24 September 2014

OOTD | Warehouse Autumnal Leather Skirt

Top: HandM
Kimono: Matalan
Skirt: Warehouse*
Shoes: Miss Selfridges
Bag: Zara

Yesterday was the first day of Fall, Autumn, whatever you want to call it! This has to be my favourite season by far as it is all about layering, plum colours, burnt browns and scarfs... well that's what I personally look forward to.

Recently I got sent this lovely leather a line skirt from Warehouse which can be found on their website here. I knew I wanted the tan colour as this is a perfect staple for A/W14. Keeping up with the warm tones, I am wearing my tan coloured wedges and gorgeous kimono full of tassels. As lovely as the tassels are, they attach themselves to every and anything so watch out!! Also this is one of my latest handbags which is quite deceiving. Not just your average Zara black bag as it is reversible to a whole other colour so practically two-in-one! How good is that!!

Are you ready for Autumn!?

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16 September 2014

Review: CAREX Bubble Gum handwash and Strawberry Lace Hand Gel

As you may or may not know, I have recently moved to my own place. Nothing is better than... sweet scented hand products! You dont actually know how much in love with this product you can be until you try this... seriously.

I have been using these for a good few weeks to give you a very accurate review. So read on if you want to see why I love these two hand cleansing products so much!

The Strawberry Laces* refreshing hand gel is definitely better than the standard hand gels I have used in the past. Usually the detol one. Don't get me wrong, it does the job fine but this one is not only pink, my favourite colour but it smells sooo sweet. I would not advise you to go sniffing like crazy but it is a pleasure to apply and not an unwanted task.
As a health professional this is a perfect size to carry to work for the odd occasions between washing your hands. I would stress that actually washing your hands with soap and water is better when it comes to reducing the bacterior on your hands. I love love love and cannot recommend enough especially at how cheap it is and available in loca shops.

This Bubble Gum* flavoured hand wash remains in my bathroom and makes me extremely happy when I use it. That sweet smell that you get when you rub your hands together... mmmmm I love love love it! It also leaves your hands nice and moisturised which is always good too. It really is fun to use as the 'fun edition suggests. I don't ever want this to finish but as they say... all good things must come to an end. Or does it? It can be found for less than a pound which is the most incredible news ever, so no excuse not to repurchase batches right?

You can find both these products in many supermarkets but the best price was 90p at Tesco for the handwash and 99p in Superdrug for the hand gel.

Do these look like the sweet scented hand cleansers you have always searched for?

Thanks for reading

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14 September 2014

OOTD | 50 Shades of Black

Jumper: Zara
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Zara

 I have been so fortunate to be basking in such lovely weather for the past two weeks and I heard it may well be staying for a good while. I am all for that!

Recently I have been subconsciously buying a lot of black items and feeling in a 'black everything' mood.  Monochrome has been my all time favourite but this is on a whole new level.
It is said that wearing black can act as a sense of security and since I have been a little homesick, I wonder if that is why I have been overly drawn to it...

Either way, this colour can be styled up a whole lot and even better when there are different textures to it.

In this outfit post I am wearing a light knit jumper with leather sleeved details. The material is super soft, simple and great for this season onwards. My trusty Joni jeans, large clutch, some heels for good measure and I'm good to go!

There is a Boat Show in Southampton this week which looks awesome! I should really get down and pretend I am cruising on a £16 million boat as they do look amazing. Living the South Coast life and all!

Are you keeping up to date with LFW this year?

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London Fashion Week 2014

London Fashion Week is a week where fashionistas come together to preview upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 looks but also inspire us all with their street styles. Somerset House is the place to be for inspiration this time of year which I am amazed by every year. You can see what I captured last year here.

I was asked some questions by Intellicig concerning LFW and the trends I am liking for the future so below I will answer the questions below.

What has your favourite trend been from this Season?
I have been loving the light colours that contrast greatly with the darker textured materials. The colours like whites and baby pinks were my favourite.

What are you looking forward to for next season?

For next season I am looking forward to styling layers with warmer colours. Also wraps and capes are ever so versatile that you can work with them all you want. It has to be my favourite season of the year hands down!

Do you follow trends religiously or do you adapt trends to your own personal style?
I always adapt trends to my own style which makes it my personal style. I do love to see current trends as inspiration towards developing my evolving style.

What do you think about the design of Intellicig?
I think the design is very practical and unique which is spreading fast. 

Which trend is your preference from monochrome, sportswear, tailored and white wash?
I find the white wash very fresh and great all round but recently I have been loving all black. Safe to put those loves together for the monochrome look. Very timeless about the two colours which work well on anyone and all year round really.

How will you be watching LFW and what celeb spotting are you looking forward to?
I got some invites to see some shows in London which look extremely good! Also because I am starting my new job and working, I will be catching up with the latest trends on the walkway online. Celebrities I always look forward to seeing is Cara Delevinge, Carlie Kloss, Kendal Jenner and Jordan Dunn.

Have you been keeping up with London Fashion Week Shows?

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08 September 2014

Review: The Body Shop Shimmer Waves Palette 02 Rose Blush

Evenings call for shimmering looks, whether it is for your cheek bones, cupids bow, forehead or chest. For this post I bring to you this beautiful versatile palette which can be used on your cheeks, eyes or anywhere you want to glisten.
Within one palette there are five different shades which have that necessary shimmer for highlighting also so you can chose of which tones to use.

If you are weary of mega shiny effect like I often am, be reassured that the shimmer particples are very tiny and finely milled anyway.
 My favourite shade has to be the third one down for highlighting and the top one I actually use this as an eyeshadow. Great for an evening look all over the lid.

The price is reasonable if you consider how many shades are in it complementing different skin tones. If you only like one shade then maybe this palette might not suit you. To be honest with you, you will love all the shades especially when you experience for yourself how pigmented they are.
As The Body Shop are the key sponsors at London Fashion Week, I know that if the products are good for the runway, they will be great for you.
Highlighters are such a staple no matter what form they come in :)

Do you like the shades of this Blush/Highlight?

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Tweet4aTable Experience

The Cooperative Food pop-up restaurant is coming to a city near you after being launched last year. Next city’s it will go to is Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. All you have to do is tweet them, let them know why you deserve a seat, when you are available and voila you can get your placed booked.

I was asked to have a VIP seat and experience this myself when it came to Leeds regardless of tweeting on the 9th- 11th July 2014 Briggate. I will share with you what I thought.

When it came to Leeds  I was so happy to see it bring the people of Leeds together. Just a tweet as to why they wanted it and how many people earned them a table at the pop-up stall.

For starters everyone was offered nachos covered in cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. Yummy.

From the summer menu which all came from produces of  the Cooperative Food shop, my table got the haloumi burger served with ciabatta rolls, 'Wingin it' chicken wings with blue cheese sauce and the 'Fun Guy' burger with mushroom herbs and chilli chutney. I said 'my table' as I had a bit of everything.
To accompany those mains, there were sides of coleslaw, naked fries and cheesy fries.

Overall the food was good and really does show you how to make your usual shopping list a bit more interesting and possibly American themed.

At the end, the waitresses wrote down what each item was and how much they retail for which I thought was very informative. Taking this receipt to a coop could save you a percentage off your next shop too.

If a pop-up restaurant does come near you, do go and enjoy it especially if the weather is a glorious day.

Co-operative Tweet4atable

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05 September 2014

OOTD | Baroque Inspired Just Cavalli Sallie Dress


Blazer: Debenhams
Bag: Zara
Watch: Next

 For this outfit post I am wearing this gorgeous Cavalli dress which I wore for a family event. I absolutely fell in love with the intricate embroidery print and detail of this dress. Seeing it and putting it on are two different things let me tell you. It is made out of a silky material with no stretch which I found not as comfortable as I had predicted. Nonetheless, with a little wriggle and a bit of a squeeze I was in. I think it goes well with this light blazer and kitten heels. An elegant look with the minimal heels in contrast to the short dress looks very pretty.

The whole process of ordering this dress to rent was hassle free and I guess thats the great thing about Wish Want Wear. Just select a date you want it to arrive pick a dress and choose how long you want to borrow it for. The pre-paid free returns process and box were all well instructed and very idiot proof which I can honestly vouch for. This is such a great website for those who want to wear an expensive designer dress for an occasion AND be able to afford it. This dress hire in London service is very convenient and a great option to have. To hire this Sallie Bodycon dress it is £55* for a 4-day hire or £110 for * days. It is usually has an RRP price of £400! I know!! Especially if you want to wear something that perhaps you won't want to wear again.

Do have a look at this website at all they have available. This is a perfect solution to Graduation ceremonies and weddings!

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04 September 2014

Event/Food Review | Dining at The Light Leeds Part 2

Once again I was delighted to experience what food places there are within The Light Leeds for the people of the city. You can see how the previous time went here.

Under this one roof there is a cinema, lots to choose from for dining, a gym and hairdressers. Impressive indeed if I do sa so myself. I was invited along with a Carousel PR, some lovely bloggers and the company of my sister to sample a 3 course meal with our first stop at Café Rouge for drinks.
Café Rouge is a lovely chilled out atmosphere and this is the second time I have visited here. The first time was a great experience where I had steak and chips. On this occasion is was a good idea to start the night lightly and gradually build up to a climax, so we had pre-drinks accompanied by almonds and olives. Mmm!
For starters we set off to Miller and Carter where the table was laid with a variety of starter dishes. I was extremely excited to visit here again after such a great experience at this Leeds steakhouse. My recent review can be found here where I could not recommend the three course meal any more. I think I will forever love it for their steak as their starters were a little bit of a disappointment. I think this is due to the variety on display on the night. Of the items I do eat which exclude seafood like scallops, calamari and pork the dishes were presented perfectly and tasted nice too. The chicken wings, lime marinated salmon crostini and nachos where the dishes I tried out that evening and found them relatively yummy. I am glad I had already reviewed the cheesy mushroom dish before as this was not an option for everyone on the night and I loved this the first time round!
Frankie and Benny’s was the place to be for a main course in an American dinner setting. We had a large platter of all sorts to choose from. This platter was made up of beef burgers, calzones, pastas and salad. This was very filling!!

The most favourable part of the meal was dessert which was provided to us by Browns. I cannot recommend their brownies enough which I was looking forward to again but was pleasantly surprised to try something new. We were served Eton Mess. Mine unfortunately was a complete mess when it arrived as the tower had fallen but apart from this it was amazing. I could help but think how much calories were in the cream but I just had to let myself go! If you wondered why the dessert looks so perfect in its tower form and not a fallen mess.. this was my sisters haha. A great end to the night. I need to go back to Browns soon for my long overdue fix of brownies! I hope they are ready for me!!!

Have you been to any of these restaurants?

The Light Leeds

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