31 March 2013

Review: Witch Blemish Stick and Skin Clearing Primer

In this post, I am going to show you my love for Witch skincare. To give you a little background, I have been a user of this brand for years and years and this tends to be the thing I fall back on when my skin is in great need of instant help. When I say skincare, I specifically mean the spots and blemishes they leave behind in this post. I do use their facial wipes and cleanser but that's for another post. 
The key ingredient is 'Witch Hazel' a strong antioxidant which I have grown up using and truly does wonders. It naturally cleanses, soothes and tones your skin, leaving it healthy and balanced. 
Here I have a Blemish stick which I am glad to have received from the Leeds Bloggers meet. I am so close to finishing my other one so I'm glad I have this. The anti-blemish primer I got at the Bblogger's Xmas blogger's event has been trialed since December time, so I feel I am ready to do an in depth review of how I think it has worked for me so far. Lets do this!! 

Witch Blemish Stick*

You know when you have a freshly risen bump/spot that comes out to say hello? If your answer is 'no', damn, consider yourself lucky! If 'yes', you can relate to what I'm saying and agree that these can be quite annoying. When they flare up, they can be quite red and sore causing pain, but this stick, once applied to the area acts to cool any discomfort down. It can be applied as often as you wish, but I prefer using it before my makeup and at night as part of my night time ritual. However I do skip this out if my skin is okay.
This product is aimed at oily/ combinational skin types as spots are more prone to these areas, but then again the packaging does say all skin types so I guess it is an all rounder. I find if I rub this over the spot the night before, the next day the spot has completely gone down in size or diminished. It really is amazing! I must worn you though, that if the spot has been scratched or extremely agitated  it will sting but it just means that it is working well to kill any bacteria that is there. As for blemishes, sometimes there is no blemish left behind and sometimes it is faded. It has to be due to the regular touch ups which I must admit I can slack sometimes when touching up... oops. I am  still searching for a great blemish remover. Suggestions welcome :)  Also, don't be alarmed by the ice blue colour of the stick, because it is really clear and transparent when transferred to the skin.
You can find this in Boots: £2.89
If you have tried this, good experiences or bad, let me know how you found it :)

Skin Clearing Primer*

A few months ago, if you had mentioned primer, I would have said... "Say whaaat?" What is it? What is it for? Now, I can safely say, I use it 90% of the time. Don't get me wrong, if I was in a rush, the first thing I would skip is the primer because as long as I moisturise the face, that's all good for me. :D If you don't know, a primer is used as a base for your makeup so it stays on longer... Kapeesh!! Now all excited finding this out, I bought a No.7 Shine Free primer. I really disliked it! I know it is 'shine free' but I thought it was very drying, so drying it was leaving a white cakey residue. I want to believe it was just that batch but I would not repurchase. Now a little skeptical about primers, I tried the Benefit Porefessional after using a sample... Mamma Mia! I loved it! It diminishes my large pores leaving a silky finish every time.
On to this primer, obviously comparing it to the Benefit one which I love, I found it more moisturising. The gel like form spreads out evenly across the face and doesn't require moistursing of the face before hand which is great. A little does go a long way, which is controlled by the firm pump which I really really like. It makes it easy to control how much you squeeze out which is impossible on other products. As it is aimed for oily and blemish prone skin, giving it a few seconds leaves it to settle as a great base for makeup. I have combinational skin which does get oily after 6 hours, so by lunch time I have to touch up my makeup as signs of oiliness appears. I wish it was more durable but at such a good price in your local shop, it is not bad. 
This can be bought in Boots: £6.99
Have you tried this primer?

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21 March 2013

Trinity Leeds | New Shopping Centre

Today, 21st March 2013 was the launch of the new 'Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre', which has been a long awaited  event in what seems like forever!

As soon as I finished placement today, I knew I had to go down and have a gander. It is huge!!! It was completely packed and I heard quite a few people saying "wow, look!" "let's go there" "picture this"... 
It's great to have such a big attraction come to Leeds and I found myself comparing it to Meadowhall and the Trafford Centre. Being a little bias, this is better *big wink* ha!

Artist capturing the busy scene
I love the glass detail of the ceiling and the open plan of the different levels and surprises around every corner. Well today I wanted to go in every shop! The location is great being in the centre of town but quite close to the train station, therefore attracting many tourists.

Long queues to see Jamie Laing...
This is the place to be for meeting friends, or having celebrations as there is a wide selection of places to eat including Yo Sushi, Handmade Burger, Wagamama, TGI Friday, Giraffe and so much more! For leisure there is also a cinema called "Everyman Cinema" which is just GREAT! I'm thinking, this is ideal for the guys who don't want to being dragged to all the shops in the centre with their partners.

Yo Sushi... mmm
Some shops will be opening at a later date, like Victoria Secrets, which I look forward to... A LOT along with Nando's, Cafe Rouge, Wasabi and others.

I am still so excited that Trinity is on my door step, so if you are not from Leeds... you know where you need to go :)

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19 March 2013

Review: Maybeline Colour Whisper 'Pin Up Peach'

Maybeline Colour Whisper: 30 Pin Up Peach*
This review is of this awesome, fabulous, luscious lip product. I know it might sound over the top but I actually really like this lippy, you would not believe how much and this has to be my monthly favourite by far.
I previously did a USA swap and this was one of the things I got. Such a surprise but boy did Natasha do well! If you want to see what else I got, click here.

I instantly fell in love with this and wanted to review it straight away, but it is always best to give products a full run through before fully describing it. So after a month of keeping this in my bag I feel I can give you the low down of what I thought.

Packaging is key, and so I like the playful see through cover. The shade 'Pin Up Peach' is really a redish, peachy pink colour. It is however very sheer and moisturising on the lips leaving a little tint but not too much. Looking at it in the package you can see it contains little gold shimmer dust in it, which did scare me at first. This is just because I hate overly shiny lip products and have always avoided them in the past. I think because the glitter in it are so so so fine... it really does not look like your lips are a disco ball haha The texture is buttery and glides straight on, as it should and the smell is utterly delicious and not over powering. The smell resembles a juicy fruit salad, with cream on top :D

The lasting power, is not great as I keep re-applying to maintain a fun bright set of juicy lips, which may I add, can be quite build-able. This could be the fact that I can't resist the feel of it on my lips, but to be totally honest with you, I don't mind re-applying with this particular lippy. Any excuse to do so really!

They do not sell this in the UK yet but they really should soon.

Do you think Maybeline Colour Whisper's are something you would like to try?

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17 March 2013

Event | Leeds Fabb Event Meetup

Picture by Hannah
Last weekend saw the beauty, lifestyle and fashion bloggers come out in force for a Leeds meet up. This was all organised by the ever so wonderful Ray and Tor! It was held at Chilli Whites which I have always wanted to experience after hearing so much about it. The room was compact with passionate bloggers from in and around Leeds so it was a great setting for meeting bloggers you interact with on a social front, in real life :)

There were talks from Ark Clothing, Chiara Fashion, Health Point Ltd, Cloud Nine, and Brit Bloggers. All were extremely interesting to learn more about and find out so much more blogging related facts.

Cute cakes made by 'Rosie the cake maker', where decorated with the print 'FABB' logo but had gone in seconds literally! Luckily I got myself one and it was... mmmm delicious :D 

There were lots of opportunities to win prizes and ask questions. Although I didn't win anything, it was still a fun day :)
The  meet up was altogether very lovely and chilled so well done to the organisers and best of luck for their up and coming events around the UK. Their next plan of action are to go to Manchester and Newcastle so look out for them coming near you!

Were you at the Leeds meet-up?

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15 March 2013

Event | Leeds Benefit Fake Up Launch

Last week I was ever so lucky to be exclusively invited to the Benefit Fake Up concealer event held at the Leeds Malmaison hotel. Such a lovely location full of other Benefit loving bloggers.

The evening saw the preview of the new concealer hitting the shops on the 30th March 2013!
Fake up is a hydrating concealer that comes in three shades. Before I attended the event, I checked out the shades to see if any would match my skin tone and although there are three shades, they do cover a wide range of skin tones, so I was impressed with that. The question is, will it work for extremely light or deep shades? It will be interesting to find out. Concealers are meant to be 2-3 shades lighter than your normal foundation shade, so bare that in mind. The shades they have are:
01 Light | 02 Medium | 03 Deep

Now onto the factual details, this concealer contains a membranous outer core of vitamin E and apple seed extract which completely moisturises the skin instantly lasting up to 6 hours at least. The inner part of it is where you find the concealer itself hiding dark circles and evening out the skin by diffusing the light.

After using this concealer (03) for week now, I have gathered that the buttery texture may be an issue to those who have oily skin types like my self. To over come this matter, it helps to use little and work it in to the skin with my middle finger, and/ or setting it with a light setting powder. If you have dry skin, this is perfect for adding moisture and preventing the under eye area drying out. Creasing is another thing I look out for in concealers, and I do find it creases ever so slightly, but to be honest with you, I have quite creasy eyes anyway. Not wrinkles...yet... I don't think... but just natural creases hahaha!

The packaging is like that of a lipstick, so very cute and compact but don't be mixing them up, unless you want a nude lip of course?!

I was lucky to be given all shades which is ever so generous. Lisa Potter-Dixon, who is the head makeup and trend artist for Benefit, demonstrated how to use the product and gave us some insightful tips, trick and many jokes. A tip given for fair skin tones is that the 03 shade can be used for contouring the cheek bones and the rest of shades for sculpting the facial features, just like the famous Kim Kardashian's sculpted look. Such a great tip for getting every use out of all the products I think. Lisa also applied concealer on me on the night which I thought covered the bags under my eyes greatly. Obviously the shade that I have been  using is 03 and for mothers day I gave my mum 02 as she is fairer than me. I'll see if she likes it as much as me :)

In the goody bag, the Benefit ladies also include the Hello Flawless Powder in 'Hazelnut' which I am very excited to try it out properly. So far it is okay, but more on the light side so I think it would have been best to try 'nutmeg' the darker shade, however this powder is quite light and sheer so I can definitely make it work.

Drinks and nibbles were provided for all us northern bloggers non-stop and the setting was very nice and cosy not to mention the cute cushions with 'fake up' printed on them (I have pictures on instagram '@mintyessence'). Joanne, Rachel and Lisa were all fun a bubbly and made the evening a pleasant one.

All of us Leeds/Yorkshire Bloggers!- (Picture courtesy of Benefit)

When the FakeUp concealers do hit the UK shops later this month, they will retail at £18.50*... will you be purchasing?

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10 March 2013

Review: NARS Exhibit A

NARS Exhibit A has been on my wishlist for a pretty long time now and I finally got it after putting it off on many occasions. 

02 March 2013

OOTD | Leopard Midi Dress

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Coat: Zara
Dress: FDAvenue
Scarf: Republic
Shoes: Barratts*

You may have seen my recent post where I expressed my love for wearing midi dresses. Now spring is coming so I have more of an excuse to wear them! Yeeahh! I thought I would show you how I would style them for a cool day. I say cool, because these days are still a little cold with frosty mornings.
Above is my first ever youtube video for this channel which is an OOTD video for this look. I hope you like because I had so much fun filming it! If you like it and want to see more, please like, subscribe and let me know if you want another look or beauty related video next! I absolutely can't wait to start this adventure :)

I got this dress from FDavenue which have great prices for trendy clothes! You can get 20% off by using the code 'JOANNA20' at the checkout!!

I love the colours on the dress and I find the shade very flattering indeed! The boots give a casual look but an 'I made an effort' look, if you get me...?! They are quite comfy with a chunky platform but do slightly rub at the top where they are wider. The coat is one of my all time favourites and probably will make a few more appearances in my OOTD's. This bowler hat from Urban Outfitters adds a great touch to the look and I love the neat little style of it. I've been really hat cray cray recently :o

Hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for watching/reading!
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