Review: Mobile Madhouse Real Leather IPhone 5 Case

Iphone 5/5s Real Leather Wallet Case £10.99*

I am forever on the look out for a new case for my phone. For the longest while I have been sporting cartoony cases like Winnie the Pooh, Pandas and even some cute little monsters. However when it comes to doing a presentation or attending a meeting, I don’t always want my phone case to be a hot topic that day. Although it can be rather fun, it is nice to have a business like case when you need one.
Mobile Mad House is a website that has a decent range of phone cases, some with prints, some without, bright colours, minimal colours… you can pick.

I was sent this leather flap case which I choose. Such a smart choice as it completely covers and protects your screen. Inside the case are two visible slots and another one on the inside. Very handy for bus passes, student discount cards and food reward cards 😀 I would not recommend putting your credit or debit cards in this pocket as sometimes the scan chip can  be affected being in close proximity to the phone’s rays. This happened to a friend of mine which resulted in card machines not being able to read the card. How annoying would this be at the shopping counter?

This is an iphone 5 case but they also cater for LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and more.
Along with the purchase came a screen protector which is a little added bonus.
I would totally recommend this website as the price is very good and the postage was even better.
Remember… keep your phones protected!!


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