London Fashion Week 2014

London Fashion Week is a week where fashionistas come together to preview upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 looks but also inspire us all with their street styles. Somerset House is the place to be for inspiration this time of year which I am amazed by every year. You can see what I captured last year here.

I was asked some questions by Intellicig concerning LFW and the trends I am liking for the future so below I will answer the questions below.

What has your favourite trend been from this Season?
I have been loving the light colours that contrast greatly with the darker textured materials. The colours like whites and baby pinks were my favourite.

What are you looking forward to for next season?

For next season I am looking forward to styling layers with warmer colours. Also wraps and capes are ever so versatile that you can work with them all you want. It has to be my favourite season of the year hands down!


Do you follow trends religiously or do you adapt trends to your own personal style?
I always adapt trends to my own style which makes it my personal style. I do love to see current trends as inspiration towards developing my evolving style.
What do you think about the design of Intellicig?
I think the design is very practical and unique which is spreading fast. 
Which trend is your preference from monochrome, sportswear, tailored and white wash?
I find the white wash very fresh and great all round but recently I have been loving all black. Safe to put those loves together for the monochrome look. Very timeless about the two colours which work well on anyone and all year round really.


How will you be watching LFW and what celeb spotting are you looking forward to?
I got some invites to see some shows in London which look extremely good! Also because I am starting my new job and working, I will be catching up with the latest trends on the walkway online. Celebrities I always look forward to seeing is Cara Delevinge, Carlie Kloss, Kendal Jenner and Jordan Dunn.
Have you been keeping up with London Fashion Week Shows?

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