Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer | Reviving stressed out skin

Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator £29.50

When it comes to exams, assignments and even tidying my room, I can be the most stressed person to be around. I panic, get flustered and isolate myself from everyone. After exams, I am fine but my skin is not so quick to recover like 50% of people that do show visible signs of stress. Fatigue and dehydration can be very noticeable sometimes too.

Kiehl’s Since 1851 has a wide variety of specific skin care products and I was lucky enough to trial the Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator £29.50 to see if it really rescued my skin. This is what it says:
This is a formula specifically targeted to deal with stressed skin containing ingredients such as: 

Rose Gallica extract to control the skin’s visable respionse to stress preventing inflammation, 
Mannose is a unique sugar molecule that protects the skin barrier making the skin less vulnerable, 
Squalane and a blend of unique ceramides to protect the skin barrier from future reactions, 
Camamile extract provides instant comfort and relief leaving skin cool and calm, 
Glycerin and Shea Butter calms and hydrates the skin. 
No Parabens | Noe Mineral Oil | No Fragrance | No Colorants

Biological reactions can be harsh on the skin… boo! Does this antidote really work?

This is what I thought:
I find that when I am stressed, my face becomes inflamed in some areas, produce more oils than normal and more prone to break outs. Being only 20, this process if not looked after can lead to showing signs of premature aging. I am not ready to loose my youthfulness just yet!
My skin felt supple and smooth after using it am and pm for just roughly 3 weeks since my exams. I practically wear makeup everyday and so this worked well underneath makeup as a moisturiser. If your skin type is normally dry, this would be used as a serum. It balances out the skin well with enough hydration to last the whole day which I really like.

Coming to UK Kiehl’s stores: 
Harrods: July 2013
Nationwide: August 2013

For my readers, Kiehls Leeds has kindly offered to give a recommended sample based on your skin type. Just tell them Joanna from Mintyessence sent you 🙂
Thanks for reading