FOTD | Face Paint Applied

A lady must never be seen without her face paint!? Not entirely true but I am going to show you what I wore on my face today and have been for these past few weeks. It is always useful to see what products are used on peoples face, and this is one of the type of posts I like to read about on other blogs. Here are the products I used:

This is what I’m wearing:

For the base I used my Sleek BB cream which, I know isn’t pictured above, but that’s what happens when your too eager to post :s As this leaves a dewy look I use the MAC pressed powder in Deep dark to reduce the shine particularly on forehead and nose area. I love the BB cream as it makes my skin flawless but the down side is that warn alone, it can make my face very shiny. I of course have been using the Benefit POREfessional under my makeup as I find it is a life saver when minimising pores. I buff all this with my RT stippling brush… works wonders!
On my cheeks, I am sporting my new Nars Blush in Exhibit A. It looks perfect on and not as scary as it may seem when just viewed in its luxurious case.
For my eyes I used the Revlon eyeshadow in Lavender Meadow* which has three different shades of purple and a metallic green colour. This is from Beauty Steals which is a great site to purchase discounted well known brands and shipping is FREEE! I love purple and find that is my ‘so me’ shade. I’m sure you must have a colour that suits you best, right? I used the bottom darker shade all over the lid and the second one down to brighten the inner corners of my eyes. I swear by my eyeliners, but temporarily lost my L’oreal one… boo! So I am using the 2True Black liquid liner. I must say I am impressed with the quality considering it is really cheap at £1.99! I got a few sample sized Benefit Bad Gal mascaras for Christmas, and so this is what I used. Although it is initially quite wet a while after application but you just have to be a little more patient when it drys, but I find the finish product looks great. For my brows, I just went over with an angled brush using my MUA Matt 19 eyeshadow. 
On my lips is a corally light orange lipstick from Topshop in the shade ‘Charmed’. For a shop’s own brand, Topshop has the best quality and smelling lipsticks ever!
I find purple suits me better, what colour best suits you?
Thanks for reading