29 May 2013

Review: NEW Avon Colour Trend Fruit Balms

Juicy Raspberry / Lush Lemon / Orange Kiss

I have found that the Avon Colour Trend collection have really improved their appearance and quality of items over time. So I am excited to show you these new additions.

These new Fruity Lip Balms come in three juicy colours; 
Orange Kiss
Lush Lemon
Juicy Raspberry

Balms should be a staple in your summer handbag and even more enjoyable with their delicious flavors. Although they smell really edible, there are instructions warning that they are not edible.
I find that these balms are moisturising, not for the longest time, but for a short while which means I have to continuously top up throughout the day. They make your lips smell tutti-frutti!

Introductory price (each): 99p in BROCHURE 11
Normal price (each): £2.50

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27 May 2013

Event | Swimwear365

On Thursday I was invited to attend the Swimwear365 Bloggers Beach Party in Manchester which was superb! 

The venue was at the Revolucion De Cuba in Manchester which was inspired by the party island Cuba. With the Caribbean vibe, swimsuits galore, a lei around my neck and seeing 'Trinidad and Tobago' on the menu, I was truly in paradise. (My mum's from Trini! woop)

Pieces from Swimwear 365 were showcased as well as a nail bar, competitions, and location picking for where you would like to go/and blog about Swimwear365 pieces. I chose Greece... I really really want to go to Santorini!!! My favourite swimwear had to be the Lascana red and white polka dot swimsuit as  the rippled details down the centre of it was gorgeous. 

It was a lovely night with a great variety of pieces to look through. Cocktails were amazing and it was great to see some other bloggers there.

If you want to check out the website with the full range of swimwear, click below:

You know where my dream holiday destination is, where is yours?

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19 May 2013

Primark Haul | Recent Purchases!

This week I went and did a little bit of shopping to di-stress from all the exams I had earlier on.
As I thoroughly enjoy watching and reading through Primark hauls in particular, I thought I would do my own video and share some of the things I purchased. This is the first time you will hear my voice on my channel, or shall I say second time ;) 
The pieces I bought are to update my spring/summer wardrobe adding hints of bright colours and trying out different styles to re-create in outfit posts.

I hope you like it and don't forget to comment/rate/subscribe :)

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16 May 2013

Event | South Beach Bloggers Partyyy!

Yesterday I was invited to the South Beach S/S13 launch event which was awesome. Beachwear is what we need to motivate us right now gaahh! 
Out on the rails were bikinis,  swimsuits and  throw overs. The neon colours stood out immediately and the prints were gorgeous. 
The item that appealed to me the most was the Ellie Crochet Beach Tunic as I love how light it is to just throw over  a bright swimsuit and with that semi-covered look on a hot beach... yes! 

As much as the bikinis looked so good, I just can't imagine myself in one, great motivation for a beach body though. However I did like the cut out details and style of the Lauren Beaded Centre Fringe Swimsuit.

The venue was at Frurt Frozen Manchester where they have the most delicious frozen yogurt, smoothies, cocktails and the selection of topping was huge! I had the mango flavour with mangos and marshmallows. mmm

The beach chair and palm tree has got me all excited for my holidays.

It was lovely to see some other bloggers and meet some new ones and just chat away to our hearts content.
me and Anna
Me and Sarah
Sindy and me

At the end we got given goody bags which contained coconut water, lipstick, some other things but most importantly... a snapback hat !!! I wanted this so bad and got it! 

So here is how I styled it :D

If you are setting off somewhere nice this summer why not check out:
Code: TOPBLOG15 to get 15% off (ends June 30th 2013)
and let me know where your jetting off to :)

Thanks South Beach for hosting a fab event and for the great goodies!

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OOTD | South Beach Snap Back

Snap Back Hat: South Beach*
Top: Primark
Jeans: Miss Selfridges
Trainers: New Look*
Watch: Avon
Dre Beats: Brothers

This outfit post features the Alexis South Beach Scene snap back hat. I've always wanted a snap back especially as my brother wouldn't lend me his haha! This post just shows you how I styled it on this occasion. Very fun, laid back and quite a young vibe portrayed in this outfit which has a theme of pink to match the detailing of the hat. 

These jeans are very soft and light with a baggy harem esk fit which I just love for this look. As I'm not currently near a hot sandy beach, I just thought I would keep everything loose. This cropped top was a bargain in Primark for £2 and looks great in this outfit.

These trainers bring back so many memories and because of this, I have never worn them out but just left them as sourvenir. I use to film on TV shows and this was worn when I filmed on Waterloo Road in their school production with Mika and Bret, I believe Series 3. I had to sing and dance with a bright top, mini skirt and a dreadlocks hair peace, haha fun times!

The watch is such a lovely bright colour and very light but just annoyed it fits too loose on the wrist. I could adjust it but I don't want to break it.

FYI... I cannot skate on the penny board even if my life depended on it. I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground thank you very much! haha

If you are setting off somewhere nice this summer why not check out:
Code: TOPBLOG15 to get 15% off (ends June 30th 2013)

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OOTD | Orange Yellow and Blue

Dress: Matalan
Bag: Primark
Glasses: ASOS (mens)
Shoes: Barratts

Today I have a bright number for you. This dress is very appropriate for the weather I took pictures in. I have had this dress for a while and never worn it before, I don't know why. I love the contrast of the bright orange, yellow and blue fabric on the dress.
The faux litas work well with this dress and elongate my legs ooh err! Like I said previously, I find these surprisingly comfy so they are perfect for an evening out.
This bag adds class to the look with the gold chained straps. If you have the cash, a Chanel bag would do just the trick but the gold hard wear works well with the orange tone of the dress and makeup. I wore an orange bush (Stila Convertable Colour: Gladiola) and orange lippy (Topshop: Infared) so that was the theme of this outfit really.
I also included a video clip of the outfit which you can find above.

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10 May 2013

Review: Stila Convertible Colour- Gladiola

This compact convertible colour can be used for both lip colour and cream blush. Very versatile, this creamy textured product is very light and can be translucent. I find orange toned blushes make me look more radiant and glowy which suits the season we are currently in. I most honestly just stick to this as a cheek product but this can bring a fresh look to the lips also. The 0.15 oz. /4.25g product is very light on the skin, but is build-able. I think the price is very steep for something that I think has the potential to run out quickly but I did fall in love with the colour. The name of it is however very peculiar- 'Glad-i-ola' lol. 

Here is a swatch of the shade. Sheer but very pretty for summery days. You can either use it with a stippling brush, or how I do it is by using my fingers to pat it onto the cheeks. I find orange toned blushes make my cheeks look very natural and bright looking and is a difference to your usual pinks. I also don't own many cream blushes, so this is sort of an experiment to see if the texture suits me.

The only down side to the blush, is that the lasting power throughout the day is not too good, so you would need to top it up, or if your too busy or forgetful, it will eventually fade. Apart from that, I do love the colour and the packaging is pretty neat as well. There are quite a few shades to pick from and I bought this from my local Boots, so easy to get your hands on. I do believe they can make the odd appearance in places such as TKmax which is awesome!

Have you tried the Convertible Colour?

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06 May 2013

OOTD | Bird Print Shirt and Maxi

Blouse: Matalan
Vest: River Island
Maxi Skirt: Select
Flatform: HandM
Bag: Zara
Watch: River Island

This week I have an outfit post which I also filmed, yay! You'll find the clip at the beginning of the post :)

The shirt/blouse is bird print which I guess is some form of luck?! The colours of the bird details are pink, dark blue, light blue and green. The blouse is very sheer and light so I wore a vest underneath. I have never worn this blouse out before, but I thought it would look very nice semi-tucked in with a maxi skirt.

The maxi skirt was a great find in Select for £10! I love the fact that it is extra long so I have more to work with as I don't like the short maxi-skirts. I would describe the colour as a mushroom shade and I love the overall fit of the skirt.

My flatforms are just the comfiest shoes which can pass as a casual or formal style with any outfit so I love them! I did loose them in my closet for a while, so I am very glad we are reunited for the summer months.

Accessories wise, you should know by now I keep this to a minimum. I need to get my hands on some collar tips, because I know they would look well with the blouse, but featured I have my River Island watch which just blings up the look.

My Zara Office City bag is one of my newest bag additions which I have in two colours. Featured I have the black one which I hunted down online, and the tan one I got first in a local Zara shop as it was less talked about at the time. Whilst I have cleared some of my old bags by giving them to charity and passing them down, I feel I am gradually updating my wardrobe over time. Zara bags hardly ever disappoint me.

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