29 June 2013

Giveaway | 1 Year Blog Birthday

As it is my first blog birthday this July (19th), what better way to celebrate it than a giveaway!

I just want to thank everyone who has followed me, supported me and encouraged me to get this far with my passion for beauty, fashion and all things sweet. Although this is a hobby of mine, I feel proud of my achievements so far. I have met so many lovely people including bloggers, vloggers and readers as a result of this blog throughout the past year which has been great! 

For this giveaway, I wanted to incorporate items that I enjoy wearing/using myself to make it as a personal gift from me to my followers and supporters. All these products are brand new and all for you!

To enter just follow the instructions below and comment below on what you are most looking forward to this summer. Random, but I love this little interaction with my readers :D

I will be having two giveaways so you can choose to pick the one you would prefer :)
Giveaway 1
NARS highlighting Blush: New Order
Topshop Lipstick: Nevada
Lipcote: Lipstick Sealer
Bourjois Lashes
Giveaway 1

Giveaway 2
MAC Lipstick: Violeta
Witch Blemish Stick
Rimmel Nail Lasting FinishVarnish: 280 Sunshine
17 Nail Polish: Lilac Storm
DHC: Deep Cleansing Oil
Giveaway 2

Who can enter- I hear you ask?
This is an International giveaway
Anyone can enter so long as you are a supporter of my blog!
You can follow me on GFC, Bloglovin, Youtube, Twitter or just be a regular viewer of my blog. 
Leave in the comments: What are you looking forward to most this summer?
Which giveaway you prefer!
Email Address!
Fake accounts used to enter will not be accepted
If under 18, get your parents consent to give out your postal address if you win.
The giveaway will run until the 11th Aug 2013 :)
The both winners must send me their address via email within 72 hours of winning, or other winners will be chosen.

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26 June 2013

My London IMATS 2013 HAUL!!

Last weekend was the best weekend a beauty junkie could ever have! I was so privileged to go to IMATS for both days in London. I went with Jade and met some other lovely beauty bloggers and makeup artists throughout the two days including Laura, Sally, Laura, Brogan, Dionne, Becca, Yuliya and some others. I actually got pictures with Missy Lynn, Shirley, Karla and Jennie who were all lovely. 
Me the Snow Queen of Sweets and Karla
Me and Shirley
Missy Lynn and Me

Me and Jennie
Me and Yuliya
Jade and I

I have been waiting for this day for a long time, and as it was my first time at IMATS, I did intend on going all out on things I knew I would love. Plus I did buy some things for friends and family. Here they are:
Lip Tar: Clock Work £12
Shadow Palette: £6
Inglot x5 Palette: Yellow (103r), Orange (108r), Purple(115r), Blue (105r), Brown (107r). £25
Duo Glue: £5
MUFE HD Foundation: N175 £20
Crown Brush: BK42 Bullet Crease £4
                    C441 Blending Brush £4
                    C436 Mini Duo fibre Blending Brush £8
                    C457 Round blender £3
                    x2 detail liner brushes £2 each
                    Makeup Brush Cleaner £10
Royal & Langnickel: Pink Essential Brush Set £20
Ben Nye Topaz Translucent Powder £6
Ben Nye Banana Luxary Powder £5/6
Ben Nye Pretty Pink £3
Beauty So Clean: Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist 120ml £7
Nars Lipstick Vendangers £7.50
Nars Trio Eyeshadow £12.50
Nars Highlighting Blush Powder £12.50
Nars Creme Blush Lokoum £7.50
Nars Multiple Duo Mau/Palm Beach £12.50
Nars Albatross and Sin £12.50
Nigel Beauty Emporium Lashes: #523(x2) #76(x2) #119 #38  7 for £10
NYX: Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil £2.50
NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream: £4.00
NYX Blush: Red £4.50
Eldora Lashes H153, H135, B107 3 for £10
Bdellium Tool: Pink Pointed Foundation Brush 949 £8
Lime Crime Lipstick: Poison Berry £9
Pro Chart: £4

Inglot 20% off Code:dvhucgcw

I didn't get chance to see any talks but seeing the Power of Social Media would have been great to listen to! I was stuck in the Nars queue at that time and when I did finish, I heard the talk was full.

Models walked around the exhibition centre and showed off some skillful work done by makeup artists.

These were some of the exhibitors that took part and had good offers on:

I absolutely had a blast last weekend in London and plan on going back in a few weeks to see places that I didn't get chance to see. It was a fantastic weekend, full of great discounts and people. Below is my haul video!

Thanks for watching/reading :)

18 June 2013

OOTD | Floral and Cream

Top: Primark
Maxi Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Primark
Sunglasses: Primark

Sun glorious sun! When we get it, we appreciate it because the weather is for ever changing, I truly can't keep up. Today I wore a maxi skirt with this floral top. I love creating outfits with a colour scheme, so this time was 'cream'. The wicker basket bag is so pretty with the large flower on it and holds quite a lot too. These cream and gold tip flats look gorgeous with this outfit. They aren't very comfy as the sole is quite hard, maybe they need breaking in a little. The sunglasses are huge on my face, but I love the multi-coloured rim and purple lense. Lets hope there is more sun around the corner :)
I will be going to London this weekend for IMATS this weekend which I cannot wait for! I need to sort out what to wear, what to take with me... London here I come :)

Thanks for reading!

12 June 2013

IMATS London 2013 | TAG!!!

IMATS London 2013 is just 10 days away and my excessive use of exclamation marks should just express to you how excited I am!!!!
Instead of filming this tag, I though I would include it in this post.

Which IMATS are you attending?
I will be attending the London Imats 2013
IMATS= International Make-up Trade Show
At the Olympia National Hall Kensington
Pro-card event: 21st June 4-8pm
Public event: 22nd June 8.30am- 5pm
Public event: 23rd June 10am-5pm

Have you ever been to IMATS before?

No. This will be my first IMATS and I can't wait to be surrounded by endless amounts of make-up! I have been waiting for this day since I first heard about this trade show over a year ago. I am not sure what exact discounts there will be, but I heard they will be darn good. Instead of having the London IMATS at the beginning of the year, it was unfortunately rescheduled for later in the Summer which in turn, should result is better weather... fingers crossed >_<

How are you getting there? 

I will be getting the Train to London and taking the tube/ bus to get around when I get there.

Are you bringing anyone along?

I will be meeting up with  Jade from The Beauty Butterfly along the way and meeting some other bloggers when I get there which should be fun fun fun!

Is there anything else in the IMATS host city that you want to see?

Lots! I want to shop at shops we don't have here where I live like Forever 21, Harrods, Liberty to name a couple and  M&M world would be good too but I know I won't be able to cram all that in.

What days will you be in the city that IMATS is in?

I will be in London for the whole weekend.

Who do you want to meet there?

I would love to meet both youtubers and bloggers that I have been following for ages, whether I have the guts to go up to them or not is another story.

What companies exhibits are you most excited to see?

Out of the list of participating exhibitors here, I can't wait to see:
Bdellium Tools
Beauty So Clean
Bobbi Brown
Crown Brush U.K
Eldora False Eyelashes
Guru Makeup Emporium
Laboratoires Embryolisse
Love Make Up
MAC Cosmetics
Make-up Designory (MUD)
Make Up For Ever Paris
Naked Cosmetics
NYX Cosmetics
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Royal and Langnickel 
Velour Mink Lashes

What products are you looking for?

I have a long list but some of the things are:
Inglot eyeshadow palettes, OCC lip tars, Ben Nye banana powder, NYX blushes + lip pencils, Crown brushes, Eyelashes, MUFE foundation etc 

How much do you plan to spend?
Ohhh this is tricky because it depends on what I see on the day. But I have saved up for this so... maybe around £300.

What do you want to get out of IMATS?

The experience and a new set of makeup! I am looking forward to hearing talks by influential makeup artists and professionals throughout the days. Speakers for IMATS will include Oscar-winning artists Joel Harlow (Star Trek, the Pirates of the 
Caribbean films) and Mark Coulier (World War Z, The Iron Lady), and BAFTA-winning artist Neill Gorton (Saving 
Private Ryan, Doctor Who). London-born runway veteran Kabuki will also be speaking.
West End artists will share their stories 
in the panel discussion “Working in Theater.”
Celebrated make-up artist Kazuhiro Tsuji will 
also appear at IMATS London for the first time ever. 
The full schedule of speakers can be found here

Other than spending my money on makeup, I will be doing touristy things also, so if you have any recommendations... shoot :)
If you are going, let me know!!!
I definitely will do a haul and updates on instagram when I do go (@mintyessence) so look out for that!

Thanks for reading!

02 June 2013

Kiehl's Skin Rescuer | Reviving stressed out skin

Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator £29.50

When it comes to exams, assignments and even tidying my room, I can be the most stressed person to be around. I panic, get flustered and isolate myself from everyone. After exams, I am fine but my skin is not so quick to recover like 50% of people that do show visible signs of stress. Fatigue and dehydration can be very noticeable sometimes too.
Kiehl’s Since 1851 has a wide variety of specific skin care products and I was lucky enough to trial the Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator £29.50 to see if it really rescued my skin. This is what it says:
This is a formula specifically targeted to deal with stressed skin containing ingredients such as: 
Rose Gallica extract to control the skin's visable respionse to stress preventing inflammation, 
Mannose is a unique sugar molecule that protects the skin barrier making the skin less vulnerable, 
Squalane and a blend of unique ceramides to protect the skin barrier from future reactions, 
Camamile extract provides instant comfort and relief leaving skin cool and calm, 
Glycerin and Shea Butter calms and hydrates the skin. 
No Parabens | Noe Mineral Oil | No Fragrance | No Colorants

Biological reactions can be harsh on the skin... boo! Does this antidote really work?

This is what I thought:
I find that when I am stressed, my face becomes inflamed in some areas, produce more oils than normal and more prone to break outs. Being only 20, this process if not looked after can lead to showing signs of premature aging. I am not ready to loose my youthfulness just yet!
My skin felt supple and smooth after using it am and pm for just roughly 3 weeks since my exams. I practically wear makeup everyday and so this worked well underneath makeup as a moisturiser. If your skin type is normally dry, this would be used as a serum. It balances out the skin well with enough hydration to last the whole day which I really like.

Coming to UK Kiehl's stores: 
Harrods: July 2013
Nationwide: August 2013

For my readers, Kiehls Leeds has kindly offered to give a recommended sample based on your skin type. Just tell them Joanna from Mintyessence sent you :)
Thanks for reading

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