Review: Witch Blemish Stick and Skin Clearing Primer

In this post, I am going to show you my love for Witch skincare. To give you a little background, I have been a user of this brand for years and years and this tends to be the thing I fall back on when my skin is in great need of instant help. When I say skincare, I specifically mean the spots and blemishes they leave behind in this post. I do use their facial wipes and cleanser but that’s for another post. 
The key ingredient is ‘Witch Hazel’ a strong antioxidant which I have grown up using and truly does wonders. It naturally cleanses, soothes and tones your skin, leaving it healthy and balanced. 
Here I have a Blemish stick which I am glad to have received from the Leeds Bloggers meet. I am so close to finishing my other one so I’m glad I have this. The anti-blemish primer I got at the Bblogger’s Xmas blogger’s event has been trialed since December time, so I feel I am ready to do an in depth review of how I think it has worked for me so far. Lets do this!! 

Witch Blemish Stick*

You know when you have a freshly risen bump/spot that comes out to say hello? If your answer is ‘no’, damn, consider yourself lucky! If ‘yes’, you can relate to what I’m saying and agree that these can be quite annoying. When they flare up, they can be quite red and sore causing pain, but this stick, once applied to the area acts to cool any discomfort down. It can be applied as often as you wish, but I prefer using it before my makeup and at night as part of my night time ritual. However I do skip this out if my skin is okay.
This product is aimed at oily/ combinational skin types as spots are more prone to these areas, but then again the packaging does say all skin types so I guess it is an all rounder. I find if I rub this over the spot the night before, the next day the spot has completely gone down in size or diminished. It really is amazing! I must worn you though, that if the spot has been scratched or extremely agitated  it will sting but it just means that it is working well to kill any bacteria that is there. As for blemishes, sometimes there is no blemish left behind and sometimes it is faded. It has to be due to the regular touch ups which I must admit I can slack sometimes when touching up… oops. I am  still searching for a great blemish remover. Suggestions welcome 🙂  Also, don’t be alarmed by the ice blue colour of the stick, because it is really clear and transparent when transferred to the skin.
You can find this in Boots: £2.89
If you have tried this, good experiences or bad, let me know how you found it 🙂

Skin Clearing Primer*

A few months ago, if you had mentioned primer, I would have said… “Say whaaat?” What is it? What is it for? Now, I can safely say, I use it 90% of the time. Don’t get me wrong, if I was in a rush, the first thing I would skip is the primer because as long as I moisturise the face, that’s all good for me. 😀 If you don’t know, a primer is used as a base for your makeup so it stays on longer… Kapeesh!! Now all excited finding this out, I bought a No.7 Shine Free primer. I really disliked it! I know it is ‘shine free’ but I thought it was very drying, so drying it was leaving a white cakey residue. I want to believe it was just that batch but I would not repurchase. Now a little skeptical about primers, I tried the Benefit Porefessional after using a sample… Mamma Mia! I loved it! It diminishes my large pores leaving a silky finish every time.
On to this primer, obviously comparing it to the Benefit one which I love, I found it more moisturising. The gel like form spreads out evenly across the face and doesn’t require moistursing of the face before hand which is great. A little does go a long way, which is controlled by the firm pump which I really really like. It makes it easy to control how much you squeeze out which is impossible on other products. As it is aimed for oily and blemish prone skin, giving it a few seconds leaves it to settle as a great base for makeup. I have combinational skin which does get oily after 6 hours, so by lunch time I have to touch up my makeup as signs of oiliness appears. I wish it was more durable but at such a good price in your local shop, it is not bad. 
This can be bought in Boots: £6.99
Have you tried this primer?

Thanks for reading!