25 June 2014

OOTD | Plain White Blouse and Birkenstock dupe

Top: Primark
Joni Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Barratts
Bag: River Island

The weather this week has been surprisingly beautiful. I'm trying my hardest not to complain about how hot it is getting as lets be honest, we are never ever satisfied!

Today's look is a casual one featuring some birkenstock dupes. Now these slippers have taken the fashion world by storm recently and can be classed as marmite... you love them or hate them. At first I wasn't too keen on them but now I think they have potential. This pair was purchased ages ago, lets say 2-3 years ago! I wore them on my holiday to Ireland a while back and since then, they were just collecting dust... until now!

They are relatively comfy for here and there but I find my feet hurt after a really long walk. I guess the original birkenstocks are a lot more padded though. If you are interested, I saw some original Birkenstocks in TKmaxx for around the £20-25 price which is bargain if you ask me!

Anyway, back to the outfit which I wore for an evening stroll. Watching the sunset amongst horses and nature all around me... I love this scenic part of Yorkshire. The blouse is a plain and white piece which is great to pop on if in doubt of what to wear. I really do like how the cut of the sleeves comes over a little, if you understand what I mean :)

This weekend is a jam-packed one at IMATS London! yay! I can't wait :) Also its sales everywhere but I will try not to be tempted... too much!

Hope you are well!!

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17 June 2014

OOTD | #nofilter Vest and Printed Primark Shorts

Top: HandM
Shorts: Primark
Scandals: Primark

Bag: Zara
Sunglasses: Primark
For this sun inspired outfit I chose to embrace the sun and wear some shorts. Primark have some beautiful printed shorts for only £4 which are a must if you are packing for your holidays. They are so lightweight and easy to pack too even if you have quite a few. This black and white aztec print with hints of blue was definitely my favourite but I do want to buy some more!

The vest that I'm wearing has a superb slogan which is so in right now #nofilter. I personally say this is great for the gym because realistically working out, you have no makeup on... #nofilter is most appropriate.

This laid back outfit was finished with my super comfy scandals which come in different colours and my black Zara bag. The sunglasses were a must as it was such a lovely day when I took these pictures. Also did you know squinting a lot increases the risk of forehead wrinkles... no thanks! These pigtails make me feel like a kid again... arhhhhh :)

Do you like printed shorts?

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13 June 2014

OOTD | Topshop Black Strappy Heels

Top: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Topshop
Scarf: ScarfWorld*
Watch: Claire's Accessories*
Sunglasses: Primark
This outfit is a prime example of how you can turn a look from really casual to something more fancy. These shoes were debuted in my graduation ball dress attire which I will link here. One of my best looks yet so do have a little peep.

As it is England, I can pretty much get away with wearing greys and blacks still hence this look. My love for the Topshop Joni jeans have grown and flourished until I may have turned into an addict!? I braved it this time and got a size down in these 'washed black' high waisted jeans. They fit so nicely!

These Topshop heels are soooo beautiful on the feet. I have 100% love for these and they are such a staple item that should last me ages! They are made with some elastic give on the inner side to aid further comfort which I think is a genius idea particularly if you have broad feet. They also sell them in gold if you prefer that colour.

The accessory that adds the necessary bit of colour for Spring/Summer is this pink and blue butterfly frayed scarf. I was lucky to be sent some scarfs from Scarf World as they know I do love my scarfs. This website has a range of scarf prints, materials, hijabs and the best thing I love about them is that they are made of so much material for such an affordable price. Also orders over £20 have free delivery which is promised to be shipped within 48 hours!

Having you ben keeping up with the World Cup celebrations? I can't say I am a huge football fan, but the limited edition m and m's kept me very content through last nights match!

I hope you are having a great week and catching those occasional sun rays on your lunch break :)


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11 June 2014

Diabetes Week June 2014 Special | Gluco Tabs + Gluco Juice Review

DiabetesUK is a charity very close to my heart so I felt the need to share this with you for 'Diabetes Week' and also do a review of some GLUCO products.

Ever since my little sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 6, I have become more aware of diabetes as a whole and the life changing effects it can have on an individual. Carbohydrate counting for every meal and balancing blood sugars hourly avoiding hypos and hypers are just a way of life now.
 A lot of people are unaware of Diabetes and get confused between Type 1 and Type 2. However I think spreading the awareness of the difference between the two are needed. After my two and a bit years of really knowing what it means to live with a type 1 diabetic, there are so many stories that can be learnt from which are shared on twitter under the hashtags #mylifewithD #diabetes #diabetesweek. If you want to learn a bit more click here.

GLUCO is a range of energy boosting supplements which come in a range of forms. Liquid, tablets and gel. These are great fast-acting ways to give energy on demand.
No artificial nastiness, sodium, gluten or caffeine. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

My sister has a stock load of Glucotabs* (£0.89) which are mainly 'Tangy Orange', 'Zesty Lemon and lime' and 'Raspberry' flavored, so I was sent a new flavour 'Blueberry Burst' to try. Having these regularly to stabilize low blood sugars can get pretty boring when having the same taste, so it is alway great to try new stuff!
They smell and taste just like sweets so the kids are happy! Each pack contains 10 tabs containing 4g of glucose each. The size of the tube is very compact and neat so perfect for fitting in pockets and handbags.

I was also sent the 'Very Berry' Glucojuice* (£1.55) in a liquid form to try out too. Very sweet to drink so may not be for everyone but I can see it working well for babies with type 1. The whole 60g is worth 15g of glucose.

Gluco products are mainly for boosting energy levels and blood sugars to avoid hypos. This being said, glucose can also be used for boosting your fitness levels before a vigorous exercise or demanding activity. Perfect for gym enthusiasts... like myself hence this recent post!! Not only has my sister tried these products out but I have also for an all round trustworthy review.

I hope you found this lifestyle post interesting :)
#diabetesawareness #diabetesweek

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05 June 2014

OOTD | Lavish Alice White Scuba Mesh Skirt

Cropped Top: HandM
Skirt: Lavish Alice*
Bag: Oaks Boutique
Jacket: Primark
Sunglasses: Primark

Todays outfit features this gorgeous Lavish Alice Scuba White mesh skirt. Falling at such a perfect length it also has a sheer mesh panelling strip which can be classed as sexy considering the smallest bit of leg that is on show.

As this skirt is high waisted I thought a simple black cropped top would look great. Again, I love my monochrome but to incorporate something other than black and white, the jacket with hues of blue was added for completeness.

My Zara kitten heels have been my go-to shoes recently. Giving you a little height but the freedom of running, hopping, skipping or in this case... twirling :)

On the topic of running, I may be doing the Manchester Colour Run this year on the 5th July. Totes excited and a little daunted at the fact I am more of a fast walker. However this will be for 5k miles (3 miles) which should be rather fun whilst being doused from head to toe in different colours. This run is part of a campaign that encourages the nation to stay healthy so when I was asked to take part I naturally agreed. If you want to find out more about it click here: The Colour Run Manchester.

Doesn't The Colour Run sound like so much fun?

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03 June 2014

Crabtree and Evelyn Leeds | Pear and Pink Magnolia

 Last week I was invited along to Victoria Quarters for an event held in Crabtree and Evelyn Leeds called 'Handy Tips Handed Down'. After being greeted by some yumtastic nibbles, we were all given a leaf where we could share family beauty secrets handed down to us over the years. Once this was done, I added my little tip onto the Crabtree blossom tree of knowledge. In case I didn't already capture the moment on my DSLR, we were given our own polaroid snap to take home with us! Shake it like a poloroid picture... came to mind :)

I have always been told good things about this brand especially by my mother and her unrequited love for the  'Summer Hill' range. This evening was a great opportunity to really look at the different products the shop had to offer. I'm not going to lie but the bright pink display of the 'Pear and Pink Magnolia' caught my attention straight away. 

When I got closer I took my chance to smell away and see if I really did like the overall range. I loved the scent which was slightly floral and slightly sweet. I couldn't put my finger on it but the lovely assistant told me that this range sits in between the two scents. I know floral sweetness does not meet everyones taste but there are so many mixed ingredients sets to choose from in the shop.

This particular range came out in March 2014 for Spring which is a perfect scent to carry into Summer this year. Below I will show you what I bought as I obviously could not resist the temptation.

'Pear and Pink Magnolia' is described to be a "Juicy fruit and delicate wisps of fresh floral blend for an alluring addictive aroma bursting with nature's most cherished riches".
I got a set including a 'Triple milled soap' 100g, Ultra-moisturising hand therapy' cream 25g and an 'Eau de toilette' 30ml all for £25. You should see how cute the packaging is too! The fragrance was the main thing I knew I wanted with the floral notes of magnolia, jasmine and osmanthus. Secondly the hand cream was on my wishlist and the soap was just a bonus!!
To confirm how lovely the scent was, I was complimented straight after leaving the event by strangers.. always a good indication of a great purchase!
When I was leaving, I was gifted this miniature hand cream 'ultra-moisturising therapy' cream from the 'avocado + basil' range and nail vanish in 'pistachio'. I didnt even know they did nail lacquer until this evening. You learn something new every day... as the saying goes :)

The staff were ever so friendly and were even on hand to give some super relaxing hand massages. I will be sure to tack back to try out some of their other ranges.

Feel free to go in-store yourself and add an ingenious, time-saving or fool-proof idea handed down by your mother, best friend, sister or grandma. Don't forget to have a little read of the secrets on the tree already!! If you do not have a local store the opportunity is still not to be missed at you can do this online here.


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