24 June 2015

OOTD | Baby Blue Jacket and White Pumps

Jacket: HandM
Top: Vintage
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Zara
Sunglasses: Primark

For today's outfit I am styling my light blue jacket which is a recent buy. A perfect colour for Summer and just right for those cool evenings when you want to keep warm because lets be honest, British Summer is not always hot hot hot. It's one of those light wash colours so if it does get dirty... let me not think that far ahead.

After being to a few press days this year, pastel colours are becoming more popular so I thought I would add some to my wardrobe. I have been wearing endless black and white stripes but I just love that combination. So no regrets! I got this bag before the sales ;/ but Zara's sales wasn't that  amazing this month. However saying that, I always end up leaving with a few more items in my shopping bag than intended! So do go have a look.

I am off on my jollies pretty soon to Paris and Barcelona, so holiday shopping stepped up a little. I think I am trying avoid that fact that knowing I will be driving on those European roads for this road trip... eeek. I'm so excited though.
So I have been buying lots of light weight items like shorts and tops. These pumps were only £3 from Primark. Fresh, white and if they get dirty then I wont be too disappointed!

What do you think of my braids? I'm trying to style it different ways but sometimes I don't feel that adventurous. My usual go to style is a side quiff. I will try and put together a 'different ways to style braids' so look out for that!

Hope you are having a good week. I've had a few days off from work, shopping and helping my sister buy a Prom dress. Last minute or what?! Luckily she got one yesterday.. whoop!


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08 June 2015

House of Fraser Press Preview | Autumn Winter 2015

The other week I was invited along to a top location at House of Fraser HQ to be shown the up coming trends for AW15. Below you will see some of the items that caught my eye.
As this is a style and lifestyle blog I looked at the fashion items as well as the homewear section.
 I must say I was impressed with the clothes and accessories on display, maybe because AW is my favourite time of year due to the warm tones. Burgundy, browns and deep reds are my favourite shades for Autumn as you can probably tell from my posts last year.

 Whilst browsing I was approached by someone who worked with one of the brands presented at the showcase as the HOF Press day includes a lot of brands. Before being introduced as to who they were and what they did I was asked what my favourite brand was in the room. Slightly backwards on first encounter and a little intimidating but  nonetheless the truth is I had a few favourites especially after browsing that afternoon.
Without a lie the pastel pink Michael Kors bag stood out to me. A new favourite was the light pinks which will be a great contrast to the darker colours in the cooler months. I wanted all of the light fur Helen Moore scarfs!

I did like some of the Victoria Beckham dresses which were long and elegant. The Linea bags, Biba coats and Max Mara Weekend thick coats were just lush!!
For the Home Collection there was the Linear Home, Bibba Home, Shabby Chic, Casa Couture, Living and Dickins and Jones.
From the Linea Collection I loved the blue toned and middle eastern inspired 'Alhambra' designs. More pictures can be seen on my instagram (@mintyessence). 

 Pineapples are appearing everywhere and I feel if you don't have one somewhere in your household, you are definitely missing out. Whether this be a pineapple lamp, bowl, light.... you just need it!

The rose gold/copper kitchen and dinnerware made me want to host a large dinner party straight away using everything on display. Very modern, chic and practical which I loved.

It was a lovely afternoon previewing the AW15 HOF press showroom with very helpful and insightful tours of the both the women's and homewear collection.

House of Fraser

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