Review: NEW Avon Colour Trend Fruit Balms

Juicy Raspberry / Lush Lemon / Orange Kiss

I have found that the Avon Colour Trend collection have really improved their appearance and quality of items over time. So I am excited to show you these new additions.
These new Fruity Lip Balms come in three juicy colours; 
Orange Kiss
Lush Lemon
Juicy Raspberry
Balms should be a staple in your summer handbag and even more enjoyable with their delicious flavors. Although they smell really edible, there are instructions warning that they are not edible.
I find that these balms are moisturising, not for the longest time, but for a short while which means I have to continuously top up throughout the day. They make your lips smell tutti-frutti!
Introductory price (each): 99p in BROCHURE 11
Normal price (each): £2.50
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  1. These look so cute, perfect fragrances for summer too! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. These look so cool would love to try them out!


  3. Love the look of these! The juicy raspberry one sounds lush.

    Katie xx

  4. Mmm, I love lip balms that smell good enough to eat! These really look great. Thanks for the review! xo



  5. I just bought these three too and I'm loving them, can't agree more about the colortrend range. They've been introducing such lovely products recently and changing the packaging for the better. These smell so nice, I find that the colour comes off on your lips abit which is okay with the orange and pink one but a little funny looking when you use the lemon one.
    Nice review! x

    Jasmine | http://www.ohso-flawless.com

  6. I really fancy trying these. The Avon packaging looks much better these days.

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