Review | Cutting Room Creative Leeds Hair by Sleek Installation

Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I was asked to trial the HairbySleek extensions and to get them installed at Cutting Room Creative in Leeds city centre. I have always been a fan of Sleek as a brand, whether it was for previous weave or makeup. 
My Hair
The background of my natural hair is that it used to be very healthy, full and at its longest it was past my shoulders. However I have had to cope with the damaging results of stress from exams, continuously straightening and lack of really treating it daily. This caused breakage until a few months ago. I realised I needed to cut back on relaxing , straightening with heat and just leave it to grow naturally. This is why I use the protective styles of extensions.
A week before the appointment I had a consultation where we discussed what I would have done and what colours I would like. With the ‘Hair Couture Luxury Remy hair’ I decided on having the base colour black 1 and 4, which is a brunette/ brown colour. At the consultation it was mentioned that my hair would be braided into four rows with a 2 finger space leave out around the edges and a parting section. We both knew my hair was week at the ends, but I was told the roots were quite strong. It was then mentioned that relaxing the front piece of hair to be left out would be most appropriate. However this was not the case and I was told differently on the day that my hair would not be relaxed. If I had known, I would have done this a week before myself as I know the finish would have been a lot better. Right at the end I was asked if I still wanted to relax the leave out hair, but we all know excessive straightening and chemical relaxer do not go well, especially on the same day!
My hair was washed, dried and straightened with a steam pod. I love the idea of the steam pod and how it leaves you with a sleek finish. I definitely will be getting one! My hairdresser Steph, braided my hair with some synthetic hair to make the actual braid strong enough to hold on securely. After the wefts of hair were braided on with alternating colours for each row (two on each braid). How nice do the two colours look?!

My Thoughts

Overall the service was great because although the whole process took 3 hours, I was offered a drink and breaks whenever I felt I needed one. The staff were very welcoming and I would definitely recommend on that basis. It was also lovely to meet the Charles Dodds himself there at the salon. They also have a tightening service so if after a few weeks your weave loosens, you can get them tightened for roughly £20.
I’m a person who likes a full head of hair so I would have preferred more layers instead of leaving out some hair in the middle. The hair is very light so I don’t see how this would be damaging at all. Also some of the braiding was not secure at the back, which you can see in the video, giving a little unnecessary hump.
The quality of the Hairbysleek extensions were very soft and easy to manage. It is hands down one of the best I have every come across, but again Sleek have never disappointed me. I will definitely be purchasing this type of hair in the future.
The price* of this vary based on what you choose in the consultation.

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