Review: Primark PS I Love… Pink Lipgloss

PS I Love…Purple
After seeing Primark’s new SS14 makeup and beauty range in store, I thought hey… let’s try it out. How could I not with prices ranging from a steal of £1- £2.50!!
As we are entering Spring/ Summer I am back on the lipgloss wagon so I really wanted to try their pink/purple shade gloss out of a total of five shades. I can only describe it in terms of colour as there is no coding or name which is a little annoying if you want to differentiate between different colours.
Below I will tell you what I thought of the product itself as a whole.

Is it only me that keeps wanting to say ‘PS I love you’? The packaging is nice with a decent amount of product in it- 15ml for £1.50. You can’t go wrong with the price too! Application is easily squeezed through the brush applicator. I love the feel of it on the lips, just as gloss just be.
Not overly sticky but nothing to make me dislike it. There is no scent to it at all which is good for those who are particular about scents.
The only issue I have with this product, is that it is definitely not as pigmented as I expected it to be. I initially didn’t expect much of it but I don’t feel it is as pigmented on the lips as it appears in the squeezy tube. Although there is some tint when transferred to the lips, which took some extra coats, the lip colour is a little opaque. However this is great for adding gloss over pink/purple lipstick for a plump look or if you love a subtle glossy look on its own.

I do like this product as it is very affordable and I know this would be a staple in many high school makeup bags. Now I am keen to try some other products from their ‘PS I Love…’ line as their makeup brushes look pretty good.

Have you tried anything from the PS I Love… range?

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