Event | Leeds Benefit Fake Up Launch

Last week I was ever so lucky to be exclusively invited to the Benefit Fake Up concealer event held at the Leeds Malmaison hotel. Such a lovely location full of other Benefit loving bloggers.

The evening saw the preview of the new concealer hitting the shops on the 30th March 2013!
Fake up is a hydrating concealer that comes in three shades. Before I attended the event, I checked out the shades to see if any would match my skin tone and although there are three shades, they do cover a wide range of skin tones, so I was impressed with that. The question is, will it work for extremely light or deep shades? It will be interesting to find out. Concealers are meant to be 2-3 shades lighter than your normal foundation shade, so bare that in mind. The shades they have are:
01 Light | 02 Medium | 03 Deep

Now onto the factual details, this concealer contains a membranous outer core of vitamin E and apple seed extract which completely moisturises the skin instantly lasting up to 6 hours at least. The inner part of it is where you find the concealer itself hiding dark circles and evening out the skin by diffusing the light.

After using this concealer (03) for week now, I have gathered that the buttery texture may be an issue to those who have oily skin types like my self. To over come this matter, it helps to use little and work it in to the skin with my middle finger, and/ or setting it with a light setting powder. If you have dry skin, this is perfect for adding moisture and preventing the under eye area drying out. Creasing is another thing I look out for in concealers, and I do find it creases ever so slightly, but to be honest with you, I have quite creasy eyes anyway. Not wrinkles…yet… I don’t think… but just natural creases hahaha!

The packaging is like that of a lipstick, so very cute and compact but don’t be mixing them up, unless you want a nude lip of course?!

I was lucky to be given all shades which is ever so generous. Lisa Potter-Dixon, who is the head makeup and trend artist for Benefit, demonstrated how to use the product and gave us some insightful tips, trick and many jokes. A tip given for fair skin tones is that the 03 shade can be used for contouring the cheek bones and the rest of shades for sculpting the facial features, just like the famous Kim Kardashian’s sculpted look. Such a great tip for getting every use out of all the products I think. Lisa also applied concealer on me on the night which I thought covered the bags under my eyes greatly. Obviously the shade that I have been  using is 03 and for mothers day I gave my mum 02 as she is fairer than me. I’ll see if she likes it as much as me 🙂

In the goody bag, the Benefit ladies also include the Hello Flawless Powder in ‘Hazelnut’ which I am very excited to try it out properly. So far it is okay, but more on the light side so I think it would have been best to try ‘nutmeg’ the darker shade, however this powder is quite light and sheer so I can definitely make it work.

Drinks and nibbles were provided for all us northern bloggers non-stop and the setting was very nice and cosy not to mention the cute cushions with ‘fake up’ printed on them (I have pictures on instagram ‘@mintyessence’). Joanne, Rachel and Lisa were all fun a bubbly and made the evening a pleasant one.

All of us Leeds/Yorkshire Bloggers!- (Picture courtesy of Benefit)

When the FakeUp concealers do hit the UK shops later this month, they will retail at £18.50*… will you be purchasing?

Thanks for reading