31 May 2014

OOTD | Graduation Ball Pink and Navy Blue Striped Dress

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Clutch: Whistles
Accessories: Forever21
Belt: Primark

Tonight is my graduation ball which is such a significant point in my life. Three years have flown by so fast! I initially wanted a long flowing gown but when I came across this beautiful dress, I instantly fell in love with how it fit me. Such a girly, and fun dress with the length and flare it has.
It reminds me so much of the signature Jack Wills colours pink and navy blue but I assure you this is from Topshop.

I have so much love for these strappy heels that tie at the sides. They look absolutely stunning on the feet, whether they are comfy is another thing in which I will find out by tonight. I hope they aren't too painful. Be sure to check out the link as these heels are going to be a staple in my wardrobe! They even sell the in gold!! Now that is tempting haha.

The Whistles clutch is not any old clutch but a dual-coloured one matching the two shades of the dress. A dusty pink and black contrast are a perfect match to the colours of the dress. I love whistles for their classic simple designs. Not cheap but so very worth it for special occasions. I added a cute golden hardware waist belt to match with the other accessories from my Forever21 purchases when I ventured to Liverpool this week.
On my lips I am wearing my new hot pink lippy from MAC in the shade 'Saint Germain'. Such a daring colour for me as it is ever so bright with an amplified finish but I made an ombre lip with my FAVE 'poisonberry' Limecrime lipstick.

Have a good night as I know I will :)

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25 May 2014

OOTD | Pinafore Midi-dress and Courts

Pinafore dress: George at Asda
Top: Warehouse
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Oaks Boutique
Necklace: Accessoryo*
Midi rings: Primark

For today's look, I am wearing a beautiful figure hugging midi-pinafore dress. I was not sure how it would look when I initially bought it but pairing it with a polo neck top, I like it a lot. It would also look great with a cropped top too. Made of such stretchy and soft material makes it sooo comfy to wear.
After finding this piece I was very surprised at what George at Asda had to offer in the clothing section. I have my eye on it even more now with the current trends they have just brought in.

I am not one for big blinging chains around my neck but sitting on top of the  turtle-neck long sleeve top, the 'bohemian resin' necklace sent to me by Accessoryo really does make a statement. This accessory is made up of such bright colours which is most appropriate for the summer season ahead of us.

To finish the overall look, my Zara courts were a perfect touch and of course I had to include my faux Chanel Boy bag from Oaks boutique!

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22 May 2014

Review: L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Colour Lipgloss

L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Colour Lipgloss £8.99

When I saw this fine product down the aisle of Boots, I knew I had to have it. The packaging of this lipgloss looks a lot more expensive than it really is which is always a plus. The size is very small and cute so easy to slip in your clutch on an evening on the town or for your end of year ball.

This shade is called 'Molto Mauve' which is a great muted pink shade for my skin tone. The pigment is good considering how shiny it is on the lips.

The texture on the lips are a mixture between a lipstick and lipgloss without being overly sticky. The unique soft-touch applicator allows a silky-smooth gliding application. As it is leaf/heart shaped it covers a wide surface area at a time meaning quick applying of the lip product. You get the best of both worlds if you are picky or indecisive about your preferences of lip product finishes. The results are very moisturising  and somewhat buttery due to the oil-based formula.

The lasting power is not the longest with a maximum of 2 hours but I actually enjoyed re-applying it over and over again, especially as it has a sweet smelling scent to it!
I really want some more colours of this lipgloss as I think they are 100% worth having.

Have you tried this Lip Colour, if so what shade?

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16 May 2014

OOTD | Stand out for Summer Gingham Topshop Joni Jeans

Top: H and M
Cardigan: H and M
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Jasper Conran*
Sunglasses: Primark
Phone case: Mobile Madhouse*

Summer is just around the corner and I thought I would take part in the #FCfindyourlook competition with Fashionchick as it looked like a fun competition. The possibility of winning a trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam (MBFWA) seems like a once-in-a-lifetime offer which I don't think I can pass. More information can be found here.

This is my stand-out summer outfit which I have been absolutely loving recently! Timeless, classic, trendy and hues of white throughout! From cropped tops to gingham printed jeans, this look will be popping on the streets of Amsterdam. Seriously, gingham print has come back with a bang for this season. 
The Topshop high waisted Joni's are extremely comfy so turned up at the bottom showing off your ankles and peep toe heels are a perfect combination for strutting down the streets of Amsterdam. 
Not only is the Zara bucket bag super spacious for my DSLR when it comes to street style snapping, but it adds to the classic look lined by my favourite rose gold hardware detailing.The white framed retro sunglasses speaks for the whole outfit "hello summer!" 

Which pieces do you prefer for my Amsterdam Adventure?

Thanks for reading!

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13 May 2014

OOTD | Monki Cardigan

Cardigan: Monki
Top: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Jeffery Campbells
Hat: Primark

Hi Hi!
In this outfit post I am featuring my first ever Monki purchase which I made when I was last in London... this long textured cardigan. Very basic but such a timeless piece which can go through all the seasons. They sell this in a black/grey or white/cream colour. I am obsessed with texture so this bobbly feeling material satisfies me greatly :D Not only is this cardigan textured but the t-shirt is also quilted! Jeans and a hat gives a great casual feel which is perfect for going about your daily chores. I added these Jeffrey Campbells for height and to upgrade the casual look. I adore how these shoes show off just the smallest amount of skin... or am I just weird. Nahhh!

I don't know what this season is doing to me but I was obsessed with pastels, florals and now bright colours including a lot of white! My hoarding at the moment is on another level but I love to shop!

I hope you are having a fab day!!

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11 May 2014

Review: Kiss Looks So Natural False Lashes 'Iconic'

I am always up for natural false lashes to enhance my dramatic eye look on an  evening out. Kiss lashes have been an all time favourite of mine along with the 'Nigels Beauty Emporium' ones which I got at IMATS last year.
Launched in the UK on the 5th of May, Kiss brought out a new range of lashes 'Look So Natural Lashes' which are claimed to be light and soft as feathers.

There are six different designs called Vamp, Shy, Pretty, Hot, Sultry and Iconic. I chose the 'Iconic' ones to try out. I must say they are super duper light on the lashes. I love the fact the band the hairs are on is very thin as I am not a fan of thick strips. I then rely on my trusty L'oreal Superliner liquid eyeliner to polish up the look with my signature winged flick.

A little tube of adhesive was included which does the job fine but if you want the lashes to last for a long period of time or if it is a windy day, 'Duo' glue is your best option. This can be bought from various places but in the past I have bought it from MAC and from an IMATS vendor like Inglot.

The finished look was not over the top, but a great natural enhanced look. The tapered ends make it look extremely realistic blending nicely with your own lashes. Applying mascara over the top can be done if you want the lashes thicker and more prominent. I found they were comfortable when wearing them and forgot they were actually on my eyes which is always a great sign. I think a good 3-5 uses can be made of this pair if kept in good condition.

Did you know, that the revolutionary tapered end lash technique creates the light-weight lashes with a unique stone grinding manufacturing method achieving the natural look? Now you do!

You can buy a pair of these lashes in Boots for £4.49*

Are you a fan of Natural looking Lashes?

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07 May 2014

Review: Nourishing QV Skincare

Suffering from dehydrated dry skin as a result of weather transitioning? This QV is a great solution! Not only is this range of products aimed at those with eczema, dry skin, dermatitis and psoriasis but it is also great as a daily nourishing base. 

QV stands for Qool Vince who is the super friendly character behind the Australian based skincare brand. Child friendly and enticing is what you need when marketing staple products like these. 
After giving these products a really good trial period of a few months, I can report back and say that they are fantastic. I will explain a little more about the individual QV Skincare* bottles:

Gentle Wash (grade 1)
This is a very mild foam cleanser which I use on a daily basis as a facial wash and hand soap when left in the bathroom. Damn you people of the household! In all fairness, they just love using it as much as I do. A perfect solution for removing makeup too as it is ever so gentle on the face with the mild ingredients it is made from. The 500ml lasts ages so worth every penny! 500ml - £9.61

Bath Oil (grade 1)
Usually bath oils can be seriously dangerous when getting in or out of the bath with their slippery contents. However this formula was made safe with anti-slip properties. It sounds like a genius idea to me for all those accident prone people aside from infants and elderly people. I use this interchangeably with my lush products because I can :) After using this bath oil, the skin is nourished with replenishing oils as opposed to completely drying out the skin with no baths oil. When my sister compared this to her usual Oilatum, she preferred this consistency left on her skin afterwards. 500ml - £8.59

Skin Lotion (grade 2)
This is great for skin that is dry but not necessarily sore or cracked. Applying all over the body, as you would expect, leaves you feeling smoother than a baby's.... yep... bottom :) I love my lotions so this is one of those essentials if you really like mild/unscented moisturisers. 500ml - £9.61

Cream (grade 3)
This cream is very comparable to emollients such as E45 as it is non-greasy meaning it is good for spot prone or sensitive skin. Highly concentrated and rich so I just use a small amount on the areas needed. For example elbows, knees, face, areas where your new shoes have rubbed... those sort of areas. Hydration is long lasting which leaves you sorted for 24 hours! 500ml - £10.62

Intensive Ointment (grade 4)
This is best for night use due to its intensive healing purposes. Best use is for skin that is extremely dry and flaring up. This reminds me of E45 but comparably, this is not as thick and creamy. I would say this is more of a greasy texture which turns a little scoop into enough to cover a large surface area. As this is water-free, it is ideal for protecting and soothing sore skin when itching is inevitable. A perfect ointment to soothe the soreness of sunburn too. 450g - £10.62

My favourite has to be the QV skin lotion as I use and enjoy this the most. Probably a little too much aswell. I need to get my hands on the lip balm version as that is right up my street.
Please note that the pricings of each product is based on the product sizes in the above picture.

QV Skincare

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02 May 2014

Sports OOTD | Black + White ft AKA Clothing and Hi-Tec Haraka Running Shoes

Vest: ThisisAKA*
Sports Bra: Primark
Gym Pants: TK Maxx (Elle Sports)
Gloves: Nike
Trainers: Haraka Hi-Tec*

Fitness gear round one! A sporty outfit of the day is quite a change from my usual outfit of the day posts but I think you will like it. I love reading these kind of posts as they give me so much inspiration when kitting out for a workout. Check the hashtag #fitspo on Instagram... so good!

With a vengeance, I have gotten back into fitness with nothing getting in the way. This will definitely commence more hard core now that Uni deadlines have been met. Yay!
I have a pink/black outfit combination which I will show you later and a black/white combo which I will show you today.

Firstly my sports bra is from Primark and my best one yet. Go Primark! Styling out my top half with an AKA vest top. They showcased some of their items last week at the Manchester Fashion Week.  Although this is from the menswear section, I think sports luxe is perfect for fighting off some calories in the gym :p

My gym pants are from TK maxx who actually have a wide variety of sports brands. I found that this Elle Sports fit me just perfectly. The gloves are from Nike and very useful for lifting weights and looking the part at 'body combat classes'. Those classes are so much fun, even if I do make up some of my own moves at times :p

These superb 'Haraka Running Trainers' were sent to me from Hi-Tec which I LOVE. Again they are from the mens section as I prefered those colours over the womens section. I half expected the trainers to be a little 'boaty' but could not be even more wrong. They fit perfectly and are very light! This is exactly what you need for running a marathon :D My honest opinion- I really do love the look and feel of these beauties on my feet. If you want to see an initial unboxing video of these exact same trainers, click this link- Unboxing.

If you want to keep track of my personal fitness journey pictures and food, then you can do so over on my Instagram: @mintyessence. Be warned, that sweet treats might be included... why not :)

I hope you have big plans for this super long weekend!

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