Selfridges: Lucky Bag

This post is about the Lucky Bag that I bought from Selfridges. When I heard I could buy this bag for £15 with contents worth £150, I thought I would check it out! literally. Firstly I didn’t know how to justify it for my self, so I thought I would get it for my mum as a Christmas present.

The package came all nicely presented. It’s my first time buying from Selfridges so I had nothing to really compare it to. When I looked inside, I had mixed emotions. I loved seeing what other people got, as we all got different combinations of things. Many on twitter were disappointed but some were quite pleased. These are what I got in the box:

-Nail art nail glitter
-Nail art crayon correcter
-snog me senseless mints
-OCC Lip Tar
-Beauty Candy
-Nails Whitening Soap
-Blink eyebrows gift card

I was quite happy to see an OCC product as this has been something I have been wanting to try, however, I think my mum will like it, so will give her it. She can have the mints also, but the rest… I don’t think will be great for her because she is not a nails person, neither is my sister as they both bite their nails ha! So I may keep them or give them away it depends, but I see I can do a few tutorials in the future with them. Also the eyebrows was a good idea.

Overall the box was… ok…so so, but I would not return it for a slight disappointment. These can easily be given to friends or family as presents.

Thanks for reading 🙂

 Did you buy a Lucky bag?