January Blues | What is that?

A few weeks into the new year and it is the perfect time to reflect and be thankful for the past year. Or at least in my case it is. So much happened last year and I am so thankful for the good, the bad and the ugly because every experience was valuable. There were some low times, especially when it came to strong members of the family being physically weaker. Then there were some high times, meeting new like minded people and leaving my comfort zone to try new things. FYI aerial hoops are not for me but I’m glad I gave it a go >_<

I am very well aware that this month is known for it’s doom and gloom associations also known as the ‘January Blues’. It can be a financially draining month after spending on lots of presents and indulging in the boxing day sales. Also the consumption of good food over Christmas is definitely felt along the waist line and with super packed gyms… can you really be bothered queuing for one of the twenty treadmills?

However, with all that being said it is so important to remember not to forget about yourself. Take time for self care, self reflection and make a conscious effort to elevate yourself. Make your wellbeing your priority.

I have started this year on a positive note with the intentions to keep at it! Life is too short for negativity in whatever form. I find it helps to start my day with a devotional (Philippians 4:6-7), a good morning stretch and some good old mint tea!

Cheers to a great 2019 🙂