Guest Post: Kajal Eyeliner

Hello! This is something quite different to my blog, but I thought, why not?! Having a guest post can only enhance our knowledge about things and open our eyes to things we have never discovered before. So without no more further a do, I introduce to you a post my friend Hava put together:

Hi guys! This is a first for me but I was quite excited to take part in this guest post when offered the chance by Joanna. I decided to post about the Kajal eyeliner as eyeliners are the way forward these days.
This particular Hashmi Eyeliner is one from Karachi Pakistan. It has always been a cultural thing that has been around for quite a while now, like 200 years!!! You can get it in the form of an eyeliner pencil or a squeezy tube with a stick which is the one featured in this post.

Kajal pronounced (KAH-djel) is known for being good for the eyes and the best eyeliner to use. Whether this is a mothers tale, it is said to be good to put on the eye before going to bed as it cleans the eye. I believe it helps your eyelashes grow too. Maybe thats why my eyelashes are so long but you can be the judge of that! 

The consistancy is like that of a smooth jet black chalk. To make the application easier, it is best to pop over the radiator for a bit. The stick that comes in it makes it simple to glide on with precision . You notice that when you apply it to the botton line, it transfers to the top giving a full top and bottom line- whether you like this or not.

The ingredients are as follows: Zinc Oxide, Waxes, Amorphous Black, butter oil, cinamomum & camphora

It’s up to you how you decide to apply your eyeliner and so in this example it was applied from the outer corners of the eye, half way around the eye line.

*WARNING: Eyelashes will not grow instantaneously* lol

When I wear this, I usually re-apply after 4-5 hours to maintain the clean dark line, which is quite good. I mostly like the fact that it is very cheap to buy at around £3. This is much easily available in the form of a stick or pencil and not so much in a tube but if you want to try these out here is a link I found. Asian stores or Continental shops are likely to stock them too. Alternatively similar Kajal eyeliners can be found in shops like Superdrugs and Boots.

Thank you so much Hava for doing this guest post. She doesn’t have website but I have told her she would be awesome at blogging. I absolutely love eyeliners and have done since the good old high school days of discovering make-up. If it has been around more than 200 years, why have I only discovered it now in this form?

                                                           Don’t you think the quality of the eyeliner is great?

Thanks for reading!