30 October 2013

Halloween | Nail Art

Happy Halloween!

Today I have for you some Halloween inspired nail art. After buying this set of Nails Supreme art pens from Pro Beauty North for £20, I have been experimenting  so much!
The pens have two sides to each colour. A brush end and a micro pen which is great for precise details. The brush is a great way to apply the main coat of colour and with this set you get 10 colours which is fab! Having a steady hand helps too ;)
The designs aren't perfect, but I had fun making bats, ghosts, Frankenstein etc. My favourite one is the spider design!!

What are you doing for Halloween?

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28 October 2013

OOTD | He keeps me warm

Dress: Topshop
Coat: Bank*
Leggings: Primark
Bag: Zara
Hat: Primark

A few days ago I saw that someone was counting down to Christmas which was so surreal, something like 8 more Fridays... As much as I cannot wait for then, I have so much to do within that time as deadlines are fast approaching etc. 
This week I have been killing my new khaki coat from Bank. The inside leopard print fur lining is so luxurious  and thick no wind can get in. I even us it as a blanket sometimes but no one needs to know that. This dress is a perfect autumn print which matches the whole outfit with hues of plum, green and orange. When I saw that the Zara mini bag was unleashed into the shops, I knew I had to get one hence the cute one shown in the pictures above. I bought my wedges last year but you will be pleased to know they are back this year... yay! Sporting my light pink beanie my ears were kept nice and warm. 

Have you captured some autumn leaves this fall?

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25 October 2013

OOTD | The Power of Lace

Dress: Boutique
Tights: Primark
Boots: Clothing at Tesco F+F
Phone case: Iconemesis

I love countryside walks and what better way to enjoy the scenery then take outfit pictures. This peachy lace dress is so cute and girly with different stitching patterns. The boots are very stylish and most definitely flattering for autumn/winter. Matching is my new iphone case from Iconemesis which, yes we all take selfies sometimes... How adorable is this Fifi Lapin case. I picked this one as the orange shades on the bunny are just too cool but I want all of the FL cases!! The website has lots of designs for iphones 4, 4s, 5 like mine or 5s and range from £15-£25.

Do you like the Fifi Lapin design?

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23 October 2013

Review: DIRTY LOOKS HK Full Head Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, I am very particular. Firstly I look out for good quality hair, secondly hair that makes me feel good as an individual and definitely looks great when styled. I was asked to review this HK Full Head of Clip in extension set from Dirty Looks, so below I will give you my full honest opinion.

HK Full Head Hair Extensions £69.99*
The hair came packaged in a thin lilac box covered in a net to keep it all together. It contains the instructions which are clearly illustrated. I loved the fact that each weft had hair clips attached already which saves me a lot of time and energy from doing them myself. There are also some extra clips just in case you need additional ones or replacements.

I picked the colour 'organic' which I matched myself. Dirty Looks also are very helpful for helping you pick the correct hair colour, all you need to do is send them a picture of your hair and they will match it against their 21 different colours.

The set contains 10 wefts of Remy Human hair that create a full look.
x2 1.5" (1clip)
x5 4" (2 clips)
x2 6" (3 clips)
Quad Weft 8" (4 clips)

I really like the thickness of the quad weft which has 4 wefts sewed on a flat mesh. It is nice and thick and gives that full natural look. Alternatively if you don't want as much volume for the day time, you have the option to leave it out but I personally like the fuller look. The first picture inserted shows you how to insert them and to make things a whole lot easier, the wefts are numbered!
The length I chose was 12-14" but you can chose 16"-18", 20"-22" or 24"-26".

I am impressed with the hair and quality as it is very easy to curl, straighten and wash. Information for caring for the hair and styling can be found on the website if you find yourself stuck. Compared to some other brands, the wefts are quit generous in terms of how much you get. The price is just right as some brands charge the same amount for so much less where you need to buy double or triple the amount. Also there has been no sign of shedding. If I was to be extra picky, I would love to have more hair/wefts included in the pack due to my thicker hair, but apart from that it is all good :)

Do you like the look of these extensions?

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21 October 2013

OOTN | Monochome Monday

Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Choies*
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Internacionale

I adore monochrome... can you tell? This dress is similar to one I saw in French Connection the other day and worn by celebrities. The difference is that the FC was mainly black with white checks which can be found here. I prefer this one though as it is a lot brighter and fresh, especially from the camera point of view. You would not believe me if I told you the price so I won't... okay... it was £8. Such an amazing price for something that is so contemporary and classic. The long cardigan is very light and is perfect for styling the outfit for a slightly breezy night. My heels are from Primark at a steal for £6 and make a great addition to the look. This clutch is a roll up clutch which caught my eye instantly in store. I think it is superb quality for Internationale and I am so impressed with this purchase. It did come with a long strap but for this look I took it off.

Are you still liking monochrome?

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19 October 2013

OOTD: Keeping my toes toasty with St Anton 200 Waterproof Boots

Gillet: Jack Wills
Skirt: Primark
Leggings: Primark
Boots: St Anton 200 Waterproof Boots*

After doing this outfit post, it made me realise that layering will be evident from here on out! Thick knitted jumpers are a must right now for me and even better in cobolt blue. I definitely think this clothing for tesco item is of great quality and has a flattering v-neck. Playing around with my textures, the skirt is a soft velvet. I bought these thick footless leggings from Primark which are amazing, I now have my eye on the fleece lined ones. My Jack Wills gillet probably hates me as I hardly ever wear it, but it is ever so warm and my favourite bit of it is the hood... yes the hood. I find it roomy and the furr rim is lush :)

Boots are becoming more of a necessity as the Autumn period continues and as we get closer to Winter. This pair of boots could very well be 'life savers' in the up coming months.

These Hi-Tec St Anton 200 Waterproof boots are ideal for snow or mountainous walks. Where I live, there are so many national park attractions and walking destinations which these boots are great for. They are most definitely sturdy with amazing grips on the soles. Although they are chunky, they are fairly lighter than you would expect. The thinsulate insulation keep your toes toasty for the duration of your expedition, wherever that may be. I love the snow, so much so I want it to snow now so I can really put these boots to working use, but I know that isn't going to happen right now... sigh.
The laces that tie up at the front make it ever so adjustable if you want a secure snug fit and the EVA sockliner adds to the comfortable soft insides.

I think these boots are very stylish with the fur rim around the top and perfect for a fashionista who is trekking and exploring some beautiful sights. For £79.99 these are a great investment for a lifetime.

Do you like the look of these boots?

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15 October 2013

Urban Witch | F&F Glamourween

It's that spooky time of year again... Halloween... In all honesty, I don't celebrate it but any excuse to munch on sweets and carve faces out of pumpkins right?!
Being a self confessed beauty and fashion addict, I thought it was great to work alongside F+F clothing who are running a 'Glamourween' competition to win £200 spending money for their online website. Fifteen of us were picked and given a £50 voucher to spend with a generous halloween hamper. This is what I created... me... the next Urban Witch :D
Stella Morgan Sparkle Neck Prom Dress £22
Quilt Black Platform Ankle Boots £25
Animal Skinny Belt £3

Let me know what you thought of my picks?

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Review: Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Nanshy Eye Brush Set £29.95*
This month, Nanshy launched a set of Professional eye brushes containing everything you need for a fabulous eye look for a special occasion. Since hearing about the Nanshy foundation brushes which I really want to try, I knew that these eye brushes would be of great quality too.

This pack is a 7 piece set which includes:
-Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush
- Angled Detailer Brush
-Flat Definer Brush
-Blending Eyeshadow Brush
-Eye Crease Brush
-Tapered Crease Brush
-Large Shader Brush

These brushes are 100% vegan so cruelty free. After trialing this set out for a good few weeks, I can vouch and say that these synthetic bristles are soft and do not shed. Everyone is bound to have their favourites out of the set and mine are the blending, smudge brushes. I just love the way they allow easy application and blending of the eyeshadows. I don't particularly like the bent eyeliner brush as I always find them tricky to use however they are supposed to make the application of gel eyeliner easier. I guess I have to practice a little more.. The brushes are also very easy to clean with mild soap and air dried which is ever so simple and hassle free. On the pearly white handles the names are engraved on the brushes so you will never struggle remembering which brush you used
The brushes arrive packed in a secured tray with clearly pictured and named illustrations on the back of the packaging, which always helps.

If you want to add some eyebrushes to your brush collection, you can purchase this set here:

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