Review: DIRTY LOOKS HK Full Head Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, I am very particular. Firstly I look out for good quality hair, secondly hair that makes me feel good as an individual and definitely looks great when styled. I was asked to review this HK Full Head of Clip in extension set from Dirty Looks, so below I will give you my full honest opinion.

HK Full Head Hair Extensions £69.99*
The hair came packaged in a thin lilac box covered in a net to keep it all together. It contains the instructions which are clearly illustrated. I loved the fact that each weft had hair clips attached already which saves me a lot of time and energy from doing them myself. There are also some extra clips just in case you need additional ones or replacements.

I picked the colour ‘organic’ which I matched myself. Dirty Looks also are very helpful for helping you pick the correct hair colour, all you need to do is send them a picture of your hair and they will match it against their 21 different colours.

The set contains 10 wefts of Remy Human hair that create a full look.
x2 1.5″ (1clip)
x5 4″ (2 clips)
x2 6″ (3 clips)
Quad Weft 8″ (4 clips)

I really like the thickness of the quad weft which has 4 wefts sewed on a flat mesh. It is nice and thick and gives that full natural look. Alternatively if you don’t want as much volume for the day time, you have the option to leave it out but I personally like the fuller look. The first picture inserted shows you how to insert them and to make things a whole lot easier, the wefts are numbered!
The length I chose was 12-14″ but you can chose 16″-18″, 20″-22″ or 24″-26″.

I am impressed with the hair and quality as it is very easy to curl, straighten and wash. Information for caring for the hair and styling can be found on the website if you find yourself stuck. Compared to some other brands, the wefts are quit generous in terms of how much you get. The price is just right as some brands charge the same amount for so much less where you need to buy double or triple the amount. Also there has been no sign of shedding. If I was to be extra picky, I would love to have more hair/wefts included in the pack due to my thicker hair, but apart from that it is all good 🙂

Do you like the look of these extensions?

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