Mintyessence | RARE LONDON Clothes I Simply Can’t Live Without

I was recently contacted to take part in the current ‘Rare London‘ competition in which I had some input in their looks campaign . I was also tagged.. thanks Anna! The link to the competition is below.
If you are a fashion fanatic like me, you will know that as well as buying key pieces every now and again, we all have items that we where time and time again. There is no such thing as wearing something too many times… Remember that 🙂

Reasons we may wear the same these could be:
-love the fit
-really comfy
-items goes with everything
-fits like a glove
-special gift
-cannot throw/give away

Okay, so without further ado, I will show you my top 5 items that I could not live without as of 2013 onwards!! I have also included some outfit post links where I wore these pieces 🙂

1- Black Topshop Joni Jeans

These jeans should be a staple in everyones wardrobe and they go with everything. The elasticity of these Topshop Joni jeans are unreal. Super soft and very flattering if you love the skinny jeans look. These are in length 34 inches, which have extra material at the bottom leaving a gathered look, which I do love. Being high waisted, I love how it just sucks you in, lumps/bumps and all.

2- Monochrome Shorts

The reason why I love this timeless piece by Primark is because of its versatility to pair with nearly everything. Keeping an outfit simple by just adding a simple white or black t-shirt is what this is all about! The shorts are a statement in itself I think. It takes something special for me to consider wearing shorts. A previous post of me wearing the shorts can be found here. High waisted, wide fitting, flattering… I would say it meets my criteria 🙂
3- Leopard Print Stole

My keen interest in leopard print only became apparent when someone pointed out the various leopard print things I own. Now, I admit, I am an addict! I love how the different colours complement clothing items or accessories with the colours brown, cream, gold and black. Although this Zara stole was perfect for Autumn/ Winter it is just as good for those cool Spring evenings out. A previous post of me wearing it can be found here.

4-Cream Leather Skirt

If you know me well, you will know I love me some skater skirts. They just seem to be a staple particularly my New Look black one. This skirt is the Kardashian Kollection from Dorothy Perkins which is  something I must have in my wardrobe. The faux leather texture is lush and the brightness uplifts any dull outfit. There is also a gold zip on the side which is always a plus. See it styled in a post here!

5- Monki Light Weight Cardigan

This is a keeper even though I was complimented on my ‘house robe’ at the filling station one day, the cheek of that man!! I forgave him but yes, just as comfy as a house robe haha. This long cardigan is mainly cream but with some grey and black fabric speckles which make it unique. The ideal thing to throw over a look or spruce up with a waist belt. I can style this garment in so many ways, it will never get old!

Which one was your favourite piece?