I can give my honest opinion.

D2C stands for ‘Dominate to Conquer’ with a positive outlook to promote high fashion which is comfy but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This brand can suite both menswear and womenswear as the colours are versatile. The colour of this piece I am wearing is a true beige colour. The tone makes it easy to pair with many colours, including my super bright nikes trainers! The black embroidery is solid which shows you it is made of high quality. My favourite feature are the hand zip details and the cut out for your thumbs. It just feels so snug!

I bought these with a little extra room and good thing I did as the bottoms are generously tapered. The jacket is something I would wear over my gym tops and remove for a workout especially if doing a HIIT session. There are size guides provided but if you are ever unsure, the sales team are very helpful and quick when it comes to delivery.

At the moment have 25% sale until 01/12/17 so grab some great bargains!

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