30 April 2014

Mintyessence | RARE LONDON Clothes I Simply Can't Live Without

I was recently contacted to take part in the current 'Rare London' competition in which I had a little input at formulating the aim. I was also tagged.. thanks Anna! The link to the competition is below.
If you are a fashion fanatic like me, you will know that as well as buying key pieces every now and again, we all have items that we where time and time again. There is no such thing as wearing something too many times... Remember that :)

Reasons we may wear the same these could be:
-love the fit
-really comfy
-items goes with everything
-fits like a glove
-special gift
-cannot throw/give away

Okay, so without further ado, I will show you my top 5 items that I could not live without as of 2013 onwards!! I have also included some outfit post links where I wore these pieces :)

1- Black Topshop Joni Jeans
 These jeans should be a staple in everyones wardrobe and they go with everything. The elasticity of these Topshop Joni jeans are unreal. Super soft and very flattering if you love the skinny jeans look. These are in length 34 inches, which have extra material at the bottom leaving a gathered look, which I do love. Being high waisted, I love how it just sucks you in, lumps/bumps and all.

2- Monochrome Shorts
The reason why I love this timeless piece by Primark is because of its versatility to pair with nearly everything. Keeping an outfit simple by just adding a simple white or black t-shirt is what this is all about! The shorts are a statement in itself I think. It takes something special for me to consider wearing shorts. A previous post of me wearing the shorts can be found here. High waisted, wide fitting, flattering... I would say it meets my criteria :)

3- Leopard Print Stole
My keen interest in leopard print only became apparent when someone pointed out the various leopard print things I own. Now, I admit, I am an addict! I love how the different colours complement clothing items or accessories with the colours brown, cream, gold and black. Although this Zara stole was perfect for Autumn/ Winter it is just as good for those cool Spring evenings out. A previous post of me wearing it can be found here.

4-Cream Leather Skirt
If you know me well, you will know I love me some skater skirts. They just seem to be a staple particularly my New Look black one. This skirt is the Kardashian Kollection from Dorothy Perkins which is  something I must have in my wardrobe. The faux leather texture is lush and the brightness uplifts any dull outfit. There is also a gold zip on the side which is always a plus. See it styled in a post here!

 5- Monki Light Weight Cardigan
 This is a keeper even though I was complimented on my 'house robe' at the filling station one day, the cheek of that man!! I forgave him but yes, just as comfy as a house robe haha. This long cardigan is mainly cream but with some grey and black fabric speckles which make it unique. The ideal thing to throw over a look or spruce up with a waist belt. I can style this garment in so many ways, it will never get old!

Which one was your favourite piece?


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25 April 2014

Review: Ox Pasture Hall Country House Hotel

The other day I travelled to my favourite place up North to the 'North Yorkshire Moors' where the grass seems greener and the surroundings so tranquil. Scarborough to be exact where I was kindly invited to 'The Ox Pasture Hall- Country House Hotel'. 
The location is perfect for a relaxing weekend away, wedding ceremony location or just to have a lovely evening of Afternoon Tea. Yep, thats what I had and it was fantastic!
 After taking my daily dose of hay-fever tablets for the glorious weather and the oh so glorious high pollen count, I was shown around the gardens. They even have a pond in the back with Indian runner ducks too!

A little history to be told about this hotel is that it was originally owned by the Asquith family from 1918-1961 and called "Ox Pasture Farm". Since then it has been turned into a 4* hotel with recent modified extension to the right side of the building. If you want to see what the rooms are like, I will have a post up soon.

 Above was the amazing Afternoon Tea platter served for a queen. The traditional tired cake stand reminded me of Betty's tea room but this had the best view by far! Tea and scones... can't go wrong :)

Oh and did I mention a rich slice of brownie was included. That made me happy! This all comes up to £15 which if you think about it, pretty good considering how full I was after.

Anyone is welcome to pop into this lovely Country House hotel whether it be for afternoon tea, evening meal or chilling out at the bar.
Below is a picture of the gluten free option which looks just as good but prettier. It is great that they cater to varying dietary needs.

 Scrumptious scone made right there on the premises. Tea... with sugar please!!

 They tasted as good as they look, trust me :)

If you are looking for a lovely chilled out place to relax in Scarborough North Yorkshire, this is the place. Even if you make a day out of it and pop along to Scarborough beach 10 minutes/ 3 miles away, I trust you will enjoy it! A donkey ride on the Yorkshire Coast, what could be better!?

Ox Pasture Hall
Lady Edith's Drive
Raincliffe Woods
North Yorkshire
YO12 5TD

How yummy does that Afternoon Tea look?

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11 April 2014

OOTD | BritFash Spring Lemon Cropped Knit

Top: Brit Fash*
Scandals: Primark
Bag: Oaks Boutique
Watch: John Roch*
Sunglasses: Primark
Headband: Topshop

When it comes to Spring and Summer, I like to add accents of bright colours to my wardrobe. Lemons, limes and pastels in general. This is because on a usual day-to-day basis dark colours are most often a staple out of my wardrobe. Although spring has sprung, we are still transitioning into that warm weather period, summer knits are most definitely acceptable. Light, bright and cropped like the outfit I have for you today. I must say, today is such a warm day I am loving every bit of it :)

As you can see I rolled the sleeves of this 'Waffle Knit Crop Jumper' for a preppy look and the flowing skirt which I bought last summer is lush! The jelly glittery shoes are just the cutest. Reminds me of when I was a little tot and extremely comfy. They don't rub in the slightest but if they did, I have some frilly socks to wear with them. I have to show you them in another post :)

My accessories involve the most beautiful faux Chanel Boy bag from Oaks boutique and my favourite shades right now!

I have just come back from retail therapy and it feels so good!!!

Have a good day :)

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09 April 2014

Event/Food Review | Dining at The Light Leeds Part 1

 A few days ago I had the courtesy of dining at 'The Light Leeds' in 4 different food venues. Exciting as it sounds, it definitely was! The idea was to sample different foods and drinks from the menus for an all round sound night.

Our first stop off was Tiger Tiger Leeds to get the ball a-rolling! Having our own VIP section we sipped on our unlimited cocktails which were divine. I of course had my virgin mojito to start with- my classic usual. There is of course some adventurous options on the menu which you must try.

The next stop for starters was Frankie and Benny's. I always love walking into this place as the New York dinner vibe is always so nice. We were shown to our private area where we were seated and ordered more... yes more drinks. I had the 'Frankies Fruit Punch' which was "Yum-tastic". I could have easily ordered four of these but I needed to save room! I'm not even lying to you. There was a set starter for everyone to try which was 'meatballs Neapolitan' with ciabatta garlic bread but as I don't eat pork I had the lovely '' instead. It was potato skins with bbq chicken filling and a sour scream side. "Spicey no tail" as my mum would say which basically means- it was HOT! A nice tongue tantalizing starter to open up the appetite.

For the mains Nandos was where all the excitement got down!!! I love Nandos soo much that my so called "moderate eating portions" took a back seat. Arrhhh. Nandos in the Light did a great job of having the table set ready for us with EVERYTHING! I nearly started feeling emotional with the food selection but the food got the better of me and I was straight in! It had every spice of chicken, wings, salad, chips, corn, coleslaw, spicy rice, Sweet mash and Luso Beans. I am a big fan of Nandos and I was slightly gutted that I didn't know they served ALL of this. For example, I am definitely trying the Luso beans and mixed leaf salad next time I am in there! Also our drinks were brought to us which is a change to always topping up my own drink. Nandos, you did not disappoint me in the slightest!

Last stop was Browns restaurant. First impressions walking in was like "wowee!" So posh looking and elegant with a calming atmosphere. A Thursday night was a perfect choice for enjoying the evening to the max as of course Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays would be heaving with people! We were shown to our table, full of excitement because lets face it.. dessert is the best part right? I had briefly checked the online menu the night before and thought I would like to try one of their brownies. One!? We all had three each!!! Presented so beautifully we all had on our platter containing Dark Chocolate Brownie, Ginger Chocolate Brownie and White Chocolate + Raspberry Blondie. These all came with pistachio, strawberry and chocolate ice cream with passion fruit + raspberry coulis. With great great determination to indulge to the max I did try to finish it all but all I can remember is me saying "roll me outta here". Hahaha
I 100% recommend this dessert if you have a sweet tooth like me!!

At the end of the superb night, Tiger Tiger asked us to come back and finish the night on a high - Karaoke! It was a blast. I love to sing so it was great just to sing to classics and even 'Let it Go' from Frozen. TUNE! I haven't seen the film but I feel I know the whole story line now after being filled in by my siblings hahah

If you are ever in The Light Leeds, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding where to eat. There are some great places to celebrate events, pre-munch before going to the cinema or a night out. Maybe you should do what we did and go to different venues as it really does spice up the evening :D

The Light Leeds

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08 April 2014

Farmaline | French Pharmacy at your Finger Tips

Farmaline is a website where you can buy top quality 'hard to find' brands and most importantly French pharmacy items. I cannot get enough of the stuff! This is a great place to purchase products which are not yet available in the UK.  An interesting fact about this online pharmacy is that they are located in Sint-Tridersteenweg BELGIUM... oooh!

I was kindly sent a package with products from Farmaline to try, two of which I picked myself. I picked the La Roche Posay-Serozinc and the Caudalie Lip conditioner which I have been wanting for ages! The rest were nice little surprises.

Below I will explain more about the two main products in a review style:

La Roche-Posay : Serozinc 
This is a cleansing and soothing solution made of zinc sulfate. I found this works great on my oily problematic skin type especially when a rosey spot appears. It just slows down the reaction and reduces the redness of the skin. I either us the generously wide spritz over my face or sprat some on a cotton pad. This is done after cleansing and before applying a serum.
Also I accidently spilt hot chocolate over my mum's arm. Such a fool! But this bad boy soothed the red/purple mark that was left on the skin surface. Such a life saver!

Caudalie : Lip Conditioner 
I always rely on a lip balm all the time so this is something I have been using constantly. Such a good brand, top quality, nice smelling balm. I generally use this before any lip product whether it is a highly moisturing lipstick or gloss. My lips are always in need to for that supple base conditioning which keeps the lips in great condition for longer. I think it is very affordable but of course if you go to France you can buy in bulk which may work out cheaper which I did last year. It has a citrus, tangy scent which I this is oh so refreshing. Zestyyy :)

Also in the box I received these items which I am still yet to try out:
-Biocyte Moisturising Mask
-Noviderm: Combination to oily skin treatment
-Louis Widmer: Skin Peel
-Aurigene: Micro-emulsion
-Flavo-C Serum 

Shipping is free when you spend over 75 euros which if you think about it, is perfect for that ever increasing shopping basket. Conversion rates to pounds or other currencies are really easy to do too so don't worry about that! Also delivery takes less than 48 hours!!


What brands will you try?

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07 April 2014

OOTD | Rare London White and Floral Bustier Maxi Dress

Dress: Rare London*
Blazer: Debenhams-Julien Macdonald*
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Oaks Boutique

How was your weekend? I had a great one:) For this post I am bringing to you a Spring/ Summer essential full of floral bliss. This is something extra fresh looking which I think you will love on a warm seasonal day! This beautiful Rare London White and floral Bustier Maxi Dress was sent to me and I was so excited to style it up. Perfect for a special occasion in Spring/Summer or maybe and exotic holiday which I am trying to decide on right now...

The quality of this dress is strong and durable over all because at first I thought the material was easy to tear. I guess I was wrong! The rural countryside does not fully highlight the beauty of this classic look, or maybe it does?? However the versatile maxi dress can either be worn without a strap or with it like I did. Wearing this dress I felt so girly and it actually felt really good. You know those items that just make you smile? Yep, this is one :) The dress is very long so I would definitely wear heels with them and then the look is perfect.

Rare also have some other lovely dresses on their website which all look so pretty! You can check them out here.

When I went to London Fashion Week a few weeks back, Debenhams gave me a voucher in which I redeemed on this beautiful white blazer. I have been loving whites which really do brighten up every outfit!

Oh did you spot the chicken I made friends with on the shoot? Cute!!

Have you tried any Rare London items?

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