Challenge | What’s in your pocket?

What is in your pocket right now? Tissues, spare gum, old receipts oh but look!? A twenty pound note!!

I’m sure you must have found yourself in this fortunate situation at least once in your life, finding something as little as 10p in your pocket to something much more!

Here’s a little story of what my 6 year old sister found in her coat pocket one time:
My mum, brother, his friend and my two sisters all went to the cinema one fine day. We bought our tickets and popcorn, but my brother asked if he could get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream too. LOVE B&J! Whilst my mum was rummaging around in her purse, my sister pulls out a fat roll of cash from her little pink pocket. £200!!! And said ‘use this!’
Previously my mum had placed some money in my sisters room and couldn’t remember exactly where she had placed it. My sister must have innocently placed the money in her coat pocket for a shopping spree haha

To celebrate life’s little wins, Money Supermarket conducted an experiment that was all about feeling good. Secret cameras were positioned into a busy dry cleaners and the workers told customers they had left a £20 note in their laundry pocket to see how they all reacted. This was all caught on camera and really quite funny at how they reacted. You can watch it HERE
To carry on with this feel-good feeling, Money Supermarket set up a challenge for a few bloggers. We were given £20 and told we could spend this on ourselves to make us feel good or share the love with others. 

I had the choice of either treating myself with the million and one things on my wishlist, or treating someone else that would really appreciate it. I came up with the idea that because valentines is this week… TODAY I would pay an elderly neighbour a visit. Not only would I pay them a visit, but carry some goodies for them. There is one particular lady who I always see going past my house with no sign of a male partner in her life. So… I wanted to show her that someone else has love for her. We had a lovely long chat whilst sipping on some tea, munching on chocolates and Dominoes pizza. Mmmm I also took some flowers for her including a chocolate rose!!
She told me she wasn’t very photogenic, but that’s what they all say! She told me how she had lost her husband a few years ago and ever since, valentine’s day has not been the same. She was over the moon at having me over and she told me that I had grown up so much. A very observant lady I may add.
High blood sugar or no high blood sugar… Nah I should not joke, but its great to treat yourself even if it is just one… or two… Nothing beats a good box of Ferrero Rocher 🙂

Dominos pizza is awesome! And was a great quick treat that I ordered to be delivered to her house.
Herbal tea and a chocolate rose at the bottom!
This challenge definitely succeeded in making someone else feel loved and appreciated for Valentines and I am so thankful I took part in this. It made me feel so happy seeing someone smile so much too. This was an unforgettable dinner date with my neighbour and new found good friend.
Thanks for reading!