Review: Arbonne Eyeshadow- Java

Arbonne is a premium, botanicaly based brand which strives upon producing quality standard beauty products which are vegan friendly and skin friendly. They have been around since 1980 and started in Switerland!
I love this rich dark mineral eyeshadow because it can be used for a subtle smokey eye for an everyday look. An alternative way to wear this, is as eyebrow cake if you don’t particularly wear browns on your eyelids. I found the eye-shadow surprisingly pigmented on the first swatch. The staying power is very good as it lasts quite well.
Overall, I am very happy with this product that I received from the Northern meet up. This just goes to show that it is great to experiment and discover different brands outside your usual types you tend to use.
The District Manager who did a talk about the wide range of products the brand sells, is called Keil who can be found here.
Have you ever tried Arbonne products?
Thanks for reading!