26 February 2013

My FD.Avenue Guest Post

Hi Hi!
Today I had an opportunity to feature on the FD.Avenue website with a guest post. It includes some purchases I made and how I styled them. Midi dress just seem to be my thing lately and I can't get enough of them. If you haven't checked the website out yet, you really should as they have a great selection of trendy clothes. 
Here are my favourite dresses right now from the site:

1)    Maze Print Midi 
2)    Floral Print Midi 

If you have found something that you like, or even a selection of things, I have a code for my readers to get 20% off their purchase... amazing right!?

Let me know what your favourite item is from the FD.Avenue website!

Thanks for reading

21 February 2013

Review | China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection

Cirque du Soleil translated as 'Circus of the sun' is a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment put together by a Canadian entertainment company. These nail polishes in this review portray the jam packed amazing  shapes all contained in a single nail polish jar.

These nail polishes are from the 'Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away' collection from Beauty Bay. The other colours from the same collection are bright and out there and you just have to check out the names! They really do get you in a circus kind of mood.

Here I have two polishes from the collection 'Whirled Away' and 'Get Carried Away' which are both glitter nail polishes.

 'Whirled Away' £6.95*
This is a clear polish with monochrome bar and hex glitter shapes in it. Oh yes, I said monochrome which is so in right now! The hex glitter shapes are black and white and the tiny black bars are my favourite out of all the assortments. The polish is a great top coat over a base colour, of which I used a nude but there are many bright colours from the collection that would look popping!!!

This is a sheer black polish with glitter accents that are red, silver and black. I like this, but not too much because of the dark murky polish. It would look great on darker coloured bases like grey, but I tend to wear more nude or light colours. I feel this leaves a slightly sinister finish.

What I love is that the China Glaze polishes are made from china clay, therefore helping to strengthen the nails. I find the quality feels really good as it stays on for a great length of time before any signs of chipping. These are my first China Glaze polishes, and I am totally impressed by the quantity 14ml and appearance of the chunky bottle. The handle is easy to grip and... well I may be a little excited and stating the obvious here :o I can see many more China Glaze polishes coming my way haha. These were picked from Beautybay, so if you haven't checked it out already, you should, and they also sell some American brands which are hard to get hold of here in the UK.

What is your favourite shade, 'whirled away' or 'get carried away'?

Thanks for reading!!

17 February 2013

American Budget Beauty Swap Haul

I have such an exciting post, well for me anyway. I took part in Naomi's 'Budget Beauty Swap' which had a theme of valentines day, very suitable for the time of year. This swap really appealed to me as there was a possibility of swapping with someone from the US and I had wanted to try a few US brands for a while now. The main rule was to stick to a budget of £10.
I was paired with the lovely Natasha from Bellezakisses who, after a few email exchanges, sent me some absolutely amazing goodies! She obviously went over the budget by adding some bits from herself in addition to the beauty swap, but I am ever so grateful for everything. 
Here's what she got me wrapped up in two gorgeous pink and red tins:

 EOS Balms: Strawberry sorbet (pink), Summer Fruit (red)
Sugar Kisses: Sugar Lip treatment, Sugar Rose Tinted treatment
Maybeline Whisper: 30 Pin up Peach
Jordana Lipstick: Bahama Bronze
Jordana Lipstick: Lavender Lady (matt)
Milani Lipstick: Pink Love
Cherry Culture Lip Balm: Peach
Outlast Lip Stain: 420

 NYC: Bowling Green, Yankee Blues
Wet n Wild: I'm getting sunburned, Walking on egg shells
Jordana Eye pencils: Bronze Fest, Pecan and Purple

Nail, Mascara, Blush, Chocolates
Zoya polish: Carey
Wet n Wild mascara: Very Black
Milani Baked Blush: Berry Amore
Chocolates: Ghirardelli (dark and caramel) mmm 

I just want to say a great big thanks to Naomi for organising the swap and Natasha for the wonderful things you sent me. I really wanted to try the wet n wild eyeshadows, Milani Blush and EOS balms... got them now!  I love them sooo much! I hope you liked what I got you Natasha :)

FOTD | Face Paint Applied

A lady must never be seen without her face paint!? Not entirely true but I am going to show you what I wore on my face today and have been for these past few weeks. It is always useful to see what products are used on peoples face, and this is one of the type of posts I like to read about on other blogs. Here are the products I used:

This is what I'm wearing:

For the base I used my Sleek BB cream which, I know isn't pictured above, but that's what happens when your too eager to post :s As this leaves a dewy look I use the MAC pressed powder in Deep dark to reduce the shine particularly on forehead and nose area. I love the BB cream as it makes my skin flawless but the down side is that warn alone, it can make my face very shiny. I of course have been using the Benefit POREfessional under my makeup as I find it is a life saver when minimising pores. I buff all this with my RT stippling brush... works wonders!
On my cheeks, I am sporting my new Nars Blush in Exhibit A. It looks perfect on and not as scary as it may seem when just viewed in its luxurious case.

For my eyes I used the Revlon eyeshadow in Lavender Meadow* which has three different shades of purple and a metallic green colour. This is from Beauty Steals which is a great site to purchase discounted well known brands and shipping is FREEE! I love purple and find that is my 'so me' shade. I'm sure you must have a colour that suits you best, right? I used the bottom darker shade all over the lid and the second one down to brighten the inner corners of my eyes. I swear by my eyeliners, but temporarily lost my L'oreal one... boo! So I am using the 2True Black liquid liner. I must say I am impressed with the quality considering it is really cheap at £1.99! I got a few sample sized Benefit Bad Gal mascaras for Christmas, and so this is what I used. Although it is initially quite wet a while after application but you just have to be a little more patient when it drys, but I find the finish product looks great. For my brows, I just went over with an angled brush using my MUA Matt 19 eyeshadow. 

On my lips is a corally light orange lipstick from Topshop in the shade 'Charmed'. For a shop's own brand, Topshop has the best quality and smelling lipsticks ever!

I find purple suits me better, what colour best suits you?

Thanks for reading

14 February 2013

Challenge | What's in your pocket?

What is in your pocket right now? Tissues, spare gum, old receipts oh but look!? A twenty pound note!!

I'm sure you must have found yourself in this fortunate situation at least once in your life, finding something as little as 10p in your pocket to something much more!

Here's a little story of what my 6 year old sister found in her coat pocket one time:
My mum, brother, his friend and my two sisters all went to the cinema one fine day. We bought our tickets and popcorn, but my brother asked if he could get Ben & Jerry's ice cream too. LOVE B&J! Whilst my mum was rummaging around in her purse, my sister pulls out a fat roll of cash from her little pink pocket. £200!!! And said 'use this!'
Previously my mum had placed some money in my sisters room and couldn't remember exactly where she had placed it. My sister must have innocently placed the money in her coat pocket for a shopping spree haha

To celebrate life's little wins, Money Supermarket conducted an experiment that was all about feeling good. Secret cameras were positioned into a busy dry cleaners and the workers told customers they had left a £20 note in their laundry pocket to see how they all reacted. This was all caught on camera and really quite funny at how they reacted. You can watch it HERE
To carry on with this feel-good feeling, Money Supermarket set up a challenge for a few bloggers. We were given £20 and told we could spend this on ourselves to make us feel good or share the love with others. 

I had the choice of either treating myself with the million and one things on my wishlist, or treating someone else that would really appreciate it. I came up with the idea that because valentines is this week... TODAY I would pay an elderly neighbour a visit. Not only would I pay them a visit, but carry some goodies for them. There is one particular lady who I always see going past my house with no sign of a male partner in her life. So... I wanted to show her that someone else has love for her. We had a lovely long chat whilst sipping on some tea, munching on chocolates and Dominoes pizza. Mmmm I also took some flowers for her including a chocolate rose!!

She told me she wasn't very photogenic, but that's what they all say! She told me how she had lost her husband a few years ago and ever since, valentine's day has not been the same. She was over the moon at having me over and she told me that I had grown up so much. A very observant lady I may add.

High blood sugar or no high blood sugar... Nah I should not joke, but its great to treat yourself even if it is just one... or two... Nothing beats a good box of Ferrero Rocher :)

Dominos pizza is awesome! And was a great quick treat that I ordered to be delivered to her house.

Herbal tea and a chocolate rose at the bottom!
This challenge definitely succeeded in making someone else feel loved and appreciated for Valentines and I am so thankful I took part in this. It made me feel so happy seeing someone smile so much too. This was an unforgettable dinner date with my neighbour and new found good friend.


Thanks for reading!

11 February 2013

Outfit | With Marc B and ASOS

Etail have a fantastic styling competition running right now, which I just knew my creative streak had to take part in! So the outfit below has all evolved around this gorgeous black bag. I love having at least one pop of colour item for this season, so I chose the theme 'Lime green' for this outfit styled post.

Allow me to introduce you to... 

"Hey! I am your perfect go-to accessory for this season. If you love the quilted bag look and gold detailing, you will love me. I am ever so spacious with the dimensions of H 32cm x W 38cm  so perfect for shopping!"

'I am irresistibly silky with my chiffon fabric and look gorgeous tucked into a high waisted skirt. I display a range of colours, green, yellow, blue and white in my abstract  print. Makes it very versatile with any accessory really.'

'Being lime green, I steal most of the attention. Fitting high waisted but flowing just below the knee, is perfect for a lunch date or evening dine.'

'I am a chunky leather and suede shoe loved for being so sturdy to walk in. I allow a sexy little peep toe action but nothing overly explicit ;) '

'I finish off the whole outfit perfectly and compliment Naomi's detailing with my bracelet watch strap. Like my bling?'

What is your favourite item?

Thanks for reading!

Tag: I'm it!

Hi, Hi, Hi!
No, this is not the 'A Million and one things about me tag', so sorry for the miss leading picture of myself. However, I have recently been TAGGED by the ever so funny Dannie so here it is! Here are the rules I am sticking to:
  1. Answer the 11 questions set.
  2. Set 11 questions for the people you tag.
  3. Mention the blog who tagged you.
Here are my answers to the questions set by Dannie!

1. What was the last embarrassing thing to happen to you?
A recent embarrassing moment was when I was just cruising down the road with Joleen (my car) and I realised my back screen wipers were broken, since the heavy snow. So it was just flopped over my car boot. That's what they were staring at... LOL! So before I enter my estate full Audi's, BMW's, Bentley's etc who by the way don't even need a back screen wiper because of their heated windows, I take the effort to come out of my car, adjust it so it looks normal, and cruise on down into my drive haha

2. What does the last text message on your phone say?
'Go away'. 
My sister is very demanding when it comes to having popcorn on a Saturday night, okaaii :)

3. What is your favourite guilty pleasure song, that you would HATE anybody to know about?
Not particular one song as I really cannot choose but every song they ever sang...Spice Girls! In their  days, they were... *memories of me in my spice girls t-shirt and lime green shorts, pencil case, mug...*  AMAZING! Their song never fails to get me bopping along. >_<

4. What are you doing… riiiight… NOW?
Typing this wondering why there are four 'i's in 'right'... someone was clearly hyper :p

5. Which famous person do you a b s o l u t e l y despise? (there’s always one!)
Despise means: 'deep repugnance', 'loathe' I don't despise anyone really, hand on heart! 

6. What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
Be confident in your own skin, and don't care what you think others may say!!

7. What song do you know ALL the words to?
Lots and lots of songs, from all different genres in fact. BUT I do enjoy singing and acting out expressions for theatre songs eg Les Miserable 'On my ownnn, pretending he's beside meeee...'

8.  What is or has been your biggest beauty sin?
Not proud of it at all, but sleeping with my make up on!... There... I have admitted it. I have however kidded that bad habit now :)

9. Have you ever met anybody ‘famous’ or ‘well known’?
Katie Price came to do a worlds fastest book signing in Leeds for a place in the Guinness worlds record and I met her there. She failed! Party in the park was great seeing famous people up close if that counts and Christmas lights switch on. I also filmed on shows like 'my spy family' and 'Waterloo Road' . On WR I met a few including Bob the Builder- Neil Morrissy, Denise Walsh and Bolton Smiley :D

10. Do you have a motto you live by?
More like verses so one of them would be: 
'I can do all things through him who gives me strength' (Phillipians 4:13)

And then, of course 'YOLO!'

11. Who do you think the mother is in How I Met Your Mother?
I wish I could answer this but... I don't watch it :s

Time for my questions to be answered :)
1. If you just found a £20 note in your pocket, what would you spend it on?
2. If you could find yourself anywhere in the world, now, where would it be?
3. Sweets or Chocolate?
4. What foundation are you loving right now?
5. What is on your wants list right now?
6. Eyes or eyebrows?
7. Have you ever met another blogger? 
8.  A recent beauty tip you have just discovered?
9. What was your fashion faux pas?
10. Would you like your own business one day? And what would it be?
11. Which post on your blog had the most interest? 

The people I am nominating to do this tag is:

Thanks for reading!
x x x

10 February 2013

Review- Inika Eyeshadow

Inika is known for their natural products.
I am all for that prospect and so in the past have tried one of their eyeliners in a dark blue colour. This time I am reviewing a mineralised eyeshadow in the shade 'autumn plum'. Such a perfect rich colour for evenings out and celebrations.

I think this is a lovely colour that works well and fits with the cranberry trend right now. Although the colour 'cranberry' scared me at the thought of vampire eyes, especially reddish eyeliner however, this royal burgundy shade is far from scary. It is highly, highly pigmented on the skin which you can pretty much gather from the swatch above. I almost forgot, but not for long that it can get quite messy if your not careful with the loose minerals! So remember to tap off the excess over the tub to prevent those white carpets turning a burgundy colour ha. For a more prominent look, this eye-shadow can be used wet as well as dry. Don't be afraid if you have sensitive eyes because this is perfect especially being made from organic ingredients. This being said, I wouldn't recommend you experiment the eye-shadow in your eyeballs :s

This was in the goody bag from the #bbloggersxmas event attended but you can purchase it from here for £14.50* per 1.2g (full size). There are so many colours to pick from too!!

Have you tried any Inika products before?

08 February 2013

Event | Harvey Nichols Beauty Crush

On Tuesday, Harvey Nichols Leeds held a #BeautyCrush event inclusive to an evening of being pampered with mini makeovers, tutorials, treats, tips, sepcial offers, everything.

The whole beauty floor was to be used to our leisure and was a great evening as a whole! Here are some pictures I took at the event.

Nars Blushers

Skincare Talk

Creme de la mere

Hand massage at Aveda
There were special offers at different stands, like at Nars you could buy two items getting a third free, YSL were giving free mascara with any two products purchased, Elemis offered a valentines trio set with every two products purchased and Espa offered a free face oil with the purchase of at least three items... there was so much temptation let me tell you! 


The event was £10 for a ticket, but this was redeemable against any purchase, of course this made spending mentally a lot better. I had wanted to get a Nars blush for a while now, so bought the Exhibit A. A beautiful colour which a whole post about it will be up soon. I also had my eyes on a particular Mac lipstick shade, but they had no more in! Booo! Did you buy the last one? I won't say which one yet, but I will be sure to get my paws on them very soon :D

My first NARS- Exhibit A
This is the goody bag we were given at the end of the event:

Creme de la mere, Dermalogica, Aveda, Lancome, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Elemis, YSL

I entered the Elemis and Indulgent Escapes competitions not thinking much about them because what were the chances of me winning... I got a call the next day saying I won the Elemis prize draw. Woo Hoo!So happy, I went to claim my prize and this is what I got. A lovely bag full of a body pamper set.

I had a lovely evening being pampered, bumping into other bloggers and making a mental list of 'what to buy next'!  If you ever have this opportunity in a local Harvey Nichols, I would recommend it as it is a relaxing evening. Especially as a treat for the lady, guys *wink,wink* :D

The winner of my 3 lipsticks giveaway was... Kelly! So congratulations and I will post the items out to you soon!!

06 February 2013

Event | NW Bloggers Meet

Last weekend, I was lucky to attend the North West Bloggers meet as it is ever so good meeting bloggers that you have been following for ages and of course meeting new ones. On Sunday, I revved up Joleen, yes that is the name of my car, and headed to Leek, Staffordshire.
Maxine who blogs at agirliknow organised the event in a lovely cafe called Spout. The decorations and setting of the place was unique and wonderful. There were scones, cakes, sandwiches and tea to indulge in... mmm

The lovely staff at 'The Pamper/ Passion Pit' put on demonstrations which included different hair styles, like the top knot, a bridal twisted braid...

and we even got shown how to use a different technique when curling  the hair to result in lovely collective curls...

There was a makeup tutorial of how to achieve a smokey eye look with Inika eye shadows. I love Inika, so it was amazing to see that they stick to that brand for primers, foundation and lip products too. Inika is all natural/ organic so very animal friendly as they don't test on animals either. We got the chance to give ourselves a makeover using the Pink's Boutique range. Some were fearful at the thought of removing make-up, including myself, but observing the effects these had on the skin, I was utterly captivated by the lemongrass ingredients because I learnt it is great for combinational skin types which I have. I also loved the Bamboo & Oatmeal facial, but as I said, I did not physically try these out on my face but would love to buy these to try they out.

Below is a picture of me, Kelly, Rachael and Terri

It was so lovely to meet other bloggers of the north like VicSaraSarahRachaelRosieCharlTerriSarahKellyKieronAmeliaChar and Beth.

We got given a goody bag that was amazing! Thanks to the sponsors  BarrattsEdwina SimoneLydia Leith MiscosChocolates, Teapigs and Coulson Macleod for the pretty treats :)

I had a lovely time!

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