31 August 2013

Review | Cutting Room Creative Leeds Hair by Sleek Installation

Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I was asked to trial the HairbySleek extensions and to get them installed at Cutting Room Creative in Leeds city centre. I have always been a fan of Sleek as a brand, whether it was for previous weave or makeup. 

My Hair
The background of my natural hair is that it used to be very healthy, full and at its longest it was past my shoulders. However I have had to cope with the damaging results of stress from exams, continuously straightening and lack of really treating it daily. This caused breakage until a few months ago. I realised I needed to cut back on relaxing , straightening with heat and just leave it to grow naturally. This is why I use the protective styles of extensions.

A week before the appointment I had a consultation where we discussed what I would have done and what colours I would like. With the 'Hair Couture Luxury Remy hair' I decided on having the base colour black 1 and 4, which is a brunette/ brown colour. At the consultation it was mentioned that my hair would be braided into four rows with a 2 finger space leave out around the edges and a parting section. We both knew my hair was week at the ends, but I was told the roots were quite strong. It was then mentioned that relaxing the front piece of hair to be left out would be most appropriate. However this was not the case and I was told differently on the day that my hair would not be relaxed. If I had known, I would have done this a week before myself as I know the finish would have been a lot better. Right at the end I was asked if I still wanted to relax the leave out hair, but we all know excessive straightening and chemical relaxer do not go well, especially on the same day!
My hair was washed, dried and straightened with a steam pod. I love the idea of the steam pod and how it leaves you with a sleek finish. I definitely will be getting one! My hairdresser Steph, braided my hair with some synthetic hair to make the actual braid strong enough to hold on securely. After the wefts of hair were braided on with alternating colours for each row (two on each braid). How nice do the two colours look?!

My Thoughts
Overall the service was great because although the whole process took 3 hours, I was offered a drink and breaks whenever I felt I needed one. The staff were very welcoming and I would definitely recommend on that basis. It was also lovely to meet the Charles Dodds himself there at the salon. They also have a tightening service so if after a few weeks your weave loosens, you can get them tightened for roughly £20.
I'm a person who likes a full head of hair so I would have preferred more layers instead of leaving out some hair in the middle. The hair is very light so I don't see how this would be damaging at all. Also some of the braiding was not secure at the back, which you can see in the video, giving a little unnecessary hump.

The quality of the Hairbysleek extensions were very soft and easy to manage. It is hands down one of the best I have every come across, but again Sleek have never disappointed me. I will definitely be purchasing this type of hair in the future.

The price* of this vary based on what you choose in the consultation.

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29 August 2013

OOTD | Red Velvet

Dress: TKMaxx
Jacket: Warehouse
Shoes: Primak
Bag: Envy via StylistPickUK*

This title just made me really want to try a red velvet cupcake, they look so pretty!! Anyway, as well as getting excited about wearing layers, hats and boots for A/W13, when the weather throws some hot sunny spells at me, I know I have to whip out my dresses. I wore this outfit to my cousins' baptism and thought that the bag and shoes matched perfectly. I have featured this dress previously for the festive month but I love it so much. Very flattering with the belt and the velvet feeling black detail is sooo nice. The pink flower was just a random addition I found after tidying my room up and reminded me of how much I love pink :D
This week I am back to Uni, how time whizzes past when you're having fun...
Have a good day :D

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27 August 2013

#theSOproject | WEEK 1 Skincare

This post is part of a 10 week series #theSOproject which is an exciting prospect. It was thought of by Steph where the aim is to reach out to younger teen or those starting out in makeup. It is to offer advice and help them along the way in their beauty adventure. I know when I discovered youtube and blog tutorials it was like a whole new world of amazing-ness and the rest is history :)

WEEK 1 : Skincare

PRODUCT: Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit 

PURPOSE: Gradually diminishes post Acne/ breakout discolouration with the help of Asorbic-Glycolic-Lactic concentrate.

Renewing MicroDermabrasion Complex
At night cleanse skin and leave damp. Apply a small amount of product to the whole face. rub gentle, upwards, circular motions. Rub each section for 30 secs- 1 min and move to a different section. Rince face completely and pat dry. After apply Skin Eraser and follow with a gentle moisturiser.
[Use once a day. Use for 5 days and then skip 5 days. Then use 2-3 times a week.]

Skin Eraser
Apply sparingly to the affected areas until fully absorbed. Follow with a moisturiser. Do not expose skin to sunlight straight after use. Using sunscreen is important and highly recommended. 

PURCHASE: Zenmed for £45* (duo)

-The dark spots gradually fade
-Very strong with acidic properties
-Healthy and refreshed skin afterwards
-Removes dead skin
-Does not contain: Petrochemicals, Hydroquinone, Dyes and fragrances, Animal ingredients.

This American brand is has many different solutions to problematic skin types which actually work! The postage is hassle free and I would recommend if you want to see gradual but effective improvements.

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20 August 2013

Event | Northern Bloggers #midsummermeet

Last week I was kindly invited to a great northern blogger meet up. Meet ups like these are really quite rare up here so when I get the chance I love to go. It was held at the Walrus Canteen and Lounge Manchester and was hosted by 'My Bag', 'All Sole' and 'Look Fantastic'.

There were quite a few stations to go to where a little talk was had by brands and hair demonstrations such as; Benefit, Burt's Bees, Evo, Show, Moroccan Oil, Nails Inc. There was a hair demonstration using the L'oreal Professionnel Steampod straighteners which I love and really want. They are supposed to be better for your hair so after going to the hairdresser the day before and learning more about it, it is officially on my wishlist!!

There were some shoes and bags on display also but what caught my eye was the Grafea bag in white! Um-mm-mm it looked mighty fine :)
At Nails Inc you could get your nails painted with the new A/W13 collection shades which are not even out yet and Benefit showed us their new blush Rockateur which looked lovely if you like a bronzy rose colour.
Me | Callie | Rachael | Francesca

It was a lovely night to catch up with bloggers I hadn't seen for a while and meet new ones whilst snacking on Airey Fairy cakes and sipping on a complimentary drink.
To end the event we were all given goody bags which was a bonus. I particularly look forward to using the L'oreal Steampod smoothing cream, Elizabeth Arden Lip balm, Benefit eyeshadow in 'skinny jeans'and Orly high-shine top coat.

Have you checked out MyBag | LookFantastic | AllSole yet?
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12 August 2013

Lush Leeds Spa Treatments and 4th Birthday!

On the 25th July 2013, Lush Leeds Spa turned 4 and to celebrate, I was invited to the spa to experience the different treatments they have to offer. It was amazing to see the shop just open to us bloggers and we were treated to some lovely chocolate cake. Throughout the evening the staff did a great job at letting us experience the 'Lush Experience'.

Below I will briefly explain the different treatments you can have:

The Spell £55
This 60 minute treatment is mainly for your foot but it also is perfect for the other parts of your body. Your foot is massaged at the reflex points which takes you to a carefree state. I am very ticklish but was reassured this treatment caters to your needs to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Synaesthesia £125
When you go down into the spa, you pick a word from a wall based on how you want to feel during the experience. Based on this, oils are chosen to make you feel exactly like this. Scented oils are poured over dry ice and a beautiful aroma fills the air. As Lush's signature treatment, 80 minutes allows you to relax and ease any tension you may have. 

Validation Facial £75
This 60 minute facial is tailor made to your skin type so don't worry thinking, 'will this be okay for my skin' because it will. With music playing in the background made by Simon Emmerson, this facial is designed to make you feel beautiful and confident. Using quite a few of Lush's skincare products in this one facial pack, your face will be cleansed, toned and moisurised you will forget you ever needed makeup when leaving the spa!

The Comforter £80
This involves an intense massage with hot chocolate body scrub and rose scented oils. It is described to give you such a relaxed feeling afterwards that your body feels like it is on cloud nine. 60 minutes later some say that they feel their body feels light and well and truly relaxed.

The Lush Sound Bath £65
Whilst listening to a music track blending tuning forks and church bells this treatment involves a facial with hot/cold stones, head massage and ear candles. I am fascinated about the ear candles as I thought they would burn down too close for comfort, but they actually die down at a certain point. Whilst it burns you can hear a peaceful crackling sound. This treatment aims to balance and energize the individual after the full 60 minutes. 

The Good Hour £80
The Good hour is a full intense deep-tissue massage and is great if you need to release tension in your muscles. And you have guessed it, it lasts one hour. It is particularly good for those who put a lot of muscular strain on themselves. With the Pirate ship theme, the contents looks amazing, so after the ropes of the ship have been sorted out with muscle techniques and a massage, ship biscuits and captains tea is offered. Of course there is a stronger option, rum.

At the end, we were treated to some cake and all signed the huge birthday card which was a great end to the evening. I loved how the Emotional brilliance wheel worked also. If you ever go into lush you have to try out the Emotional Brilliance wheel which has colour you pick with a specific word on each bottle, try it out! My favourite has to be 'The Validation' treatment and I will be booking myself in very soon :)

Thank you Lush for having me!

10 August 2013

Event | Leeds Pastille Nail Boutique Launch

Today is the official opening of the new Pastille Nail Boutique in Granary Wharf Leeds!

I was invited to the exclusive launch yesterday which was a summer evening full of complimentary nail treatments, canapes and drinks. The two lovely girls behind the Boutique is Abra and Erene who had their boutique opened with a speech and letting go of pastel coloured balloons by Virginia Lloyd, the High Sheriff of West Yorkshire. Their aim is to bring back a simple, relaxed and social atmosphere where you can get your manicures, pedicures and bespoke nail art done.

Inside is decorated beautifully with pastel and white tones. The location could not have been better as it is situated in the award-winning Granary Wharf development, over looks the watery front and looks beautiful on a sunny day. I thought I had been to most places in Leeds City but this was a first and I loved it!

I had my nails done by a lovely beautician Harpreet who coated my nails in OPI 'tickle my france y'. This is the perfect nude/pink colour which definitely is me! On each ring finger I also had a strip of gold tape, a cute touch which also matched the clothes I was wearing. You also have the option of getting treatments with Essie polishes, CND Shellac, Bio-Sculpture, Gelish and NSI Acrylic.

I really want to try shellac nails so I will be back shortly :D

The Boutique has a wide variety of different treatments to choose from and can be found at the website here:

Appointments can be made at:

Will you be booking an appointment here?

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09 August 2013


Long Cardigan: Choies*
Top: Primark
Trousers: Next
Shoes: Primark
Sunglasses: River Island

Hi guys!
I had a nice little break away to Paris and now I'm back! Yay! The weather was so hot so I got pretty tanned when I was away. Also the waste-line has expanded a little but that just means I enjoyed myself a lot!! I have a French Pharmacie haul that is to come soon, so look out for that. I didn't get a great deal but I had a list of a few bits that I knew I wanted to get. There will also be a few shots from beautiful sights on my travels.
I styled my comfy high waisted pants with a crop top with random letters on it. I'm sure A.B.C is dotted around it somewhere. Me, showing my mid-drift, now that is something new! I'm usually a matchy matchy person but I thought it was a perfect time to sport my red peep toed heels. The white long cardigan is so light and perfect if you like your layers but still keeping cool.

Thanks for reading!

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08 August 2013

Review: Simply Beautiful Collection Collagen Creme Shower Gel

Having a delicious smelling shower product can really put you at ease when you are ready to relax from the world. This Simply Beautiful Collection shower gel ranks extremely high in smelling so good especially as it contains Passion flower and Kukui Seed oils.
As you have noticed it does contain collagen, so it perfect for aging skin or those affected by environmental elements. The appearance is very pearlescent and pink. My favourite colour! The texture is very silky and smooth which definitely nourishes the skin. 

I took this on holiday to Paris with me and it was loved by everybody! Because it was so hot there, I found that the consistency turned to really runny water, but that didn't effect how luxurious it was to use. In fact, because of the heat, it really did help to re-hydrate the skin.
I feel that I now need to try the Collagen Gel as they go hand-in-hand at moisturising the skin and both work together at minimising fine lines and puffiness.

Do like products to contain collagen?

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