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Review: Nourishing QV Skincare

Suffering from dehydrated dry skin as a result of weather transitioning? This QV is a great solution! Not only is this range of products aimed at those with eczema, dry skin, dermatitis and psoriasis but it is also great as a daily nourishing base.
QV stands for Qool Vince who is the super friendly character behind the Australian based skincare brand. Child friendly and enticing is what you need when marketing staple products like these.
After giving these products a really good trial period of a few months, I can report back and say that they are fantastic. I will explain a little more about the individual QV Skincare* bottles:
Gentle Wash (grade 1)
This is a very mild foam cleanser which I use on a daily basis as a facial wash and hand soap when left in the bathroom. Damn you people of the household! In all fairness, they just love using it as much as I do. A perfect solution for removing makeup too as it is ever so gentle on the face with the mild ingredients it is made from. The 500ml lasts ages so worth every penny! 500ml – £9.61
Bath Oil (grade 1)
Usually bath oils can be seriously dangerous when getting in or out of the bath with their slippery contents. However this formula was made safe with anti-slip properties. It sounds like a genius idea to me for all those accident prone people aside from infants and elderly people. I use this interchangeably with my lush products because I can 🙂 After using this bath oil, the skin is nourished with replenishing oils as opposed to completely drying out the skin with no baths oil. When my sister compared this to her usual Oilatum, she preferred this consistency left on her skin afterwards. 500ml – £8.59
Skin Lotion (grade 2)
This is great for skin that is dry but not necessarily sore or cracked. Applying all over the body, as you would expect, leaves you feeling smoother than a baby’s…. yep… bottom 🙂 I love my lotions so this is one of those essentials if you really like mild/unscented moisturisers. 500ml – £9.61
Cream (grade 3)
This cream is very comparable to emollients such as E45 as it is non-greasy meaning it is good for spot prone or sensitive skin. Highly concentrated and rich so I just use a small amount on the areas needed. For example elbows, knees, face, areas where your new shoes have rubbed… those sort of areas. Hydration is long lasting which leaves you sorted for 24 hours! 500ml – £10.62
Intensive Ointment (grade 4)
This is best for night use due to its intensive healing purposes. Best use is for skin that is extremely dry and flaring up. This reminds me of E45 but comparably, this is not as thick and creamy. I would say this is more of a greasy texture which turns a little scoop into enough to cover a large surface area. As this is water-free, it is ideal for protecting and soothing sore skin when itching is inevitable. A perfect ointment to soothe the soreness of sunburn too. 450g – £10.62

My favourite has to be the QV skin lotion as I use and enjoy this the most. Probably a little too much aswell. I need to get my hands on the lip balm version as that is right up my street.
Please note that the pricings of each product is based on the product sizes in the above picture.

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