The one and only original Minty-Essence established in 2012.

My name is Joanna. I am 26 years young. Welcome to my tiny part of the web.

As mentioned above, Mintyessence was created in 2012 to share with my readers my passions for beauty, fashion and everything lifestyle related. This includes my zeal for travel and enthusiasm for food.

Minty- is a breath of freshness which is injected into every post for that personal touch. Also when I am not drinking hot chocolate, I am drinking MINT tea.

Essence- Full of flavoursome goodness is what I aim to include when content writing, leaving my readers wanting more.

I enjoy everything photography related which I do on a day-to-day basis. From capturing nature’s finest valleys and rivers on my Canon to x-raying biological anatomy as a full time job.

I am based in West Yorkshire, sometimes in Cambridgeshire, occasionally in London and being a tourist sporadically in cities all over the world!


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