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Diabetes Week June 2014 Special | Gluco Tabs + Gluco Juice Review

DiabetesUK is a charity very close to my heart so I felt the need to share this with you for ‘Diabetes Week’ and also do a review of some GLUCO products.

Ever since my little sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 6, I have become more aware of diabetes as a whole and the life changing effects it can have on an individual. Carbohydrate counting for every meal and balancing blood sugars hourly avoiding hypos and hypers are just a way of life now.
A lot of people are unaware of Diabetes and get confused between Type 1 and Type 2. However I think spreading the awareness of the difference between the two are needed. After my two and a bit years of really knowing what it means to live with a type 1 diabetic, there are so many stories that can be learnt from which are shared on twitter under the hashtags #mylifewithD #diabetes #diabetesweek. If you want to learn a bit more click here.

GLUCO is a range of energy boosting supplements which come in a range of forms. Liquid, tablets and gel. These are great fast-acting ways to give energy on demand.
No artificial nastiness, sodium, gluten or caffeine. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


My sister has a stock load of Glucotabs* (£0.89) which are mainly ‘Tangy Orange’, ‘Zesty Lemon and lime’ and ‘Raspberry’ flavored, so I was sent a new flavour ‘Blueberry Burst’ to try. Having these regularly to stabilize low blood sugars can get pretty boring when having the same taste, so it is alway great to try new stuff!
They smell and taste just like sweets so the kids are happy! Each pack contains 10 tabs containing 4g of glucose each. The size of the tube is very compact and neat so perfect for fitting in pockets and handbags.

I was also sent the ‘Very Berry’ Glucojuice* (£1.55) in a liquid form to try out too. Very sweet to drink so may not be for everyone but I can see it working well for babies with type 1. The whole 60g is worth 15g of glucose.

Gluco products are mainly for boosting energy levels and blood sugars to avoid hypos. This being said, glucose can also be used for boosting your fitness levels before a vigorous exercise or demanding activity. Perfect for gym enthusiasts… like myself hence this recent post!! Not only has my sister tried these products out but I have also for an all round trustworthy review.

I hope you found this lifestyle post interesting 🙂
#diabetesawareness #diabetesweek

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