A Passion for Picking



With so many farms allowing seasonal fruit picking it is sometimes hard to choose which one to go to. Especially with the smaller ones finishing their picking season quickly and me being busy nearly every weekend that I could have gone.

However I did spend a day on the south coast in Worthing at Roundstone Pick your own Farm. It was such a great experience! After entering for free, you pick up a basket or 10 haha. Only joking but once you are sorted you are free to roam. I was too excited and so the scorching sun was not a slowing down factor for me. We picked lots of strawberries, raspberries and some plums. If it you wanted a break at any point there were facilities for cool drinks and snacks.

With a vast area of land to roam on with rows and rows of fruits to pick friends and families thoroughly enjoyed their time. The weather was beautiful and with perfect company it was hard not to sample the deliciously sweet raspberries as we went along. (We didn’t eat that many >_<).

So much more could have been picked if it wasn’t for beachy plans after. That just meant we had fresh fruit to snack on for the rest of the day. I must say the plums were SWEET!

I definitely will be visiting again next year and will try and pick some gooseberries, blackberries or even get my tools out for digging root veg!

The strawberry session ended with cooling soleros… as you do!

Roll on pumpkin picking season in October!!

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