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The Cooperative Food pop-up restaurant is coming to a city near you after being launched last year. Next city’s it will go to is Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. All you have to do is tweet them, let them know why you deserve a seat, when you are available and voila you can get your placed booked.

I was asked to have a VIP seat and experience this myself when it came to Leeds regardless of tweeting on the 9th- 11th July 2014 Briggate. I will share with you what I thought.

When it came to Leeds  I was so happy to see it bring the people of Leeds together. Just a tweet as to why they wanted it and how many people earned them a table at the pop-up stall.

For starters everyone was offered nachos covered in cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. Yummy.

From the summer menu which all came from produces of  the Cooperative Food shop, my table got the haloumi burger served with ciabatta rolls, ‘Wingin it’ chicken wings with blue cheese sauce and the ‘Fun Guy’ burger with mushroom herbs and chilli chutney. I said ‘my table’ as I had a bit of everything.
To accompany those mains, there were sides of coleslaw, naked fries and cheesy fries.

Overall the food was good and really does show you how to make your usual shopping list a bit more interesting and possibly American themed.

At the end, the waitresses wrote down what each item was and how much they retail for which I thought was very informative. Taking this receipt to a coop could save you a percentage off your next shop too.

If a pop-up restaurant does come near you, do go and enjoy it especially if the weather is a glorious day.

Co-operative Tweet4atable

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