Review: Stila Convertible Colour- Gladiola

This compact convertible colour can be used for both lip colour and cream blush. Very versatile, this creamy textured product is very light and can be translucent. I find orange toned blushes make me look more radiant and glowy which suits the season we are currently in. I most honestly just stick to this as a cheek product but this can bring a fresh look to the lips also. The 0.15 oz. /4.25g product is very light on the skin, but is build-able. I think the price is very steep for something that I think has the potential to run out quickly but I did fall in love with the colour. The name of it is however very peculiar- ‘Glad-i-ola’ lol. 
Here is a swatch of the shade. Sheer but very pretty for summery days. You can either use it with a stippling brush, or how I do it is by using my fingers to pat it onto the cheeks. I find orange toned blushes make my cheeks look very natural and bright looking and is a difference to your usual pinks. I also don’t own many cream blushes, so this is sort of an experiment to see if the texture suits me.

The only down side to the blush, is that the lasting power throughout the day is not too good, so you would need to top it up, or if your too busy or forgetful, it will eventually fade. Apart from that, I do love the colour and the packaging is pretty neat as well. There are quite a few shades to pick from and I bought this from my local Boots, so easy to get your hands on. I do believe they can make the odd appearance in places such as TKmax which is awesome!

Have you tried the Convertible Colour?

Thanks for reading!