12 January 2015

Selfie Stick Fun with Mobile Madhouse

Just in time for Christmas shenanigans I was sent this awesome gadget known as the SelfieStick! This mono-pod was a popular present this year if you haven't already noticed.
Mobile Madhouse is a website that is full of different phone cases for various phones. That reminds me I need a case for my new iphone 6 plus!!
I was surprised to see that they recently just started selling selfie sticks. And for only £9.99*!

There are many different types of selfie sticks:
1- Some with a clicky button at the end of the stick
2- Some where you have to rely on self timer
3 And some that come with a Bluetooth device like this one

 This wireless button came with a battery already which was great. All you have to do is find it on your bluetooth and when connected, it links to your camera shutter. How cool!

This is perfect for capturing moments without the photographer missing out on the action. The springy part for clipping in the phone has a good range of movement so it can fit all sized phones. The only annoying thing which you have to be careful is, is that you have to make sure the wireless remote is switched off after use. It seems like a stupidly logic thing to do but if left on, it drains the battery super quick... you can tell I learnt that the hard way.

Is there even a guide for how to use a selfie stick? Let me do some research as this seems like fun collating what people of the internet think is the right way!!

- Extend the stick as much as you can for a greater distance
-Don't include the stick in the picture (Can't always be avoided though)
-Keep the selfie stick up for a birds eye view
-Be in good lighting
-Use the camera's back lighting
-Try a fish angle or gopro on the stick
- Pose like noone is watching
-Get your friends and family in on the action

I recently reviewed one of their iphone 5 leather phone cases which you can read about here and a review of their 4s case can be found here.

Also you can see the pictures I took with it over on my instagram @mintyessence.

Have you got a selfie-stick or tried one out yet?

Mobile Madhouse- Selfie Stick

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06 January 2015

Graduation Hot Tub Party with Swimwear 365

A few weeks ago it was such a milestone to finally Graduate from University. Achieving a Bachelor of Science degree, I had my family there to support me continuously until the end.
I was given the opportunity to host a little bash with a lavish hot tub/ jacuzzi in my own back garden, be gifted a beautiful swimwear item and gift voucher for Marks and Spencer. I can't thank Swimwear365 for such a generous gift!

As I was fortunate to secure a job straight from Uni and away from my home 'home', it was great to be back in Yorkshire, even if I was faced with my mum organising a surprise party. I don't like surprises but I am so grateful for everyone who turned up!!

The Hot Tub was hired out by 'Leeds Hot Tub Hire' for 4 days £165* but they have different time periods depending on your preference. I cannot fault their service at all and John the delivery guy was a big help setting everything up and giving thorough instructions of use. Janet communicated and organised it all was also very cooperative when I had a delivery problem. The Hot Tub I had was the Rio 5/6 Seater which came with a gazebo. The prices and other tubs can be found on their website.

I had a great night with friends, family eating, drinking and laughing! In this post you will see some of the various food items we indulged in.

A link to this Contrast Shapeware swimdress can be found here. It is such a flattering and simple black and white piece. With a secret tummy control area, it is perfect!

The main part was just for one night but having the jacuzzi for those extra nights made me feel so special. I think I have convinced the rents to get a permanent one as they didn't want it to leave!

Thanks again Swimwear 365 for a fab Graduation Celebration. Until my Master's or PHD I guess!?

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*This was a sponsored post. All views my own *

01 January 2015

International Giveaway | A New Year a New Me!

Hi guys!

This post is an exciting one because it's a GIVEAWAY woop woop! I'll be giving away two different prizes which can be won by any of my readers regardless of if you have a blog or not.

Just to explain the title "A New Year a New Me" which just means fresh beginnings. I know some people don't agree with waiting until the end of December just to become a better person and change old ways and thoughts but, why not start now. Its an opportunity to make amends, reflect, acknowledge those who should be acknowledged etc.

All the instructions on what to do are below:

Getting right into PRIZE 1!
Witch Skincare kit which includes:
Cleansing wipes, blackhead clearing gel, blemish stick, mattifying moisturiser, facial wash and face cloth.
This is guaranteed to kick start your bright and refreshed face for 2015!

A choice of your own The Library of Fragrance scents. There are lots to choose from which are listed on the website and a small selection can be sampled in Boots. I recommend the Gingerbread one if I do say so myself.

This is an International Giveaway :)
You get more entries if you do either of the things below. Just mention in the comments what you did!
-If under 16, have your parents permission to give out your postal address if you win.
-Follow via Bloglovin
-Follow my Instagram
-Follow my Twitter
-Comment: The Prize you want
-Comment: Leave your email address
-Comment: (If you want Prize 2) your preferred scent

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Giveaway will end: 30th January 2015
The winners should email their address 72hrs of winning or other winners will be chosen.

Best of luck!!

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