Lush Leeds Spa Treatments and 4th Birthday!

On the 25th July 2013, Lush Leeds Spa turned 4 and to celebrate, I was invited to the spa to experience the different treatments they have to offer. It was amazing to see the shop just open to us bloggers and we were treated to some lovely chocolate cake. Throughout the evening the staff did a great job at letting us experience the ‘Lush Experience’.

Below I will briefly explain the different treatments you can have:

The Spell £55
This 60 minute treatment is mainly for your foot but it also is perfect for the other parts of your body. Your foot is massaged at the reflex points which takes you to a carefree state. I am very ticklish but was reassured this treatment caters to your needs to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Synaesthesia £125
When you go down into the spa, you pick a word from a wall based on how you want to feel during the experience. Based on this, oils are chosen to make you feel exactly like this. Scented oils are poured over dry ice and a beautiful aroma fills the air. As Lush’s signature treatment, 80 minutes allows you to relax and ease any tension you may have. 

Validation Facial £75
This 60 minute facial is tailor made to your skin type so don’t worry thinking, ‘will this be okay for my skin’ because it will. With music playing in the background made by Simon Emmerson, this facial is designed to make you feel beautiful and confident. Using quite a few of Lush’s skincare products in this one facial pack, your face will be cleansed, toned and moisurised you will forget you ever needed makeup when leaving the spa!
The Comforter £80
This involves an intense massage with hot chocolate body scrub and rose scented oils. It is described to give you such a relaxed feeling afterwards that your body feels like it is on cloud nine. 60 minutes later some say that they feel their body feels light and well and truly relaxed.

The Lush Sound Bath £65
Whilst listening to a music track blending tuning forks and church bells this treatment involves a facial with hot/cold stones, head massage and ear candles. I am fascinated about the ear candles as I thought they would burn down too close for comfort, but they actually die down at a certain point. Whilst it burns you can hear a peaceful crackling sound. This treatment aims to balance and energize the individual after the full 60 minutes. 

The Good Hour £80
The Good hour is a full intense deep-tissue massage and is great if you need to release tension in your muscles. And you have guessed it, it lasts one hour. It is particularly good for those who put a lot of muscular strain on themselves. With the Pirate ship theme, the contents looks amazing, so after the ropes of the ship have been sorted out with muscle techniques and a massage, ship biscuits and captains tea is offered. Of course there is a stronger option, rum.

At the end, we were treated to some cake and all signed the huge birthday card which was a great end to the evening. I loved how the Emotional brilliance wheel worked also. If you ever go into lush you have to try out the Emotional Brilliance wheel which has colour you pick with a specific word on each bottle, try it out! My favourite has to be ‘The Validation’ treatment and I will be booking myself in very soon 🙂

Thank you Lush for having me!