Review- Inika Eyeshadow

Inika is known for their natural products.
I am all for that prospect and so in the past have tried one of their eyeliners in a dark blue colour. This time I am reviewing a mineralised eyeshadow in the shade ‘autumn plum’. Such a perfect rich colour for evenings out and celebrations.

I think this is a lovely colour that works well and fits with the cranberry trend right now. Although the colour ‘cranberry’ scared me at the thought of vampire eyes, especially reddish eyeliner however, this royal burgundy shade is far from scary. It is highly, highly pigmented on the skin which you can pretty much gather from the swatch above. I almost forgot, but not for long that it can get quite messy if your not careful with the loose minerals! So remember to tap off the excess over the tub to prevent those white carpets turning a burgundy colour ha. For a more prominent look, this eye-shadow can be used wet as well as dry. Don’t be afraid if you have sensitive eyes because this is perfect especially being made from organic ingredients. This being said, I wouldn’t recommend you experiment the eye-shadow in your eyeballs :s
This was in the goody bag from the #bbloggersxmas event attended but you can purchase it from here for £14.50* per 1.2g (full size). There are so many colours to pick from too!!
Have you tried any Inika products before?