21 March 2014

Restaurant Review: Miller and Carter Leeds Light

Yesterday I had the pleasure of wining and dining at the Leeds Miller and Carter. Best known for its superb steak house expectations in the whole of West Yorkshire, their hand-cut 28-day aged British beef is boasted to be something else.. Having gone past this fine eatery too many times after work, I knew I had to ditch my extremely healthy diet/health plan and truly indulge. One time won't hurt right?

Whether it is a meal out with friends, date night or even a mothers day treat, this is a great place to enjoy some amazing food. As 'Mothering Sunday' is next week and my busy schedule is a little less intense than the up coming weeks, I thought I would treat my mum to be my dining partner for this reviewing opportunity.

As I entered the restaurant I was kindly greeted by one of the best waiters ever. First impressions really do impact on an individuals experience so everything went off to a great start. Once we were seated and given some fantastic recommendations from the menu, we ordered some drinks and nibbles. The recommendations are so handy when deciding what to eat especially if it is your first time. For those who drink alcoholic drinks, they even had which drinks would compliment nearly everything- wowzas!

I had the 'Baked Cheddar Mushroom' (£4.95) which was served up in a cute little pot and garlic bread on the side. The spinach, garlic and cheddar cheese sauce really complimented the bread and I found this ever so succulent. I love mushrooms!
My mum had the 'Trio of Breads' which came with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip (£2.95). I am a sucker for fruity drinks so I enjoyed the Mango Melba and she had the Berry Fizz. Mmmm.

For the main my mum was advised by me to try the 8oz fillet steak (£21.95). Now, she usually prefers her meats well done but chose to come out of her comfort zone and try the recommended 'medium' style. As juicy as it looked, that's how juicy and tender it was! It does make a huge difference on how the meat tastes depending on how well it is cooked. After having a taste myself, I will from now order my fillets medium/well done. I'm not quite ready for it rare and blinking at me yet :) This main came with jacket potato, peppercorn sauce, a slice of onion loaf and a wedge salad with garlic + chive mayonnaise with parmesan. A very generous portion which is reflected in the price. For sides the green beans with feta and red onions was a good option (£2.95). A random combination I thought though but it worked.

I had the hearty Maple Glazed Lamb Rump (£17.50) which was d-e-l-i-cious! This was mouth wateringly, tongue tantalizing stuff. My sweet tooth loved the Mediterranean vegetables in pine nut caponata with bordelaise saurce. The creamy mash worked well as the carbohydrate for the dish too. Getting a mixed salad as a side made me feel better about my over indulgence. Some salads can be a bit mehh... but I loved this one, plain but very refreshing.

To cleanse our palettes we had a shared dessert called the 'Indulgent Tasting Plate' (£8.90). Consisting of a selection of white chocolate, pistachio iced parfait, rich chocolate brownie, sticky toffee pudding and vanilla bean ice cream. The warm dreamy chocolate brownie was the best part of this luxurious dessert along with the chocolate chip ice cream. The presentation of it all was top quality!

Overall I rate this steakhouse very high along with the great service. I went in the early afternoon and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing but I can imagine how busy it is at the weekend. If music was playing, that would have been the cherry on the top but I was in good company so was not a big issue. Also there is the option to enjoy your meal outside which will be just the perfect setting when Summer comes around.

Will you be visiting Miller and Carter soon?

56-58 The Headrow
Tel: 0113 244 3583

You can find previous food reviews here:

*All views and opinions are completely my own*

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18 March 2014

OOTD | Making Occasionwear Versatile Marks and Spencer | Casual

Skirt: New Look
Socks: Topshop
Boots: Barratts
Hat: Primark

Following on from my post yesterday where I styled a Marks and Spencer dress for their styling challenge, today is the day for the casual re-take!!
I used the same dress and bag but in different ways, so I hope you like. Of course this is just one way of putting a casual spin on things for example, a day out at the movies or shopping etc.

Oh... if you missed out on my first post, check it out here :)

What I did was pop my faux-leather skater skirt over the top of the dress and roll the bottom of the dress a little. It gave an all round great casual look. You can see a little bit of the the skirt peeping through the bottom which is mainly because of the wind... oh my... it was wild that day. I did not want to flash to my neighboring onlookers. However I do like the peplum/pencil skirt look so I think it worked quite well.
With my Chelsea boots I wore my Spring inspired frilly socks which are super CUTE! The pictures of the other colours are on my instagram '@mintyessence' My beanie hat was like a cherry on the top for this laid back feel and accessories like this are great for transitioning between a smart-to-casual outfit.

I really enjoyed putting together this outfit... hope you like.

Which look did you prefer?

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17 March 2014

OOTD | Making Occasionwear Versatile Project Marks and Spencer | Formal

Shoes: Zara
Watch: Claire's Accessories
Sunglasses: Primark

Last week I was contacted by the team at Marks and Spencer for a styling challenge of an item from their occasional wear dresses. One of these styles which I featured in this post is most appropriate for a formal occasion like a party, wedding reception or just a classy evening out. It is always great to see investment pieces worn more than once and this is where your creativity can shine through. Therefore I have also re-styled this dress for more of a casual look which will be live tomorrow, so look out for that!

This elegant dress is ever so womanly with its body-con fit but allows a lot of movement with the stretchy material it is made of. The side paneling also gives a slimming illusion which is always a plus when you want to hide some tummy bump... haha You also know it is of high quality as the material is very durable and there are two layers. The bag is very versatile with the option of wearing a long strap or just sporting the gold handles on the bag. A cute little bucket bag which is a perfect little size for carrying everything you need. These sunglasses are my favourite accessories right now! I just love round frames which I do think suits all face shapes. To finish the look I am wearing my dainty grey Zara heels.

This is just one of the ways you can style an outfit but there are many ways in which you can do so.
I really enjoyed putting together this outfit... hope you like.

Look out for how I restyled this formal look for a casual look!

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13 March 2014

Review: Primark PS I Love... Pink Lipgloss

PS I Love...Purple
After seeing Primark's new SS14 makeup and beauty range in store, I thought hey... let's try it out. How could I not with prices ranging from a steal of £1- £2.50!!
As we are entering Spring/ Summer I am back on the lipgloss wagon so I really wanted to try their pink/purple shade gloss out of a total of five shades. I can only describe it in terms of colour as there is no coding or name which is a little annoying if you want to differentiate between different colours.
Below I will tell you what I thought of the product itself as a whole.

Is it only me that keeps wanting to say 'PS I love you'? The packaging is nice with a decent amount of product in it- 15ml for £1.50. You can't go wrong with the price too! Application is easily squeezed through the brush applicator. I love the feel of it on the lips, just as gloss just be.
Not overly sticky but nothing to make me dislike it. There is no scent to it at all which is good for those who are particular about scents.
The only issue I have with this product, is that it is definitely not as pigmented as I expected it to be. I initially didn't expect much of it but I don't feel it is as pigmented on the lips as it appears in the squeezy tube. Although there is some tint when transferred to the lips, which took some extra coats, the lip colour is a little opaque. However this is great for adding gloss over pink/purple lipstick for a plump look or if you love a subtle glossy look on its own.

I do like this product as it is very affordable and I know this would be a staple in many high school makeup bags. Now I am keen to try some other products from their 'PS I Love...' line as their makeup brushes look pretty good.

Have you tried anything from the PS I Love... range?

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11 March 2014

Review: Mobile Madhouse Real Leather IPhone 5 Case

Iphone 5/5s Real Leather Wallet Case £10.99*
I am forever on the look out for a new case for my phone. For the longest while I have been sporting cartoony cases like Winnie the Pooh, Pandas and even some cute little monsters. However when it comes to doing a presentation or attending a meeting, I don't always want my phone case to be a hot topic that day. Although it can be rather fun, it is nice to have a business like case when you need one.
Mobile Mad House is a website that has a decent range of phone cases, some with prints, some without, bright colours, minimal colours... you can pick.

I was sent this leather flap case which I choose. Such a smart choice as it completely covers and protects your screen. Inside the case are two visible slots and another one on the inside. Very handy for bus passes, student discount cards and food reward cards :D I would not recommend putting your credit or debit cards in this pocket as sometimes the scan chip can  be affected being in close proximity to the phone's rays. This happened to a friend of mine which resulted in card machines not being able to read the card. How annoying would this be at the shopping counter?

This is an iphone 5 case but they also cater for LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and more.
Along with the purchase came a screen protector which is a little added bonus.
I would totally recommend this website as the price is very good and the postage was even better.
Remember... keep your phones protected!!


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09 March 2014

OOTD | Primark Checked Shorts Suit + info about MCRFW

Bomber Jacket: Primark
Shorts: Primark
Top:H and M
Bag: Internacionale
Shoes: Topshop
Sunglasses: Primark
Watch: Claire's Accessories
Today I have for you an outfit consisting of monochrome and checks galore! I thought I was over this print but I guess not. I think Primark did well with this Bomber jacket and shorts set which of course you can wear with different tops or bottoms instead of together like I did.
I always wear black tights so I thought for a change cream/white was a great pick don't you think? The pumps look super cool but I am not going to lie to you, very uncomfortable to walk in! You know when the back rubs? Blisters... no thank you. Apart from that I absolutely, 100 percent love this look even though I do not like wearing shorts apart from on the beach somewhere HOT. You might have seen me pull out one for a previous summer post here, but I don't generally wear them. However because I purchased a size up from my usual size, I love how loose fitting and comfy these are. I know you are wondering... sunglasses... indoors... Joanna why? My perfect explanation would be that as it was so sunny that day I had planned to wear them for my outdoor pictures but when I took them indoors last minute, I thought hey, lets keep 'em. :)

Also I thought I would let you know about the all exciting Manchester Fashion Week 2014. It is indeed happening this year and I am excited to be apart of it as an official blogger for it!
Manchester City will witness this four-day event from the 18th - 21st April at Halle St Peters, Ancoats. What better way to enjoy the Bank Holiday Easter Weekend than be apart of the various fashion shows and exciting shenanigans.
Shows will be put on by independent fashion designers, graduates and leading names in the fashion world including OMG Fshion, Annie Oaks, Rufflee, GinTonic Vintage, Laundry Boutique, Lily Lulu Fashion and so much more to be updated soon! So keep your eyes peeled.

You can buy your tickets today at www.ticketweb.co.uk for your seat at any of the shows on those days.

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06 March 2014

Oaks Boutique Leeds Showcase Event

Last week I attended a bloggers event held by Oaks Boutique in their Roundhay Store. This was a great opportunity to see their latest and wonderful collection they have in the shop. Located a short distance from Roundhay Park and even closer to a Starbucks :D, this gem of a shop is full of trendy clothing pieces, jewelry, shoes and bags.

They have a total of five branches dotted around Yorkshire: Roundhay, Horsforth, Chapel Allerton, Harrogate and Wetherby. So if you are in any of these areas do  pop in!

If you have a thing for fashion like I do, want to find unique, on trend or even spy replicas this shop is most definitely where you should be! Most pieces are one offs so there is less of a chance of you rocking up to a party with a twin in the same garment :) The prices are quite varied too ranging from very cheap to... I think I will invest sort of prices...

The items that caught my eye were textured prints, pastels and the BAGS!!! One bag in particular was a must so I purchased. You can see it  featured below in my top 3 things that I loved.
Boy Chanel look-a-like bag  |  Bright Pink Dress with embellishments |   White Leather Sleeved jacket

Overall the vibe of the event was so relaxed and inviting. Yummy cupcakes, drinks and Leeds Bloggers... it was great. Not to mention chatting to the lovely owners who gave us more of an insight into the brand and the items they sell.

I have already enticed some of my friends to check out Oaks Boutique themselves!

Will you be visiting soon?
Oaks Boutique

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04 March 2014

London Fashion Week | Day 3

For Day 3 of London Fashion Week, this is what I wore!
Top: Select
Skirt: Topshop
Socks: Primark
Boots: Barratts
Watch: Rocha. John Rocha*
Midi Rings: Primark
Bracelet: Tiffany and Co

It was a beautiful day with the sun beaming for most of it making pictures look great! Meeting other fashion bloggers, photographers and people with careers in fashion was undoubtedly so much fun. I loved the setting at Somerset House and the Freemason's Hall. I will definitely be back for next season with my personal photographer hehe.
The evening ended with a wonder around Covent Gardens, a munch at Five Guys burger place and Oxford Street. I love London! I'm going to move there one day :)

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