28 November 2012

Event: Harvey Nichols Beauty Bloggers

On Tuesday me and some other Bloggers of the North were welcomed by Harvey Nichols Manchester for a evening of luxury. This entailed being pampered with facials, learning more about certain brands and being served with drinks and nibbles - the macaroons were so cute and delicious! Katie organised the whole event... so thanks Katie!

The evening was spent meeting other beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers which I must admit I had a few 'fan girl' moments >_< Chatting about our interests and finds at different counters.


Firstly we had a talk by Ruth over at the Bobbie Brown counter, which actually gave me more of an insight about the brand. It was fascinating to know that her big break through was after doing the American vogue cover featuring Naomi Campbell look.

Bobbie brown is well known for their gel eyeliners which I have always known, but yet have not got one. I'm quite indecisive about which colour to get, as I already own a black gel eyeliner... choices?! I received an 'everything mascara' which is a convenient travel size so will be a new addition to my 'on-the-go' make-up bag. I also got to try the hydrating face cream that smells so nice like you wouldn't believe which is great for applying before your make-up.

Finding out about the 'Creme de la Mere' brand was my favourite talk. It could be the fact that the display of fishes were extravagant or just that the products were enticingly good. When I came face-to-face with the moisturising soft cream, I felt I had used this product before. Whether my mum had it previously I still cannot remember. However trying out the soft cream was extremely smooth on the skin leaving a silky, nourished texture. The price of these... let me just breathe... okay... lets just say, they are not within a students budget, however, if you are willing to make a 'luxury beauty investment'... as I like to call it, why not :)
The samples we got from this were so tiny!!! Moisturing soft cream 3.5ml (worth £11) and the Oil absorbing lotion 3ml (worth £9). But considering the full size product prices, I'm so happy to give them a proper trial run.

Lastly Laura gave a talk about some Rodial products which I first came across in one of my previous Glossybox's. I've tried the Glamoxy Snake serum and liked it so I  loved finding out about  Glamoxy Snake Mask  which you can see on her hand... I know!!! I love the fact that it is a peel off mask that can remove impurities and enhance the radiance of the face with the help of the liquorice. It aims to minimise fine lines and imperfections... which don't sound too bad to me :D


Overall this event was such a pleasant experience and it was great meeting and talking to other bloggers like Charlotte, Sam, Katie, Demi-Leigh, NaffisahSindy, IanChelseaMeganBobbi and a few others. Thank you @HN_Manchester for having me :)

Thanks for reading :)

27 November 2012

Birthday Brushes: Real Techniques

Hey guys!
I got some Real Technique brushes for my Birthday woo hoo! Been a long time on my wish list and I finally got them. I think I can call myself a blogger now... don't you think???
      I hate the idea of being a sheep and following the crowd, BUT... these brushes are amazing and worth a try.  I have asked on twitter if these brushes are worth it, and the response was that they definitely are. As you can see from the picture, I couldn't wait to try the brushes out!

FYI: These brushes were created by the great Samantha Chapman who has amazing video's on youtube. 

So what I got was the Real Techniques Core Collection which includes:
Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Contour Brush and Panoramic Brush.
I also got the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and was happy with this because I don't have any makeup brushes like it and was keen to try it out. So far my favourites have been the stippling brush as it truly leaves you with gradual build of coverage and aims to give an airbrushed finish. The other one I loved was the Panoramic Brush. Heres a little more information of what each brush does:

  • detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
  • pointed foundation brush: Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
  • buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
  • contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish
  • stippling brush: dual fibre brush creating airbrushed, high-definition results

Next I want the Real Techniques 'blush brush' because it looks amazing and I will definitely get a lot of use from it.

So basically these brushes are supper soft and can easily stand up by themselves which is always great for storage and hygiene reasons.

What is your favourite Real Techniques brush?

25 November 2012

Selfridges: Lucky Bag

This post is about the Lucky Bag that I bought from Selfridges. When I heard I could buy this bag for £15 with contents worth £150, I thought I would check it out! literally. Firstly I didn't know how to justify it for my self, so I thought I would get it for my mum as a Christmas present.

The package came all nicely presented. It's my first time buying from Selfridges so I had nothing to really compare it to. When I looked inside, I had mixed emotions. I loved seeing what other people got, as we all got different combinations of things. Many on twitter were disappointed but some were quite pleased. These are what I got in the box:

-Nail art nail glitter
-Nail art crayon correcter
-snog me senseless mints
-OCC Lip Tar
-Beauty Candy
-Nails Whitening Soap
-Blink eyebrows gift card

I was quite happy to see an OCC product as this has been something I have been wanting to try, however, I think my mum will like it, so will give her it. She can have the mints also, but the rest... I don't think will be great for her because she is not a nails person, neither is my sister as they both bite their nails ha! So I may keep them or give them away it depends, but I see I can do a few tutorials in the future with them. Also the eyebrows was a good idea.

Overall the box was... ok...so so, but I would not return it for a slight disappointment. These can easily be given to friends or family as presents.

Thanks for reading :)

 Did you buy a Lucky bag? 

21 November 2012

Twilight - OOTD

Jacket: ASOS
Dress: Warehouse
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Primark
Hat: Select


On Sunday I was reunited with Edward and Jacob whilst seeing a showing of the Breaking Dawn Part 2. I actually can't decide between the two of them because I love them so much haha Team Jacward!!! ... okay don't be looking at this blog thinking i'm crazy. Anyhow, it was truly amazing and had so much drama in it and I love romantic story lines which this has. Harry Potter fans, don't read this bit, but Twilight is so much better!!! I would highly recommend you go and check this film or even read the series of books if you haven't already. 

This is the outfit that I wore to the cinema. Quite a dressy/casual theme. I love the patterns of the dress and the burgundy shoes. The shoes were only £8 from Primark so I bought a few pairs to keep me going through winter. PLUS they are made from such a nice suede material. My trusty zara bag goes with me on most outings as it holds everything. My hat is a recent addition as I got it for my birthday and think it's dead cute!

I have been so busy this week, exams are around the corner and I get stressed easily. Not a good combination but I don't know if it's just me, but I actually count down the days and sometimes hours till my last exam... haha I just can't wait until they finish. They're just before Christmas and then after I can relax!!! 

Oh oh oh, I have also been busy gathering together 'secret santa' prezzies for other bloggers too. It's my first time and so exciting. Luckily I got two people, one from the UK and one from Australia. The UK one doesn't know who I am... could it be you??? haha But the blogger from Australia and I decided to do a swap of items we can't easily access ourselves. I will keep you posted when I get my presents and leave a link to what I got them. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, whether that is at school/ college/ Uni/ work/ shopping you get the jist :D

Thanks for reading!


16 November 2012

Who said glasses were only for reading?

Hey guys!

This post, as you can guess from the title, is about a pair of glasses that has recently entered my collection. Yep... I do have a collection. Ever since the ripe old age of about 6 years old, I had to wear prescripted glasses which, when left in the hands of your mother to decide which one to choose... hmmm So I pick now :D

Being offered a chance to try out some glasses from Firmoo was just perfect for me. This was because they have such a variety of different styles to meet the standards/ needs of different people. Oh, did I mention they have a  'first pair free' programme? 

I wear prescription glasses all the time occasionally but when I don't, you'll see me in different frames which aren't prescription ones. Why does a pair of glasses have to be stigmatized to being boring and unfashionable and for only people with visual difficulty? They don't have to be!

The frame I selected was a personal preference of what I thought would suit my face haha and is different to any others I have. The type I got is #SD2267 in brown*.
The website gives you options to either put your prescription details in, or just have standard lenses. Basically, you can upgrade your wardrobe with this type of accessory which is becoming more of a necessity amongst celebrities and fashion bloggers. You can even purchase sunglasses and goggles frames on there at extremely good prices too.

My Opinion: I really loved the pair I selected as they are something I would kind of go for- my kind of style. The frame size is perfect! And I chose not to get just black, so went for the contrasting colours of brown and a light brown/cream colour. The little silver details at the side remind me of Ray Bans, which I love. The case that comes with it is pretty sturdy and that's what you definitely want. Overall the quality is great!

Right, so this  'first pair free' programme that I mentioned before has been launched to people worldwide. Great quality, affordable prices, fashionable designs and fast delivery! You even can get a refund/exchange if you are not satisfied with them. Why not have a look? [Click here]

I love my pair and I'm planning on getting a pair for my mum and Aunty because I had my eyes on some other neat designs. Oh... don't forget to measure the width of your pupils for sizing of the glasses because I nearly forgot :D

Thanks for reading!

10 November 2012

An A-Z of me :)


I saw this tag today on Em's blog and thought it was a great way of learning more about the blogger and an alternative to ‘the about me’ tag.

So, here goes!

Age: Nineteen

Birthday?: 15th November! Eeeek!!!

Car?: I have a Vauxhall corsa. She’s called Joleen LOL!

Dream life?: Live in a nice sized house just outside London with loved ones near by. And travelling to different countries regularly.

Education?: In my second year at University doing Medical Imaging.

Favourites? Pink, double fat hot chocolate, thick snow, new beauty products, opening presents, Mango and all things sweet.

Greatest achievement: Being who I am today has been contributions of so much great things that have happened in my life so far. From passing my driving test first time to gaining a place at Uni.

Height?: About 5 ft 7

Insight into your day:
Uni= Up at 7.30am, get ready, breakfast, drive to Uni, find parking (aha), Lecture, lunch, lecture, drive home, eat, blog, squeeze in some revision and off to bed.
Placement= Up at 5.50am, get ready and grab a snack, catch bus, then train, then bus, work till 5pm, catch bus, train, bus, eat mum’s cooking, blog, revise but then fall asleep at my laptop :o

Job title: Student

Kids?: None.

Live?: Leeds

Main passion in blogging?: Discovering new things through the blogging community on a daily basis and admiring such skilful photography.

Nicknames? Jojo- mostly by family.

One thing that you probably don't know about me: I love my music- I sing, play piano violin and steal my brothers guitar occasionally for a little strum :D

Pets?: I had a cat until a few months ago, so no. Not sure if I will get another any time soon.

Quotes you live by?: YOLO

Recipes you love?: Roti and curry chicken by my mum, but I make a wicked sheppards pie!

Some of your favourite posts?: Wishlists, because they make me spend imaginary money and sometimes if i’m not careful, real money.

Things that WILL piss you off?: I have a slight phobia of breathe. Don’t breathe in my face, sneeze in my face or cough in my face. I know it can’t be helped sometimes but most times there are other places than my face. I actually have to hold my breathe in for a while or leave the situation.

Ultimate blog envy?: I can’t say I’m envious, but if I think i’m like ‘oooh I like this blog/ post very much’ I will follow it.

Vegetable you hate: Aubergine- As Louis Walsh would say ‘I don’t get it!’

Why you started your blog?: After watching so many wonderful youtubers and then reading lots of blogs, I started buying more things. I then discovered that I could share my love of beauty and fashion with others who felt the same. I then started spending less and re-discovering my wardrobe so I have learnt so much new tips etc.

X-rays you've had?: I haven't broken anything and I hope I don’t anytime soon.  However I am x-raying other people on a daily basis on my placement.

You're stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things do you take?:
1: pillow
2: laptop- I’ve got deadlines to meet you know!
3: A camera.

Zoo animals: Tigers

So there you have it. That is me from A - Z! Please feel free to do this tag yourself, and link it in the comments below so I can see.

Thanks for reading!

07 November 2012

Guest Post: Kajal Eyeliner

Hello! This is something quite different to my blog, but I thought, why not?! Having a guest post can only enhance our knowledge about things and open our eyes to things we have never discovered before. So without no more further a do, I introduce to you a post my friend Hava put together:

Hi guys! This is a first for me but I was quite excited to take part in this guest post when offered the chance by Joanna. I decided to post about the Kajal eyeliner as eyeliners are the way forward these days.
This particular Hashmi Eyeliner is one from Karachi Pakistan. It has always been a cultural thing that has been around for quite a while now, like 200 years!!! You can get it in the form of an eyeliner pencil or a squeezy tube with a stick which is the one featured in this post.

Kajal pronounced (KAH-djel) is known for being good for the eyes and the best eyeliner to use. Whether this is a mothers tale, it is said to be good to put on the eye before going to bed as it cleans the eye. I believe it helps your eyelashes grow too. Maybe thats why my eyelashes are so long but you can be the judge of that! 

The consistancy is like that of a smooth jet black chalk. To make the application easier, it is best to pop over the radiator for a bit. The stick that comes in it makes it simple to glide on with precision . You notice that when you apply it to the botton line, it transfers to the top giving a full top and bottom line- whether you like this or not.

The ingredients are as follows: Zinc Oxide, Waxes, Amorphous Black, butter oil, cinamomum & camphora

It's up to you how you decide to apply your eyeliner and so in this example it was applied from the outer corners of the eye, half way around the eye line.

*WARNING: Eyelashes will not grow instantaneously* lol

When I wear this, I usually re-apply after 4-5 hours to maintain the clean dark line, which is quite good. I mostly like the fact that it is very cheap to buy at around £3. This is much easily available in the form of a stick or pencil and not so much in a tube but if you want to try these out here is a link I found. Asian stores or Continental shops are likely to stock them too. Alternatively similar Kajal eyeliners can be found in shops like Superdrugs and Boots.

Thank you so much Hava for doing this guest post. She doesn't have website but I have told her she would be awesome at blogging. I absolutely love eyeliners and have done since the good old high school days of discovering make-up. If it has been around more than 200 years, why have I only discovered it now in this form?

                                                           Don't you think the quality of the eyeliner is great?

Thanks for reading!


04 November 2012

Review: Topshop 'Rumour Has It' Lipstick

Rumour Has It is described as a Velvet finish lipstick to smooth, moisturise and nourish lips. Apply for fabulous colour and moisturised, matte finish, wear alone or with gloss for a shiny finish. It has been my favourite ever since I laid eyes on it in the store. This has been my first Topshop lipstick and so I had to repurchase it before the other ran out haha.  The first one I got was in a different packaging, not sure why maybe an introductory thing but now it is in the usual Topshop form. The creamy texture is perfect especially for these drying months. The subtle sheen left is beautiful.

If looking for a MAC dupe to Spice, here you have it. Very similar. 

I feel this is my go to lipstick for all year round and did I mention the smell. I love that there is a slight sweet smell which makes it even more luscious to put on your lips.

Do you resort to nude lips all year round or is there a particular season you stick to?

Thanks for reading!

01 November 2012

OOTD | Autumn Days when the grass is Jewelled

Coat: Topshop
Scarf: Republic
Leggings: Primark
Bag: River Island
Shoes: River Island

First of all 'A pinch and a punch it's the first of MY month and no returns!' wooo!
November is a month that gets me all excited as it holds my birthday. The excitement may change the older I get, but for now, I will happily enjoy. On the 15th of November is my 20th so I am looking forward to that, even though I probably won't feel any different. It also is a great reminder that Christmas is next, so a lovely time of year.

This post features one of my favourite coats ever. You may not think much of it but I love it to pieces. It will probably pop in every season but is well suited for the Autumn season because of its warm burgundy colour. I love how it goes out at the bottom after the sinched in waist. Quite dainty. I originally saw this for £100 but came down a few weeks later to £45! Yep, I was not letting that slip through my bankrupt fingers. This is what I have been wearing to trek to my placement with. Very warm, sophisticated looking and suitable for A/W 12.

I'm starting to plan out what gifts to get friends and family now for Christmas because I hear bells coming my way! haha I hate to rush around last minute plus I have exams just before Christmas so I don't need the added stress. If you have anything that you recommend- give me a bell as it would be much appreciated :)

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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