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Review: CAREX Bubble Gum handwash and Strawberry Lace Hand Gel

As you may or may not know, I have recently moved to my own place. Nothing is better than… sweet scented hand products! You dont actually know how much in love with this product you can be until you try this… seriously.

I have been using these for a good few weeks to give you a very accurate review. So read on if you want to see why I love these two hand cleansing products so much!


The Strawberry Laces* refreshing hand gel is definitely better than the standard hand gels I have used in the past. Usually the detol one. Don’t get me wrong, it does the job fine but this one is not only pink, my favourite colour but it smells sooo sweet. I would not advise you to go sniffing like crazy but it is a pleasure to apply and not an unwanted task.
As a health professional this is a perfect size to carry to work for the odd occasions between washing your hands. I would stress that actually washing your hands with soap and water is better when it comes to reducing the bacterior on your hands. I love love love and cannot recommend enough especially at how cheap it is and available in loca shops.



This Bubble Gum* flavoured hand wash remains in my bathroom and makes me extremely happy when I use it. That sweet smell that you get when you rub your hands together… mmmmm I love love love it! It also leaves your hands nice and moisturised which is always good too. It really is fun to use as the ‘fun edition suggests. I don’t ever want this to finish but as they say… all good things must come to an end. Or does it? It can be found for less than a pound which is the most incredible news ever, so no excuse not to repurchase batches right?

You can find both these products in many supermarkets but the best price was 90p at Tesco for the handwash and 99p in Superdrug for the hand gel.

Do these look like the sweet scented hand cleansers you have always searched for?

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